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Is there an exception if she missed her luggage claim deadline?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

After Delta Air Lines damages Mardella Carlson's bag, she files a claim. But the airline rejects it on a technicality: She missed her luggage claim deadline. Can Delta make an exception?

Q: I recently flew from Iowa City, Iowa, to Providence, Rhode Island, on Delta Air Lines. While we were on a stopover in Detroit, the luggage handlers ...Read more

My train turned into a bus -- can this Thello problem be fixed?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: We reserved a two-person compartment on the Thello night train from Paris to Venice last summer. A mudslide on the tracks led to the cancellation of our train. Thello substituted bus service from Paris to Milan, and then Trenitalia train service from Milan to Venice. Thello was disorganized and didn't always communicate with us.

We paid for ...Read more

Who should pay for this error?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I recently tried to book a hotel in Amsterdam, but ended up with two rooms because of a error.

When I was booking the first room, I got an error message that the room wasn't available and the booking didn't go through. Although offered another room type, the alternative didn't accommodate all of us.

I checked my ...Read more

Does the 24-hour refund rule apply to gift cards?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I booked two roundtrip tickets from Dallas to Los Angeles for my fiance and myself earlier this year. I used two American Airlines $100 gift cards and then charged the remaining amount to my credit card.

I canceled the flight an hour later and received the amount I charged to my credit card. But American Airlines didn't return the gift cards...Read more


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