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Mike Beckom

Eric Allie has been causing trouble with his drawings since third grade. He has been doing it professionally since 1993 when his college classmates commissioned a drawing of an unpopular professor for a 12-pack of Keystone light. Over the years the pay improved and his political views improved. He went from being very liberal to very libertarian. That is the correct worldview. He can prove it. He'll draw you a picture to show you.From the time Mike Beckom could hold a pen, his dad taught him how to draw and appreciate cartoons. As the years rolled by, Mike’s dad would ask, “So what’re you gonna DO with your talents?” Mostly, Mike didn’t “do.” Until his dad died. On that day, Mike set out to get just one cartoon published to tip his hat to his dad. What began as a labor of love has mushroomed into a nearly two decades-long career of doodles and drawings that have graced the pages of newspapers and magazines in seven states.


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