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10 Signs a Furnace Repair Is in Your Near Future


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Is your home’s furnace more than, say, 15 years old right now? If it is, there is a pretty good chance that it’s going to need to have some form of furnace repair done sometime in the not-too-distant future.

The average furnace is going to last for right around 20 years. And as it inches its way closer to that mark, things are going to start to go wrong with it, even if you stay on top of furnace maintenance. It’ll force you to call on a furnace repair company so that you’re able to get the furnace help you need.

There are also a whole bunch of other signs that will show you that furnace repair might be on the horizon. You should look out for these signs and contact a furnace repair company at the very first sign of trouble.

Here are 10 signs that could indicate issues with your furnace that will require furnace repair sooner rather than later.

1. Your Home Isn’t Heating Up When You Turn Your Furnace On

When you turn your home’s furnace on, what do you expect to happen? Obviously, the expectation is that it’s going to heat up your home and make it warmer than it is.

But when there is something wrong with your furnace, this might not happen. No matter how high you turn your thermostat up, your furnace might continue to run without putting out warm air like you would expect it to.

This is almost always going to be a surefire sign that you’ll need to have furnace repair done. A furnace repair company will be able to inspect your furnace to see what seems to be the problem.

You should also be wary of a furnace that creates cold spots throughout your home. This could potentially indicate a problem with your ductwork if you’re not able to heat your home up evenly.

2. Your Furnace Is Turning On and Off Way More Than Usual

Does your home’s furnace start…and then stop…and then start…and then stop…and then start….and then stop…and then…well, we think you get the point!

This is not a good sign at all. Your furnace is cycling on and off without ever getting a chance to heat your home up. And it’s likely doing it because of an issue with your fan motor, your heat sensor, or some other component in your furnace.

Because your furnace is turning on and off, you might just think that it’s heating your home up quickly and then shutting down until it cools off again. But in reality, it’s not going to be heating your home up as much as it should, and it’s going to be putting your furnace at risk of getting damaged further.

It’s another instance in which you’re going to want to get a furnace repair company on the phone right away. Otherwise, your furnace will keep on cycling and eventually burn itself out.

3. Your Furnace Is Making Lots of Strange Sounds

To be clear, your home’s furnace is going to make some noise when you have it up and running. In fact, it’s not all that uncommon for a furnace that’s on the older side to make quite a bit of noise when it’s turned on.

But if your furnace starts to make strange sounds all of a sudden, that is when you should raise an eyebrow and investigate the situation further. Those strange sounds are usually going to be caused by parts in your furnace that either need to be repaired or replaced.

If your furnace is tucked away in your basement or in another part of your home that you don’t visit too often, the strange sounds coming from it might not bother you too much. But you won’t want to ignore them for too long.

A furnace repair company should be able to identify the source of the sounds so that they can fix your furnace and quiet it down.

4. Your Furnace Is Shaking While It Runs

Every so often, you should sneak a peek at your furnace while it’s running. It might not be making a ton of noise, but it could be shaking and looking like it’s going to fall over at any second.

This should put a scare into you and show you that it’s not going to be safe to keep on running your furnace without having repairs made to it. If you continue to let it run in this state, some of the parts in it will begin to break down and will need to be replaced rather than repaired.

5. Your Furnace’s Burner Flame Is Yellow

If your furnace is powered by natural gas, there will be a burner flame somewhere in it that will be used to fire it up when it gets cold inside your house. There should be a small peephole that you can use to check out this flame from time to time.

You should pay close attention to what color the flame is. If you ever see that it’s yellow, this is going to be a big cause for concern. You’ll want to arrange to have furnace repair to fix the issue at hand.

So, why would the burner flame in a furnace turn yellow? It’s typically because the burner is dirty and unable to burn all of the natural gas being sent in its direction. As a result, it’s not providing your home with as much heat as it should, and it’s also making it difficult for your furnace to vent carbon monoxide (more on this in a few moments!).

You should have a furnace repair company come out to evaluate your furnace to see why the burner flame is yellow. They should be able to get things running normally again in no time.

