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Keep summer memories alive with an ice cream version of an old soda shop favorite

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You've probably noticed that gourmet ice cream is more popular than ever. Small artisanal shops are springing up everywhere, serving frozen confections made in small batches with amazing combinations of flavors using the best quality ingredients.

I love to see such creativity. It's a reminder that there are always new things to explore in the ...Read more

Shake up your autumn brunch

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Autumn is a perfect time to throw a brunch party. The turning leaves and cooling temperatures seem to encourage us to spend relaxed weekend mornings enjoying good food with family and friends.

When it comes to planning a brunch menu, however, the big challenge becomes deciding on your main dish. When you think about it, most home cooks have ...Read more

Add this easy autumn side dish to your repertoire for everyday dinners and special occasions

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When I first began cooking in the United States in the mid-1970s, an unassuming little compact head of pale-yellow and cream-colored leaves called Belgian endive mystified my restaurant guests. This vegetable often led them to ask, "What's this?" To this day, I still think Belgian endive is misunderstood and underappreciated -- but I hope to get...Read more

A simple solution for your weeknight supper

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With the new school year in full swing and kids involved in a whirlwind of after-school activities, it can often seem like precious little time remains to put a good home-cooked dinner on the family table. That's a shame, since shared meals have always been one of the best ways to bring family members closer together.

Fortunately, a smart ...Read more

As autumn approaches, start planning your first batch of seasonal fruit fritters

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Some of my happiest childhood memories of autumn involve weekend daytrips to pick apples with my mother and grandmother. We'd pack a picnic and come home with bags and bags of beautiful red, gold and green fruit -- not to mention all the apples we'd munch on right under the trees.

I'm so happy to see that it's still possible in many places ...Read more

Add a Popular Retro Touch to Brunch, Lunch, or Cocktails with a Devilishly Good Egg Recipe

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You can tell when a recipe has stood the test of time when it makes regular, repeated comebacks. For a perfect example, consider deviled eggs. In my more than five decades cooking professionally, I've seen them go repeatedly from appetizer favorite to jokey has-been to hip retro rediscovery -- as they seem to be right now.

Deviled eggs trace ...Read more

Chicken dinner winner: Try a time-honored method for cooking juicy roast chicken

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I always think of early September as the start of the sit-down dinner season. The kids are back in school, and autumn is coming fast. So it's the perfect time for everyone to gather around the table for a great meal, whether you're dining with your partner and the children or you're inviting friends over for a casual meal.

One of the most ...Read more

Summer finale: Easy recipe provides seamless transition to fall grilling

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What are you grilling for Labor Day? That question is being asked more and more as the unofficial end of summer draws near.

It's an odd time of year to be thinking about what you might grill. The actual end of summer is fast approaching, after which the days grow shorter and shorter as fall begins to close in. We're also on the ...Read more

Too many farmers' market veggies? Make fried rice!

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On my regular weekend visits to our local farmers' market with my two youngest sons, I get so excited seeing all the beautiful produce, especially now at the peak of summer. I can't resist buying almost everything I see.

Even as a professional chef with decades of experience who knows how to manage kitchen inventory, I often wind up with the ...Read more

Back-to-school blondies put a sweet spin on the end of summer vacation

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As the father of four sons -- two grown and graduated from university, two more still in school -- I know that right around now children may be deep in the doldrums. Depending on where in the country you live, summer vacation is drawing to a close or school has already started.

Either way, desperate measures are necessary to help those children...Read more

Looking for something light but satisfying from your grill? Put hamachi on the menu.

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I love to travel, whether I'm relaxing on vacation with my wife and our sons or meeting with my chefs and business partners at my restaurants around the world. As the old saying goes, travel broadens the mind. In my line of work it also literally broadens my culinary horizons, exposing me to wonderful new ingredients and ways to cook.

Take the ...Read more

Summer pizza party: Showcase the heirloom tomato harvest on a grilled pizza

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If you asked many food lovers to sum up August in two words, I would bet that right near the top of the list of responses you'd find "tomatoes" and "grilling."

We're now at the peak of tomato season. Home gardens and farmers' markets stalls are bringing us a special delight with their wide assortment of heirloom tomatoes -- old-fashioned ...Read more

Can't stand the (outdoor) heat? Get back in the kitchen.

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Just about everybody is familiar with some variation on that old expression, "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen." It has been attributed to plain-speaking President Harry Truman, who used it to explain his attitude about the need to handle the pressure of important government work. Nowadays, I often hear people using the saying ...Read more

Pump up the spice: Grilled, chile-spiked fruit salsa brings the sweet heat

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Here we are in the heart of grilling season, a time when people who love outdoor cooking will look for any excuse to fire up the grill. Enthusiasts happily toss just about any ingredient on the fire, from heads of radicchio or Belgian endive quickly charred for a delicious salad to kabobs, sausages, burgers, fish fillets, steaks and chops to ...Read more

Savor the summer: Enjoy the season's tasty tomatoes thanks to these easy recipes

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We're entering the height of summer's tomato season. Right now, when I visit my favorite organic farmers, any friend's home garden or a farmers' market, I am thrilled to see an abundance of sun-ripened tomatoes of every size, shape and color.

I can't get enough of tomatoes, and I'm sure you feel the same way. Whether they're tiny grape tomatoes...Read more

Berry sweet: Enjoy homemade strawberry ice cream at your Independence Day celebration

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Though I was born and grew up in Austria, I have now lived in the United States for almost 45 years and I am proud to be a citizen. America has offered me amazing opportunities, and every day I feel grateful to live in this country.

The Fourth of July has always been a special day to me. I love the relaxed, old-fashioned ways we ...Read more

Bunless burgers: A healthy twist on a summertime favorite

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Most people dream about great burgers whenever they fire up the grill. After all, what could be a more perfect example of the all-American pleasures of outdoor cooking? But more and more people are trying to eat leaner food these days, especially during swimsuit season, which often leads them to limit their red meat intake.

The latest diet fads...Read more

Summer breeze: This recipe is as easy and flexible as a summer day

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The summer solstice, on June 21, 2018, marks the sun's annual arrival at its highest point in the sky and is the beginning of the most leisurely days of the year for most people. Most children are off from school, and many families plan vacations. We enjoy days by the pool or at the beach and take meals outdoors with picnics or ...Read more

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