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Getting to the Root of Rich Vegetables

Lisa Messinger on

Whether you slow cook them yourself, or, like I often do, buy them ready made from your supermarket's deli counter, roasted root vegetables are a hallmark of the season. This hearty, hot dish is, as far as vegetables go, a rich treat.

If you think of members of the root crowd as dingy because they grow underground, reconsider since they come in lots of deep shades of the rainbow, such as just the one root vegetable of carrots, which appears from white, to yellow, to orange, to red, to purple. Other colorful choices include beets, yams, radishes, turmeric and ginger. Some of the less colorful, but no less wise choices, are garlic, jicama, onions and celery root.

Yet, the underground connection is a powerful one. While growing there, the vegetables absorb a lot of nutrients from the soil. Roasting enhances their flavor more, sometimes even giving somewhat of a sweet, gooey, caramelized touch.

Try the following examples with cooled, cooked roasted vegetables. Gently mix and reheat in the microwave, the oven or on stove top until warm.

--Extra-virgin olive oil, brown sugar and ground cinnamon.

--White grape juice, golden raisins, minced prunes and curry powder.


--Applesauce, diced apples, pumpkin pie spice and quartered dried apricots.

--Red wine vinegar, freshly ground black pepper and dried cherries.

--Orange marmalade, allspice and minced fresh basil.

The above are excellent, as is, as side dishes or healthful snacks, or consider some of the following uses:


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