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How can I change a flight for free?

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Q: I have a question about my rights as an airline passenger. My partner and I have arranged a trip to Europe. It's a six-segment airline trip. On the fifth leg, we're supposed to fly from London to New York.

Our connecting flight leaves New York at 10 p.m. for Washington. However, we found out that American Airlines canceled its 10 p.m. flight...Read more

A problem with Hertz lost and found: Where's my wallet?

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Q: I accidentally left my wallet in a car at the Hertz location at Boston Logan International Airport. It likely fell out of my bag as I was packing up and collecting my belongings. Hertz found it and agreed to overnight it to me at my expense.

It has been nearly a week, and Hertz has still not sent the wallet. I have tried emailing and calling...Read more

Will FlightNetwork ever give my money back?

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Q: I booked a flight from Chicago to Zagreb, Croatia, on, recently. The charge was posted on my credit card in February 2018. Eight months later, I received an email from FlightNetwork saying my flight was canceled, but that I could change my flight to the day before or the day after my planned departure. That did not work for ...Read more

I paid for a room through, but I got nothing for it

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Q: I booked a room at the Hotel Korkem, in Astana, Kazakhstan, through When I tried to check in at the hotel, an employee told me they had no reservation from The hotel was full, and they did not give me a room.

My booking was guaranteed and paid for at So, I told the hotel manager I would need it in writing ...Read more


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