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Tales from the ArcaMax Chef


I went to get my boat from the boat place for people who can’t afford a boat. I walked around to the back lot and they pulled the boat out of the shop.

It was beautiful!!! The boat looked so nice that it was almost worth the wait to get it. The boat dude hooked up the water and started the motor…it purred like a kitten. I was ready for boating.

We went in the front shop and the boat dude picked out all the stuff I would need…life preservers, oars, fire extinguisher, etc. I was not only going to look good…I was going to be legal as well.

The boat dude charged me a very reasonable amount for all the extra stuff and even threw in a couple of things for free. I was starting to think I had misjudged the boat dude. What did I know about fixing up a boat? It may have been a very long and complicated process. Also, that engine really sounded good so he must have put some time into tuning it up.

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I hooked the boat up to my truck and headed for home…home and then on to a nice ride in my new boat.

God Bless America.




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