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A hurricane ruined my St. Thomas honeymoon, so why is American Airlines keeping my money?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I had to cancel my honeymoon trip to Sugar Bay Resort and Spa in St. Thomas a few days before my departure in October because of Hurricane Irma.

I had booked the package through Travelocity. It included round-trip airfare and hotel. But the resort was so damaged that it will remain closed for most of 2018. I received my full refund for the ...Read more

Why can't just fix my ticket to Australia?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I recently made a reservation through to travel from Minneapolis to Coffs Harbour, Australia, via Sydney. Three weeks ago, I looked up my reservation on the Qantas website and found that the U.S. flights had been canceled.

Neither Qantas nor contacted me regarding the cancellation. I called immediately and...Read more

My husband is in the ER -- why do I have to pay this $850 ticket change fee?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: My husband and I had tickets from Philadelphia to New Delhi on Virgin Atlantic this fall. We bought the tickets through CheapOair and paid $1,911. About 12 hours before the flight, my husband was admitted to the emergency room with severe stomach pains. Doctors diagnosed him with a small bowel obstruction and said he may need surgery the next...Read more

I tried to book a hotel, so why did I end up with a timeshare pitch?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I recently booked a room at a Holiday Inn in Orlando, Florida -- at least, I thought I did. After making the reservation, I was switched to a sales agent, who invited me to attend a one-hour presentation that would show me "a way to enjoy all the luxuries of a vacation" at a cost of $199, which would be fully refunded, along with a $100 ...Read more


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