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As Memorial Day approached, I anxiously awaited the phone call to tell me the boat was ready. I got my fishing poles down from hanger in the garage. I hadn’t used them in more than a year…and it showed. The lines were tangled and brittle and the reels were fouled. OK, maybe we wouldn’t go fishing on Memorial Day weekend but a nice boat ride would still be nice and relaxing.

As the big weekend approached, She Who Must Be Obeyed began to question me about when I was going to pick up the boat. “Anytime now, the phone is going to ring and I will go right to the boat place and get our boat.”

She asked me to call the boat guy about my boat. I was hesitant at first. What if he was just getting ready to finish my boat and I called him and interrupted his work? He could get mad at me for being pushy and then not finish the boat on purpose.

With only one day left before the long weekend, I finally decided to call. After all, maybe it had been finished for some time and he had just neglected to call me. I am sure he was very busy trying to get everyone in the water by Memorial Day and it may have just slipped his mind.


I decided to call…

God Bless America.




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