Today's Word "Invious"


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invious \IN-vi-ehs\ (adjective) - Impassable, inaccessible, without paths or roads.

"Everyone agreed that Professor Richard's mind was less enviable than invious -- almost impenetrable."


Latin in- "not" + via "way, road" from Proto-Indo-European (PIE) *wegh-, which also gave Sanskrit vah-ami "bring, lead," German Weg "way" and Wagen "wagon," and English "way" and "wagon." From the same root we get Latin vehiculum "carriage," derived from veh-ere "bear, carry," and borrowed into English as "vehicle." Do not confuse today's word with "envious" ['en-vi- es] from "envy." Be sure you write things like: "People will be envious (not invious!) of your talent!"



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