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Do I deserve compensation for my canceled Vueling Airlines flight?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: Last year, I was scheduled to fly from Barcelona to Banjul, Gambia, on Vueling Airlines. The flight was initially delayed, then delayed further, and then delayed again. We finally boarded the aircraft about eight hours late, then sat in the plane for 40 minutes, and then were told to disembark. Vueling representatives didn't say why.

A crew ...Read more

One last WOW Air refund case for the road

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: Last year, I took a WOW Air flight from Edinburgh, Scotland, to San Francisco via Reykjavik. When I arrived in Iceland, I learned that the inbound flight from San Francisco was delayed five hours. No one from the airline showed up to explain anything.

Under European airline consumer regulations, WOW Air owes me 600 euros for the delay. I ...Read more

Why can't I use this United Airlines voucher for my vacation?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: We booked a trip from Houston to Raleigh through Mark Travel Group last year to visit my grandmother. Our flights on United Airlines were canceled because of Hurricane Florence.

Mark Travel Group issued flight vouchers good for one year from the date of our initial booking. Unfortunately, my grandmother passed away. We thought we could use ...Read more

I canceled my Emirates ticket within 24 hours -- where's my refund?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I recently booked a flight from Kathmandu to New York via Dubai on Emirates through the U.S. Emirates site. I canceled the flight within 24 hours and requested a refund.

Under U.S. regulations, Emirates owes me a full refund. But Emirates is claiming that the Department of Transportation's 24-hour rule applies only to flights departing the U...Read more

This Park City vacation rental wasn't what I expected

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I booked a condo in Park City, Utah, for four nights through Vrbo. When I arrived, I found that it was much smaller than it appeared in the images on the site. But the main problem was that it clearly had not been cleaned since the last renters left. There was also extremely awful-smelling trash that they had failed to empty in the can right ...Read more

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