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Tales from the ArcaMax Chef


I finally got the boat back for the second time. The boat dude assured me it ran perfectly. When I asked him whether he had taken the boat out for a test ride, he said it wasn’t necessary because the boat ran so well.

I was happy just to have the boat back so I didn’t confront him about not taking the boat out himself. He seemed pretty confident and he did run it with a hose connected to it and it did seem to run well. As I left, he warned me not to put old gas in the fuel tank. I didn’t need that but I bit my tongue and drove home.

I got the boat in the water without too much trouble. It was a fairly cool and windy day (since the summer had passed while my boat was being “fixed”). There were no other boats at the ramp so it only took me ten or twelve tries to get the trailer straight and down the ramp.

I bought gas on the way to the boat ramp. You can’t get much fresher gas than that. The engine hesitated a little but warmed up with the choke on and continued to putter once I pushed in the choke.

I was with my middle aged son…the oldest of the Jungle Boys. We settled into the boat and took off across the water. The goal was to bring the boat around to my neighbor’s dock so I could put it in his lift. Then I wouldn’t need to take the boat to the ramp every time I wanted to go for a ride. It was much cooler with a lot more wind once we got out into the water.


It seemed like we were going to be OK.

God Bless America.





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