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Tales from the ArcaMax Chef


A week or so later I hauled my boat to the “boat store for people who can’t afford a boat”. I was pretty excited after seeing all the different boats on the lots and I just knew these people would be able to hook me up.

The place was pretty busy so I puttered around looking at motors and other boat stuff pretending like I knew what I was looking at.

I finally caught the eye of one of the employees. He came over to see what I needed help with. “I have a boat hull and I want y’all to fix it up with a motor and other stuff so I can go fishing.” He looked at me like he wished he had never seen me…ever. He not only seemed extremely busy, he also seemed extremely unhappy with working at a boat store. This unhappy guy huffed and puffed and said he would have to look at the boat first so I should leave and come back with my boat sometime when he wasn’t so busy.

I was not going to give up easily….”My boat is outside in your parking lot. We can go look at it now”, I suggested.

He really huffed and puffed now. I could see him trying to come up with excuses for why he couldn’t look at my boat but I had him trapped up against some motors. Eventually, he resigned himself to the fact that he was going to have to help me in some manner and he told me to follow him outside with a look that could sink a boat.


Happy April 20 everybody!!!

God Bless America.




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