6. Your Furnace Is Causing Moisture to Build Up on Your Home’s Windows

Have you noticed that there is moisture building up on the inside of some of your home’s windows? This could suggest that there might be a problem with the windows themselves.

But it might also be an indication that you don’t have enough air flowing through your home because of a problem with your furnace and/or the ductwork that is connected to it. This condensation is going to keep coming back until you get to the bottom of the issue and fix it.

And the condensation is going to do more than just make it hard to see out of your windows. It could end up causing its fair share of damage to your windows and the walls that surround them.

7. Your Furnace Is Leaking Water

Water is going to prove to be one of your home’s biggest enemies. As we just mentioned while talking about the condensation that sometimes shows up on the inside of windows, you don’t ever want to see water in your home where it isn’t supposed to be.

You may, however, see water start to form around the bottom of your home’s furnace. This is not going to be a good sign and should serve as an open invitation for you to touch base with a furnace repair company immediately.

This is something that might also happen when you’re running your air conditioner in the summertime. A clog in your water condensate line can cause water to form around your furnace.

Fortunately, this isn’t as serious as seeing water around your furnace in the wintertime. But even still, you’re not going to want to turn a blind eye to this water. You’ll instead want to have air conditioner repair done promptly to make the water go away.

8. Your Furnace Is Turning Into a Home for Rodents

Do you have what appears to be rodent droppings scattered around on the outside of your furnace? Or worse, do you have nesting materials for rodents on the inside of your furnace?

Both of these things are going to be big red flags for homeowners. They’ll show that there is a good chance that rodents have weaseled their way into your furnace and set up shop in it.

Outside of the fact that you don’t want rodents living anywhere in your home, you want to be especially careful about granting them access to your furnace. They can chew through many of the electrical wires in your furnace and stop your furnace from working altogether.

In this case, you should contact both a furnace repair company and a pest control company to get rid of this particular problem. If you don’t, rodents may keep on wreaking havoc on your furnace and cause serious complications that could force you to replace your whole furnace.

9. Your Furnace Is Causing Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors to Go Off

Earlier, we talked about how a dirty burner could stop your furnace from being able to vent the carbon monoxide that is created while your furnace runs. This is just about the last thing that you want to have happen in your home.

Every year, there are about 50,000 people who are rushed to the hospital because of carbon monoxide poisoning. There are also almost 500 people who are killed by carbon monoxide poisoning.

To greatly reduce the chances of carbon monoxide taking a toll on your home, you should be sure that your furnace is working properly at all times. If it’s ever in need of furnace repair, you should have a repair company come out to your home right away.

You should also strategically position carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home. They’ll be able to let you know if your CO levels get to be too high so that you can get out of your home fast.

10. Your Furnace Is Sending Your Energy Bills Soaring

Do you feel like you’re spending way more money than you used to in order to pay off your energy bills? There could be a number of different things that are causing your energy bills to spike.

For example, your energy bills might be higher than usual because:

  • Your doors and windows are allowing drafts to enter your home
  • Your appliances are outdated and using too much energy
  • Your home is filled with more electronics than it used to have in it
  • Your family is leaving too many lights turned on

But at the end of the day, it could be your home’s furnace that is to blame for your rising energy bills. If your furnace isn’t as efficient as it could and should be, it might be running longer than normal to heat up your home and sending your energy bills soaring.

The solution to this particular problem might be to get a new furnace. Most of the furnaces on the market today are designed to use up less energy than older models.

But you might also have some luck bringing your energy bills back down to earth through the use of furnace repair. You should hire a company that can provide the best furnace repair San Francisco has ever seen. It’ll cut your utility costs and prove to be well worth whatever you will pay for it in the end.

Schedule Furnace Repair ASAP If You Spot Any of These Warning Signs

Have you seen one or more of the signs that we’ve discussed here when it comes to your home’s furnace? We don’t want to alarm you too much, but you shouldn’t put off having furnace repair done for any longer than you have to.

It doesn’t take too long for a minor furnace problem to turn into a big one. It’s why you should make every effort to get your furnace fixed when you suspect that there might be something wrong with it.

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