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Potential Football Injuries and Stealing a Candy Bar

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Dear Family Coach: I allowed my son to play high school football last year because he's a former soccer player, and the coach said he needed him to kick and punt. I was comfortable with that, and he had a great time. This year, however, the coach wants him to be the backup quarterback. My son is thrilled, of course. Football terrifies me ...Read more

Unsupervised Play and Losing Friends

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Dear Family Coach: My children are grown now, but I feel deeply concerned by the hypervigilance that I see in today's parenting style. Playing unsupervised and out of sight of adults, and simply spending time alone (outdoors mostly) was crucial to my childhood years and my children's early years. Do you consider it a problem that today's ...Read more

Obnoxious Teen Revolts and a Reasonable Curfew

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Dear Family Coach: My wife and I have four kids ranging in age from 10 to 16 years old. Everyone is so busy. I wanted to have one night of the week when we are all together for game night. Everyone is excited about it except for my oldest. At 16, he'd rather be with his friends on Friday night. Every time we try to get together, he is ...Read more

A Late-Night Suicide Threat

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Dear Family Coach: Last night, my 16-year old snuck out of the house with friends at 2 a.m. They were on a mission to help a girl who was threatening suicide. My son did call me after they called the police. But I don't know why he got involved, and I'm not all right with him sneaking out. How should I reprimand him? -- Dad

Dear Dad: Your son...Read more

A Basement Hangout and a Dead Cellphone

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Dear Family Coach: My 16-year-old son has a girlfriend, and her mom does not allow them to be alone at my house. They prefer to hang out in our finished basement, but I don't want to keep going down there. Should I tell them they can't go down there or tell the mom I can't watch them every single second? -- Stuck in the Middle

Dear Stuck: I ...Read more

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