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Lighten up your summer dessert with seasonal stone fruit

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When I walk through my local farmers market right now, I couldn't be happier. Why? We're right in the middle of summer stone fruit season. Peaches. Nectarines. Apricots. Plums. Cherries. Some of the most succulent fruits imaginable are at their peak right now. I could make a meal for myself by just strolling past the stalls and enjoying all the ...Read more

Try this quick, light dish when it's just too hot to cook outdoors

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What can a food lover do in summertime when it's too hot to go outside and grill? The answer is easy: Return to the stove with a recipe that's so quick, satisfying and light that you'll forget all about cooking outdoors.

The classic technique of sauteing is incomparably easy and so fast that you may sit down to your meal and blink your eyes in ...Read more

Make your Fourth of July menu sizzle with grilled steaks

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Are you still trying to decide on your Fourth of July main course? Or did you decide just moments ago to upgrade it? I've got good news for you: It's not too late.

The secret is to start with the right high-quality star ingredient. If you want chicken, seek out plump boneless breasts or thighs, with or without the skin, depending...Read more

Sweet celebration: My gluten-free, vegan cupcakes offer a little something everyone can enjoy on the Fourth of July

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When celebrating Fourth of July, many of us pay just as much attention to the food as we do the fireworks. But what should we serve? Hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs or chicken? Why not all four? Baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw? They all sound good!

What about dessert? Of course, there will be ice cream. But it almost goes without...Read more

Summer fun! How to turn cheeseburger ingredients into pizza

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It may have seemed like it would never arrive, but suddenly we're heading into summer. I love this season, because it gives me the chance to spend more time with my family now that the school year is over for my two younger sons. We may travel together a little, but mostly we enjoy warm-weather activities at home, including sports, swimming and,...Read more

Dessert for Dad

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With four sons ranging in age from 12 1/2 to 30, I always look forward to Father's Day. And even though I often enjoy preparing food at home for my boys and my wife Gelila, I'm happy to say that all of my offspring enjoy cooking themselves -- especially my second son, Byron, who completed a culinary degree and has joined the ...Read more

A pasta dish for all seasons

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I love watching the seasons change through the produce I see in the farmers' market. Even in Southern California, where I live, it's amazing to witness new crops arriving as those of previous months begin to disappear. Those market stall offerings are among my primary inspirations as a chef.

Right now, springtime is drawing to a close as summer...Read more

Easy-to-make chutney is the perfect lip-smacking standby to make any grilled foods taste extra special

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I enjoy celebrating the start of the warm-weather grilling season by encouraging you to make a big impression when you cook outdoors. But let's face it: Sometimes, at the end of a busy workday or week, you want to relax and enjoy a great meal by simply tossing some burgers, steaks, chops, chicken, kabobs or fish on the grill.

That doesn't mean ...Read more

Make a big, fresh impression as you kick off summer grilling season

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"Go big or go home!" You're probably familiar with that popular expression, which some accounts say started in the 1990s with an ad slogan here in Southern California, where I live.

That phrase often makes sense to me when talking about cooking. But I don't interpret it to mean serving huge portions. Instead, I believe in making big impressions...Read more

This blockbuster season, add a gourmet touch to your favorite snack

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The actual calendar start of summer is still weeks away. But as far as the movie industry is concerned, the hottest months have already begun. We've entered that time of year when, week after week, we're bombarded with so-called summer blockbusters. Each Friday brings the latest fantastical superheroes, marauding monsters, dazzling 3-D animation...Read more

A Mother's Day cooking lesson from my mom

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If there's one important cooking lesson I learned from my mother, it's that you can always do little things to make a recipe you like into something even better. Thinking back to afternoons spent watching her at work in our home kitchen, I can see her always tasting and adjusting seasonings, often quickly improvising based on a seasonal ...Read more

New take on Caesar salad shows dish's versatility

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What makes a recipe food lovers refer to as a classic? It has to taste delicious and, of course, look beautiful. It should satisfy the other senses, too, offering enticing aromas, pleasing textures, and even delightful sounds. A classic should also stand the test of time, regardless of whatever food fads may come or go.

I'd like to add another ...Read more

This pasta recipe showcases one of spring's most delicious vegetables

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When anybody asks me whether Austrians like asparagus, I can answer them in one simple word. "Spargelzeit," which means "asparagus time."

Imagine a country where spring's arrival is announced not just by flowers but also by market baskets brimming with asparagus. Everyone there rhapsodizes especially about white asparagus, shoots grown covered ...Read more

Make a spectacular impression with your Easter brunch table

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For many of us, Easter is the perfect spring holiday; a celebration of rebirth and a beloved time for families to gather together around the table. I'm sure many people are reading this and thinking about what to cook for a holiday brunch, so I'd like to offer one of my favorite classic recipes for the most symbolic Easter ingredient in the ...Read more

Teach your children to bake like a pro pastry chef over spring break

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Spring break is almost here. If you have school-aged children or grandchildren, you've probably been thinking about how you'll keep them busy. Some people have booked family trips, while others have planned one-week springtime camp sessions. But for most of us, I suspect, the week winds up being a day-to-day thing, with play dates, trips to ...Read more

Think outside the pizza box

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Although you can find artichokes in markets most of the year, right now is their absolute peak of season. So I thought I'd share a recipe that features artichokes in one of my favorite preparations, as the featured topping for a very simple pizza that complements the vegetable with some flavorful homemade chili-garlic oil, fresh herbs, ...Read more

Two 'underground' vegetables join forces in a soup you'll want to share

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One of the happiest benefits of the farmers' market revolution is the fact that food lovers get to discover products that not so long ago were unknown or unavailable. Seeing beautiful piles of produce in a market stall and talking with the people who grew them encourages cooks to try vegetables or fruits that they may once have been wary of ...Read more


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