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The Grilling Season

Robert Whitley on

The Memorial Day weekend officially kicks off the grilling season in most parts of the country. For some, that means stocking the pantry with wines appropriate for the occasion.

What's appropriate ultimately comes down to personal taste, but a few of the many options are universal. First, and perhaps foremost, find out what the grillmeister prefers to drink while slaving over a hot grill on a warm day. For moi, it's a crisp, dry rose. For someone else it might be a minerally gruner veltliner, or a tart sauvignon blanc.

Trust me on this. If the grillmeister is happy, you will be happy.

Second only to keeping the grillmeister refreshed is sizing up the menu to decide which delicious wines from the pantry might please the most. With vast experience in this exercise over multiple decades, I offer a few humble suggestions.

Ahi tuna: chardonnay, riesling or lightly chilled Beaujolais.

Brats: zinfandel, riesling or a savory Cotes-du-Rhone.


Burgers: Cotes-du-Rhone, zinfandel or merlot.

Chicken: pinot noir, chardonnay or pinot gris.

Hot dogs: Beaujolais, riesling, gewurztraminer.

Lobster tails: Champagne, chardonnay, Chablis, premier cru white Burgundy.


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