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Denied boarding on EasyJet -- where's my wife's refund and apology?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I booked a ticket for my wife to visit me from Malaga, Spain, to London last spring on EasyJet. After clearing Spanish immigration, she proceeded to board her flight. However, an EasyJet representative, upon examining my wife's Moroccan passport, told my wife to stand down and to wait on one side.

An EasyJet representative then wrongfully ...Read more

No room at the hotel, so why won't Priceline refund my stay?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I'm a professional photographer, and I was working in New York City recently. I had a double shift and was scheduled to work again in New York the next morning. Because I live a bit outside the city, I decided to book a hotel for the night. I did so through Priceline at a cost of $170. I went to check in at the Hotel Pennsylvania after my ...Read more

A canceled Viator tour, but no refund?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I recently booked an "Eat like a Local" walking tour in Honolulu through Viator. I arrived early at the origination point and stayed there for 1/2 hour after the agreed-upon time. The tour guide never showed up.

I spoke with the restaurant where we were supposed to meet and the employees knew the guide but said he was not there. Now every ...Read more

I canceled my Expedia hotel room -- so where's my refund?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: On a recent visit to Porto, Portugal, I had an upper respiratory infection and canceled a planned stay in Segovia, Spain. Fortunately, I was within the 48-hour cancellation window, so when I contacted the Hotel Infanta Isabel, I was sure I would get my money back from Expedia.

Now the hotel is claiming that it didn't receive my email and has...Read more


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