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Tales from the ArcaMax Chef


I had been training a little with trailering my boat and there was no one at the ramp so I was able to get the boat in the water with only a little effort…after about fifteen tries.

I had a neighbor with me who owned a boat and he agree to help me get the boat launched…or as we boaters say “get the boat wet”. He also happens to be an engineer which I figured might come in handy if things went badly.

We pulled the boat to the end of the dock and I got in the new seat behind the new steering wheel. I choked the motor like the boat guy had showed me and the engine started right up. It purred like a kitten for about three minutes when my neighbor said that we should give it a go. I let off the choke and…the engine died.

I started it up again with the choke and it ran nicely. After about five minutes of running I pushed the choke back in and…the engine died.

You can’t run the boat with the choke on so I was in a quandary. My neighbor went home to get his tools. He has had a boat for years and I always see him working on it in his driveway. He told me that he could adjust the fuel injectors and maybe get it to run without the choke on.


As I waited for my neighbor to return, I sat and watched some of the boaters return with their boats…their boats that ran without the choke on.

God Bless America.





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