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Meanwhile, I am still waiting for my boat. June pretty much came and went. Every time I called the boat dude he was “almost finished”. We had some pretty boating weather that year (unlike this year it was not nearly as hot).

Maybe I will get it by July 4th weekend, I thought to myself.

Now on to current events. We’re havin’ a heat wave…a tropical heat wave. We tried to make a cool recipe to help everyone deal with this horrible heat. We here on the East Coast of Virginia have been baking along with the rest of the country this last week.

Air conditioning is a must. She Who Must Be Obeyed (my wife) can deal with the heat when gardening, cutting grass, jogging and just about everything else. But when She comes into the house to cool off, it had better be cool. To paraphrase on old saying, “When She is hot in her house, everyone is unhappy”.

Luckily, we did not lose power with those violent storms like so many people further up north. I don’t know how those people are even coping with this heat. But, you never know with air conditioning this time of year. It can easily go on the fritz with no warning and that is simply unacceptable. She likes the house to be somewhere around 70 degrees and therefore, we keep the house somewhere around 70 degrees. Any loss of air conditioning, or even the inability of the air conditioning to keep up with the heat, turns She into the She equivalent of Mr. Hyde…She Hyde.

So I called my HVAC contractor the other day and made an appointment. I told him I needed him to come out when he had a chance. “That is fine”, he said, “What is wrong?”

“Nothing”, I replied.

“But I thought you said you needed me to come to the house?”, he questioned.

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“I do, whenever you can”, I confirmed.

“What am I supposed to do when I get there if nothing is wrong?”, he asked.

“Whatever you need to do to make sure the AC is working properly and guarantee it stays that way”, I answered.

And so we went, back and forth…me trying to get a guarantee of non-interrupted AC and him reasonably tell me that was impossible. In the end, he did come out and checked out the system and that alone made me feel I had at least tried.

Come On AC!!!

God Bless America.




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