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Porter Airlines offered me 2 'free' nights at a hotel, but I just wanted to go home

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I recently was scheduled to fly from Toronto to Washington, D.C., on Porter Airlines. The flight was canceled when I arrived at the airport. Porter proposed rescheduling me on a flight two days later. A representative said the airline would put me up in a hotel for two nights and provide meal vouchers.

But I needed to be in Washington before...Read more

Wrong address on my Airbnb rental -- can I get a refund?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I booked an apartment in Paris on Airbnb recently. At the last moment, the host gave me a different address and said, "It's the same street." But it wasn't the same apartment.

I decided I didn't have much choice, even though it was suspicious. When I arrived after a transatlantic trip, I knew I couldn't get into the apartment until 2 p.m. ...Read more

Why won't my travel insurance cover my flight delay?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

AXA Assistance USA promises John Schwegel that it will cover the cost of a ticket home after his flight is delayed. But then it doesn't. How can he persuade AXA to change its mind?

Q: I recently flew to New Zealand and back. I purchased a travel-insurance policy through AXA Assistance USA.

On my return flight from Christchurch, New Zealand, to...Read more

Hello, relaxation? Not with this reservation

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: We recently used to reserve a property on Maui that was managed by the company HelloRelaxation. It was titled "3 Bedroom House 5 mins from Beach." It was a property that required a nonrefundable prepayment.

We were sent a rental agreement, which we signed based on the information provided on's website. When we arrived...Read more

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