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Fire Damage: What to Do After a Fire


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About 50% of residential fires are caused by cooking accidents.

Other major causes of fire including malfunctioning appliances, careless mistakes, or problems with heating systems. No matter the cause, a residential fire is devasting and dangerous.

Have you experienced fire damage in your home recently? Figuring out what to do next is overwhelming in combination with your fear and shock.

We’re here to make the process a bit easier. Read on for a guide on how to manage fire damage.

Immediately After the Fire

There are several important steps to take immediately following the incident, before figuring out the details of fire damage restoration.

First, guarantee you and your loved ones have vacated the property as quickly as possible. Call the local fire department, and don’t enter your home until it’s been cleared, even if it was a small fire.

File a claim with your insurance. Provide all necessary details and picture documentation.

You’ll then want to find a safe place to stay if your home is unfit for living. Ask your insurance about paying for a hotel room, or reach out to local friends and family.

Lastly, seek any needed medical attention for your family and pets.

Inquire About Fire Damage Repair

Chat with your insurance agent about their coverage regarding fire damage restoration. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

If you must locate a fire damage repair company on your own, find a company you can trust to properly complete the job. A typical restoration job includes an extensive evaluation, the securing of structural elements within your home, and the cleaning up of damaged goods and trash.

You want to use a company that works quickly and thoroughly to guarantee you’ll be re-entering a safe home. Remember fire can cause unseen damage that needs to be treated by professionals.

Don’t be afraid to ask a fire restoration company any questions if you don’t know what to expect. They’ll lead you through the process to ease your worries.

Seek Support

Recovering from a fire, relocating, and finding proper fire damage services are a lot to handle for a single family. It’s stressful and can bring on severe anxiety and depression.

Seek support in your loved ones and the community around you. Reach out to local philanthropy about clothing, food, and furniture donations if you lost most of your belongings. Ask your religious organization about a family that could host yours.

Hire a therapist or seek out a free local support group if you’re experiencing mental health difficulties. Never feel ashamed to ask for help.

Recovering From Fire Damage

A residential fire can change everything for you and your family. It’s important to know what to do.

You’ll first need to alert emergency officials and seek help for your home and family. Chat with your insurance agent, and reach out to a local fire damage restoration company. Don’t forget to seek support for your own mental wellbeing.

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