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5 Ways to Have a Greener, Better Home


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Data shows most adults are interested in leading a more sustainable life.

The data revealed 93% of the surveyed indicated a concern for the environment. Plastic pollution, biodiversity loss, and climate change are three of the top issues. The same research showed there’s time to act.

You can create a more eco-friendly living environment. Keep reading to learn more about daily sustainability. Here are five ways to have a greener, better home.

1. Upcycle

You can upcycle clothes, wood, and other items to avoid filling the dump with more junk. Consider finding new ways to wear fabrics, cutting and sewing when needed, instead of buying new. Glass jars are commonly used for storage and vases.

2. Improve Energy-Efficiency

You can add LED bulbs, purchase energy-efficient appliances, and programmable thermostats. One choice that costs nothing is to air-dry laundry instead of using a dryer. These simple changes will protect the environment while saving your money.

3. Go Green, Literally

Add more green to your garden, and bring plants indoors for a literal greener, better home. Plants are great for cleaning indoor air. You can invest in herbs and other edible plants to include in your cooking to see a return on your green investment.

4. Invest In Window Treatments

Investing in window treatments is one of the easiest ways to reduce the cost of utilities. Not only will you save money, but you’ll enjoy a better environment for your eyes. Window treatments block harmful UV rays that damage eyes and skin.

5. Be Smarter About Water

Being smarter about how much water you use and how you use it is one surefire way to creating a greener, better home. For drinking water, you should add a filtration system to the sink or fridge. Limit watering the lawn, take shorter showers, and shut off the sink in between brushing teeth.

Other Tips for Creating a Better Home

You can create a better home by going green, teaching your household about sustainability, and with better cleaning habits. Valley Cleaning Services swaps the chemicals in exchange for safe and effective cleaning methods. The following are additional tips for creating a better home without damaging the environment:

  • Get a recycling bin
  • Learn to compost
  • Buy gently used
  • Choose greener options
  • Hire a cleaning service

Other items you can invest in are insulating your home, installing more eco-friendly plumbing, and adding solar panels to your mortgage costs. Certain changes can lead to tax write-offs or you can sell the energy you generate back to the power company. Outside of your property line, you should consider shopping and eating locally to support small businesses over chains.

Lead a Greener Life

Now that you’ve read about sustainability, you can create a nicer property. Use what you read as a guide to eco-friendly daily living changes. You’re only five steps away from a greener, better home.

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