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Q&A: How fashion designer Delvin McCray turned his passion into purpose

By Aramide Esubi, Tribune Content Agency on

What led you to do such a wonderful thing?

I was looking at what I could offer and everything that you wear is sewn by someone's hands on this planet because it can't all be done by machine, so I was like I'll just play my part and help as best I can to assist during these unprecedented times.

Are you working on anything new for your Delvin McCray and Redd by Delvin McCray fashion lines?

Yes, I am launching my summer collection in about two to three weeks online. I'm also launching a loyalty program along with an option to buy now and pay later so if there is a piece someone likes, they still have the option to purchase it, no matter what their income, and pay for it in flexible installments.

Redd by Delvin McCray is my diffusion line that is all done in-house so you're not losing the quality or the essence of the parent brand and the unique fabrications and designs. I understand people mix price points when they shop, so I'm pushing more pieces for the Redd collection that are more price-friendly and doing as much as I can to help people still feel a little bit of normalcy even as they deal with possible difficulty due to layoffs or other financial pressures. If a customer sees something exciting, they can purchase it and not have to put it off because it's at a price that's comfortable for them. I'm happy to help customers have a fashion escape without breaking the bank during this time.


What are your thoughts on staying motivated while quarantined?

I look at this as an opportunity and a good time to reflect and work on yourself, to tackle the things that you didn't have time to do because you were so busy always working. You can now take that time to work on your to-do list, organize your room, clean out your house, etc., do those personal things and get yourself grounded. And then when everything opens back up you can hit the ground running with no stress and nothing hanging in the back of your mind, that you could've/should've/would've done.

It's a time to evolve (albeit a difficult time) but it's change nonetheless and this is one of those times where you have to try to adjust and be flexible as life changes.

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