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Tales from the ArcaMax Chef


The boat builder had estimated the number of hours it would take to finish my boat and I had paid for this time in advance. I recall that I prepaid for six hours of work to build out the boat.

As Memorial Day came and went, I began to call the boat guy more often. Talk about irony, but every time I called the boat guy he was in the middle of working on my boat. What are the odds of that? I mean he had to have at least 30 boats in various stages of repair or improvement yet every time I called he just happened to be working on my boat.

Pretty soon I came to realize that something wasn’t right. He estimated six hours of time to finish the job and he even said that was an over estimate. He said that when he actually used less time to complete the work, I would get a refund. But if he was working on it every time I called, then he had to have exceeded the six hour estimate, right? Did that mean I would be charged extra if he exceeded the six hours? Was there a lot more work involved than he had estimated? Why else was it taking so long? Remember now, I was a complete novice at this boat thing. I just naturally assumed that the boat guy was telling me the truth and that he really was diligently working on my boat. But all too soon I noticed a pattern. He always had an excuse for why the boat wasn’t ready yet. What were the odds that so many unexpected problems could arise from one little sixteen foot skiff?

Then it dawned on me. I was being taken advantage of. He really wasn’t working on my boat every time I called. He was doing other projects that he had promised to other boat owners and he was telling them the same thing he was telling me.

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I hadn’t even gotten the boat wet yet and I was already being ripped off. Welcome to the world of boat ownership!

God Bless America.



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