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And the award goes to: Win the title of Best Snack at your Oscar party

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My catering team's biggest challenge every year is preparing the food served to more than a thousand stars at the Governors Ball following the Academy Awards, which takes place this coming Sunday, Feb. 26. Across the nation, from here on the California coast in "La La Land" to "Manchester by the Sea" on the Massachusetts shoreline...Read more

Guilt-free indulgence: A healthy alternative to the classic sticky bun will make your morning

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Valentine's Day is barely over. A month and a half after the holidays, we have finished another round of indulging ourselves with too much rich or sugary food. As a result, I know that many people now are trying to recommit to their New Year's resolutions to eat more healthfully.

And yet, here comes one more of ...Read more

Creme of the crop: Impress your sweetheart with the ultimate chocolate 'pudding'

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In recent years, many fans of fine restaurants have become familiar with the French-style dessert known as a pot de crème -- literally a little "pot of cream." You may sometimes hear this sweet treat described as a kind of chocolate pudding, but to me there is no comparison.

An egg yolk-thickened pot de creme, which is very gently cooked in a ...Read more

Stay strong: Renew your New Year's resolution with a healthy chicken salad

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Since I first opened my "Asian fusion" restaurant, Chinois on Main, in Santa Monica, Calif., back in 1983, I have celebrated the Chinese New Year -- which arrived this year last Saturday, January 28, and is generally observed for seven days. We've always held a big feast at Chinois, and this year (designated the ...Read more

This one takes the cake! National Chocolate Cake Day is the perfect time to practice making a Valentine's Day treat

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As you may know, almost every day of the year seems to have some special food "holiday" associated with it. Some are obvious, like July Fourth being National Barbecue Day or Christmas Eve's National Eggnog Day.

But I've been scratching my head trying to figure out why January 27 should be officially recognized as ...Read more

Trade secret: Enjoy a taste of spring in the heart of winter

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In the depths of winter, it can sometimes seem as if springtime will never come. Winds blow cold. Snow blankets fields of earth so hard that you can't imagine vegetables will ever grow again. The only truly soothing warmth you can reliably find usually comes from the kitchen stove.

So now is the perfect time for you to make fresh pea soup.

Pea...Read more

Kale me, maybe: Trends come and go, but kale has staying power

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In the new year, many food writers like to discuss the latest trends or what's hot and what's not. And lately, I've been seeing too many articles saying that kale, that crinkly, earthy, slightly bitter, and highly nutritious dark green has already enjoyed its moment in the culinary sun; that it should start disappearing from our menus and tables...Read more

Picture of good health: This year, get acquainted with a grain from the past

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I've made more than a few New Year's resolutions in the past. And, like most people, I can probably count on one hand those I've successfully kept for more than a few weeks. But I'm happy to report that one I've managed to stick to has been to eat more healthfully -- a goal with which so many of us struggle.

What I've learned is ...Read more

Give your New Year's celebration a lift with these easy souffles

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New Year's Eve dinners seem, to me, to offer contradictory challenges. Many people want the meal to be extra sophisticated, featuring foods you'd accompany with Champagne. After all, we want to ring in the new year with real style. Yet, right now we're also thinking seriously about our resolutions for the year ahead, and many ...Read more

Sweet spot: Cap off your holiday dinner with a lean version of chocolate bread pudding

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I've made my share of elaborate holiday desserts, whether it was a Christmas apple pie topped with a hand-woven, latticework crust or jelly-filled donuts for Hanukkah. It can sometimes seem as if the final course of a celebration meal can take as much (or more) time and effort to prepare as every dish served before it. And yet, ...Read more

Homemade for the holidays: Give a gift of cookies all season long

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I recently shared some memories centered on my love baking holiday cookies, along with an easy recipe for peanut butter cookies. But, from early childhood, I learned one very important rule on this subject from my mother and grandmother: One kind of cookie alone is never enough at the holidays.

That's why, while there's still plenty of time to ...Read more

Sweet start: Begin the holiday baking season with a batch of classic cookies

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I love the holiday season. It's not just the actual holidays that I love, though I certainly look forward to and enjoy them. But I get excited in early December, and for a very good reason that stretches back to my childhood.

My mother and grandmother began their holiday baking in early December. Both of them were excellent, professional-...Read more

Soup-er stress reliever: Take away holiday hassles with a quick pot of chicken soup

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'Tis the season to feel stressed out. At least, that's how too many people feel as December looms before us. Suddenly, there are too many gifts to buy, too many parties to plan and cook for, too many cookies to bake, too many errands to run, too much food to eat. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: too many pounds to gain.

Yes, the holiday ...Read more

On the ball: Introducing two of my favorite utility players for your holiday table

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Baseball ended just a few weeks ago, and I can't stop thinking about how the Chicago Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years.

So why am I thinking about baseball as we approach the holiday season, with Thanksgiving almost here? The answer may be found in a term I love from ...Read more

In the know: Share the secrets of the sea with a classic oyster appetizer

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We're entering the busiest entertaining time of the year, with holiday parties coming on in quick succession. And many home cooks are looking for an easy, all-purpose appetizer that feels extra-special and yet doesn't demand too much in terms of shopping for special ingredients, extra time in the kitchen or expert cooking skills.

I'd like to ...Read more

A cornucopia of flavor: Even meat-eaters will love this vegan risotto

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As we enter the heart of autumn and move happily toward Thanksgiving, one image that comes to mind, as it does for many lovers of fresh seasonal produce, is the cornucopia. That "horn of plenty," a large cone-shaped basket overflowing with an abundance of harvest goodness, seems to me to capture so much that is good about cooking ...Read more

Magic moment: Transform an ordinary bowl of soup into an extraordinary meal

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It always interests me how just one special element can make the difference between a dish that's tastes just fine and one that people find amazing. It could be a seasoning -- the touch of honey that can brighten up a lemon vinaigrette, for example -- or maybe be a garnish (Imagine what a Caesar salad would be like without the garlicky crunch of...Read more


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