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How to Conduct a Successful School Fundraising Campaign


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Many states have seen a dramatic decline in government funding for public schools. How can your school continue to keep up with renovations, the latest technology, and other crucial updates with a limited budget?

School fundraising is one of the best things you can do to try to close that gap. The question is, how can you put together a successful school fundraiser?

We’ve got the school fundraising campaign tips that you need to help your community’s schools thrive.

Read on for great tips to conduct a successful school fundraiser.

Set Clear Goals

You’ve probably got a lot of financial ground to cover, but it’s best to set clear goals for each fundraiser. What will the money from this specific fundraiser go towards? How much would you like to raise and how will you use any additional funds that come in?

Telling your fundraising story is a great way to convince more people to donate. Setting things like a financial goal and a deadline also increases the urgency to donate now, rather than put it off.

Put Together an Effective School Fundraising Team

Whether you have school faculty members or parents running your fundraising campaign, it’s important to put together a solid team.

First, you’ll need someone who has great people skills to take the front seat. This person will reach out to parents, members of the community, and business owners to increase involvement and donations.

Next, you’ll need someone who’s good with money to stay on top of expenses and funds.

Finally, you’ll need someone who can track all of the milestones you hit with your fundraising campaign. This person can keep donors and the community updated on how the fundraiser is going.

Go Online for a Wider Reach

Nowadays, it makes sense to take your school fundraising online. While older fundraising methods remain valuable, you can reach a much wider audience when you have an online donation center. That way, grandparents and family friends from all over the country can make a contribution.

Get the Students Involved

Don’t hesitate to get the students involved in your school’s fundraising campaign! Students will enjoy the experience of selling fundraising goodies, hosting events, and providing services to the community.

When students are at the forefront of your fundraising campaign, donations tend to increase. Members of your community will find it easier to connect to your cause when they’re speaking with the students who stand to benefit from their donations.

Have a Successful School Fundraising Campaign With These Tips

It’s hard to run a thriving school when government funding gets cut almost every year. School fundraising can help to make up some of those lost funds–and provide a fun opportunity for community engagement. With our tips, you’ll have a successful school fundraising campaign in no time.

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