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Summer breeze: This recipe is as easy and flexible as a summer day

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The summer solstice, on June 21, 2018, marks the sun's annual arrival at its highest point in the sky and is the beginning of the most leisurely days of the year for most people. Most children are off from school, and many families plan vacations. We enjoy days by the pool or at the beach and take meals outdoors with picnics or ...Read more

Bake a batch of cookies that Dad (and the whole family) will enjoy this Father's Day

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When Father's Day rolls around, many children and their moms will be wracking their brains to come up with last-minute ideas for great gifts to give Dad. According to a recent survey I've seen, these are, in order, the top four gifts fathers receive.

1. A special outing, whether it's a trip to a ballgame or an amusement park or ...Read more

Spring in summer: You can enjoy these irresistible hors d'oeuvres all year long

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One of the great pleasures of cooking and eating during warmer weather is relaxing with family and friends over a glass of wine and homemade hors d'oeuvres. In fact, the term "hors d'oeuvre" itself nicely sums up the experience.

Literally meaning "outside the work" in French, hors d'oeuvre refers to dishes that stand apart from the rest of a ...Read more

Berry sweet: Create the perfect showcase for fresh berries with this rice tart

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We're all used to the fact that modern shipping now makes it possible for us to enjoy most varieties of fresh berries year round. Whether it is blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or something more exotic, we can walk into any supermarket and usually find those plump, juicy, sweet jewels whenever we crave them.

But berry lovers also know ...Read more

Making memories: Set a new standard for creative summer grilling

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"What should I grill?" That's a question many Americans ask as they face the unofficial start of summer grilling season on Memorial Day.

If you, like many others, love how fire and smoke enhance the appeal of just about any food, I'd like to suggest that you consider finding new ways to step up your grilling game. Sure, burgers, ...Read more

Curry favor: Tropical recipe provides respite from ever-changing seasonal temps

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People living in tropical climates understand the role that eating spicy foods can play in helping them adjust to the weather. A subtle or not-so-subtle jolt of chilies or the sweet-hot glow of fresh ginger (or similar seasonings) can warm you up from the inside when chilly breezes are blowing. And, interestingly, those same ingredients can cool...Read more

Take Mom on a healthy trip to Italy without leaving the house

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Every mom wants to be indulged in some way on Mother's Day. For many of us, that means treating her to a special brunch. And it can be especially nice if you cook the meal for her. (If you're a mother reading this article right now, I suggest you find a way to slip it in front of your husband or your kids who old enough to cook. ...Read more

Toss up: Revamp one of my classic main-dish salads for an even healthier meal

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"I think I'd like a salad for lunch." That's something I've heard from so many guests in my restaurants ever since I started cooking in Los Angeles back in the mid-1970s. The request reflected the belief that if you sat down to a big plate or bowl filled mostly with fresh greens, you were eating healthfully.

Of course, today most of us know it'...Read more

Start your day the robust way by serving steak for breakfast

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I recently learned that, from the earliest days of the U.S. space program, astronauts were served a breakfast of steak and eggs before blasting off on their mission. That made sense to me. Combining a sensible portion of meat with some eggs and a few vegetables gives you a protein-rich, energy-packed start to your day. No wonder the great boxer ...Read more

Raise the steaks: Master an elegant dinner in no time

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With the help of natural talent, education, experience and lots and lots of repetition, a pro in any pursuit can almost always make whatever he or she does look easy. Whether it's an artist painting a beautiful landscape, a golfer sinking a long putt, a screen star bringing tears to your eyes or a chef cooking a delicious meal, all such experts ...Read more

Fish tale: There's more than one way to make 'fish and chips'

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Some dishes are so iconic that, the moment you hear the name, you think of one recipe alone. Imagine, for example, chicken pot pie, blueberry pancakes, beef stew, clam chowder, or chocolate chip cookies. Sure, there can be all sorts of different recipes for them and ways to prepare them; and some could be much better than others. But it takes a ...Read more

Remembering Paul Bocuse: My version of a simple potato dish from the legendary French chef's hometown

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I've been thinking a lot lately of the famed French chef Paul Bocuse, who died at the age of 91 this past Jan. 20. I feel proud and humble to have been able to call him a friend, and to have benefitted from the leadership and dedication he gave to his craft.

Bocuse championed modern French cuisine, raising the profile of chefs ...Read more

Go bananas! It's always the right time of year for this frozen treat

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I know fans of frozen desserts that will go out in a snowstorm for a scoop of their favorite flavor. If you love ice cream, you'll eat it no matter what the weather is like. So, even though summer is still months away, it's ice cream season now (and always).

The same doesn't always go for ice cream flavors based on fruit. Sure, you can go into ...Read more

More than meats the eye: If you're trying to eat less meat, this recipe is for you

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Almost every day, guests in my restaurants tell me they're following the paleo diet, a way of eating based on the belief that the way our bodies digest the foods we eat has evolved very little in the past couple of million years. So, the best way to maintain optimum health and weight, paleo fans say, is to eat whatever cavemen could hunt, catch ...Read more

Fresh take: Celebrate the arrival of spring with a new look at asparagus

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Spring is officially here. For many of us, it has seemed like a long time coming. Even in my hometown of Los Angeles, the past month has brought us long stretches of windy days and nighttime temperatures that have dropped to just a few degrees above freezing.

So, when springtime arrives and the weather starts warming up even a little, it really...Read more

Paddy's Day Pie: Versatility of shepherd's pie is perfect for St Patrick's Day and beyond

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With Saint Patrick's Day falling on a Saturday this year, the annual celebrations honoring Ireland's patron saint are likely to be livelier than usual, as people of all nationalities and all walks of life have the opportunity to feel Irish for at least a day. In restaurants and at home parties, there will be plenty of Irish stew, corned beef and...Read more

Spring ahead with vegetarian chili

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"Spring ahead! Fall back!" That's the simple memory device we've all been taught to remember which way to reset our clocks when daylight saving time begins (on the second Sunday in March) or ends (on the first Sunday in November). The practice aims to give people an extra hour of sunlight after their working days during springtime and summer.

I...Read more

Pie games: Global ingredients combine to make a perfect wintertime pizza

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Nowadays, pizza is more than just an Italian specialty. You'll find people enjoying it wherever you travel around the world, from America to England to Japan to Qatar and beyond.

I'm happy to have played some part in spreading that popularity, since I first began giving pizzas a new contemporary California spin at the first location of Spago I ...Read more


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