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5 Warning Signs That You Need to Call Pest Control


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Have you ever heard the saying “You are never more than 6 feet away from a rat?” While it might not be an exact science, the truth is that there are billions of rats in the world. And during recent lockdowns, they have been breeding more than ever before.

And what if one (or more) of these less-than-pleasant creatures decides to set up camp in your kitchen? Rodents, as well as wasps, cockroaches, termites, and more, are a homeowner’s nightmare. And while, in certain cases, you might decide that you can deal with the issue yourself, there are situations that require you to call pest control.

Want to know exactly when you should do this? Then, keep reading our essential guide on pest extermination.

1. Urine and Droppings

Sometimes, you don’t need to spot the pest directly. Their urine and droppings are enough of a sign of life to confirm their presence in your home. So, if you start noticing these around your property, then it might be a first worry sign.

Companies like The 99 People (The99people.com.au) can help you get rid of those unwanted guests.

2. Damage to Your Property

Termites tend to damage wood furnishings, whereas rodents prefer food packaging and kitchen counters. Other items that you want to keep an eye on are wires and cables, rugs, walls, and clothing. If any of these present any new and unusual sign of damage, then it’s very possibly because of pests.

3. Consistent Sightings

Seeing a mouse, rat, cockroach, or other household pests crawl or scuttle on your floor or walls is undoubtedly the most common reason to call a pest control company. And when these sightings go from sporadic to daily, then you might be dealing with an actual infestation.

4. Unusual Smells

Rodents have a pungent urine-like smell, whereas cockroaches smell a bit oily, and bed bugs have a faintly sweet, musty stench. You might not be able to tell the exact difference, but a professional pest control service can. Just be aware of any strange, new smells around your home, take notice of them, and speak to your exterminator.

5. Rustling, Scratching Noises

Have you started hearing bizarre sounds that resemble scratching or rustling noises? Can you hear any of that coming from within your walls, or under your floorboards? This is another sign that you might have pests in your home, and that you should call pest control ASAP.

Household Pests: Call Pest Control before It’s Too Late

With household pests, you don’t want to let the problem get worse and become an infestation: your best bet is to call pest control right away.

If you have identified one or more of the signs on our list, then it’s time to get on the phone with a good exterminator near you. They will fix the problem quickly and professionally, and you will be able to enjoy your house again.

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