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How Can We Beat Period Poverty?


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Did you know that 14.2% of women have experienced period poverty in the last year? Even worse is, another 10% experience it every month.

As menstruating adults, access to sanitary products is a must. But unfortunately, some can be so much in need that they can’t afford to purchase these necessities.

Are you wondering what you can do to help? Then read on. In this article, we’ll discuss some ways we can overcome period poverty together!

Donate Sanitary Products

One of the easiest ways to combat period poverty is to donate sanitary products to those in need.

Where can you donate these things? You might be surprised to learn that your local food banks will take pads and tampons! They provide much more than just food to the needy; they also give out menstrual and hygiene products.

Buy Your Products Selectively

It might take a little bit of searching, but there are some organizations that donate sanitary products for every box you buy. So if you’re a menstruating person and would like to help someone out while buying your own period products, this is a great way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

Make and Give Out Sanitary Kits

Not only are many women facing period poverty, but poverty in general. Since you’re already buying menstrual products, why not add a few other basic care items, such as underwear, soap, shampoo, and razors?

You can also give out reusable period products, such as Ultucup (learn how to use them here).

When you give out these sanitary kits, they’re sure to be appreciated.

Create Community Donation Boxes

Community donation boxes are a great way to get menstrual products into the hands of those who need them, without them being embarrassed.

Community boxes are affordable and easy to put in schools, community centers, etc. Everyone can then pitch in and donate whatever they can.

And those who need period products can then reach into the box grab what they need, whenever they want.

Fight Against Period Stigma

Unfortunately, there’s stigma surrounding periods, even though it’s completely natural! The negativity and shame associated with periods can make it hard for people to ask for help.

By normalizing periods, we can make it easier and more comfortable to speak about menstruation. In turn, people will feel empowered to speak out about the lack of access to affordable products. This can then drive movements that aim to get sanitary in everyone’s hands.

If you’re wondering how to go about this, a good place to start is Big Sister mentoring. These young girls will definitely need your positive influence to grow up comfortable with their own bodies.

Let’s Beat Period Poverty

Period poverty can be tough to deal with, especially since you can’t help but menstruate monthly. Help end the stigma and shame surrounding periods and bring much-needed products to those who will certainly appreciate it. You’ll be doing something commendable!

Ending period poverty is great. But what else can you do to help the world? Browse the rest of our blog for more inspiration!




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