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4 Benefits of Drive-Up Storage for Your Property


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Did you know that 1 in 11 American households own storage space? When you consider all of the benefits, it makes total sense. After all, your home may not be large enough to store some important items.

If you’re considering getting a storage unit, you’ll want to consider drive up storage. There are plenty of reasons why this is the most convenient option for you and your needs.

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1. Unbeatable Convenience

If you have a handful of large items like furniture or appliances that need to be stored, drive up units make it convenient to load and unload belongings. It’s a much better choice than carrying bulky, heavy items into a different floor of the building.

With drive up self storage, you’ll have easy access to your belongings by just parking right at the door of your unit. This comes in handy when you’re in a rush. You’ll just need to drive up, unlock the unit, get what you need and get out in no time.

2. Various Sizes

Indoor units come in different sizes but drive-up storage units tend to be available in a wider variety of options. This is especially true if you’re looking for a place to store larger items.

However, there are drive-up units available in small sizes as well. The point is, you’ll have more sizes to choose from when it comes to drive-up storage.

3. Vehicle Storage

Certain facilities offer drive-up storage units and also provide outdoor covered storage for your vehicles. This is perfect for anyone who collects classic cars, boats or needs a place to store their RVs or trucks safely.

Certain cars only get taken out in the summer, and finding a convenient place to store them during the winter is vital if you want peace of mind.

4. Lower Cost

With all of these benefits, you’d assume that drive-up storage will cost you a lot more than the standard indoor units. The good news is that drive up storage units tend to be less fancy than indoor storage, so in many instances, they actually cost less per month.

With that said, it does depend on the facility as well as the different sizes of the units you choose.

If you’re looking for an unbeatable drive-up storage option, then be sure to check out kingstonidealstorage.com.

Benefits of Drive-Up Storage

America may have a clutter problem, but there’s no reason why you’d need to throw away beloved items due to lack of space. Having a storage unit can make your life easier and grant you access to things that you don’t have space for on your personal property.

If you’re going to get a storage unit, consider a drive up storage. Not only is it the most convenient choice, but it won’t hurt your wallet.

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