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Why did United cancel my return flight?

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Q: I recently flew from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on United Airlines. The gate from which I was boarding my flight in Chicago was a shared gate with another United flight leaving at approximately the same time, and there was much confusion boarding both flights with shared gate attendants...Read more

Bumped from our Delta flight -- are we owed anything?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I was wondering if I could get your opinion on this issue my wife and I had with Delta Air Lines. We recently flew from Cleveland to Aruba via Atlanta. But we were removed from our connecting flight and had to spend the night in Atlanta. Delta covered our meals and hotel expenses.

I believe my wife and I were involuntarily denied boarding. ...Read more

Delta stopped flying to Barbados -- is our vacation ruined?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: My family and I made plans to fly to Barbados on Delta Air Lines to celebrate the new year. Unfortunately, several months after we booked this trip, the airline notified us that it no longer will fly to the Caribbean island.

I've been offered a refund, but I would prefer Delta give us tickets to an alternate Caribbean destination, so that we...Read more

I fainted at the airport, and then I lost my vacation

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I need your help with getting a refund from Travelocity. Last year, I booked a package online, flying from Washington, D.C., to London and staying at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London.

I passed out in the airport and was taken to the ER by ambulance. The airline kept calling from the gate while I was in the back of the ambulance and ...Read more

Hey American Airlines, where's the refund for my fare difference?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I am hoping that you can resolve my issue with American Airlines. I recently booked four airline tickets on the American Airlines site from Buffalo, New York, to Miami.

I had to change my flight, and an airline representative told me I would be charged a fee but would be refunded the $2,410 price difference. I was perfectly fine with being ...Read more

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