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Most of us are honest and realize that we are not perfect…far from it actually (this excludes people who are incapable of honesty or self-realization such as professional actors and career politicians).

I came to realize many years ago that I am a terrible procrastinator. I see a problem or issue and figure out what needs to be done pretty quickly (i.e….those clean dishes should be put away or those dirty dishes should be washed) but the actual execution of my good idea is often delayed…usually until after someone with the same idea (usually my wife-She Who Must Be Obeyed) has already carried out the execution.

I also came to realize many years ago that I am not a handy man type. I am not incapable of doing fixer-uppers around the house, I am just really weak in certain areas of fixing-upping…like electrical stuff, anything to do with plumbing and pretty much anything else that requires skill, patience or the use of tools. Other than that, I am Johnny on the Spot with my She Dos (the equivalent of Honey Dos except they are for She Who Must Be Obeyed).

With these self realizations in mind, I quickly understood that the gleaming white fishing machine would soon return to its dirty state unless I got some help with fitting it out for fishing. I had never owned a boat before so I really didn’t know where to start. I knew I needed a motor and something to steer it with but, other than that, I was in new territory.

I went on-line to see what my options were (Do you remember life before “on-line”? How did we find anything?). I was pleased to discover that there was a place not too far away that specialized in boat repairs and fitting out. Even better, this place billed itself as being reasonably priced…I think its motto was something like: “The boating store for people who really can’t afford boats but got stuck with one and don’t know what to do.”


It sounded like the place for me…

God Bless America.



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