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Beauty and the Summer Beat

Sharon Mosley on

When summer turns up the heat, it's time to chill a little in the beauty department. Get out of the office, unplug the electronics and take a break from the heavy-duty makeup. Lighten up. Whether you're heading to the beach, strolling through big-city museums or just doing a little people watching at a local cafe, here are a few ways to survive summer in style.

-- Waterproof everything. Of course, the heat is on, and the sweat (or perspiration, if you're a little sensitive) will definitely get to you at some point -- unless you insist on sitting in front of an air conditioner all day long. And who wants to do that? It's summer. Go ahead, get out there and sweat. The latest sunscreens and tanning lotions are all about helping you achieve that "non-sticky" look while protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Spray-on mists will keep you cool and dry. Check out Banana Boat's Sun Comfort Clear Ultra Mist. And don't forget to hydrate, especially your face. Try Neutrogena's new Hydro Boost Water Gel. (Products available at mass retailers and drugstores.)

-- Go for the bronzer. And skip the tanning bed, even if it's only for a one-nighter. New wash-off formulas will give you a healthy glow at the last minute, such as St. Tropez One Night Only. For a more subtle "little by little" tan, use a product like Jergens Natural Glow lotion -- one of my personal favorites. But here's a suggestion: Always experiment with any self-tanner to know exactly how it reacts on your skin -- and to those new white shorts you just bought.

-- Pump up the volume. When the heat is on, hair can suffer. You can always rely on the ponytail trick if you have long hair, but when you need some "pouf," don't be afraid to grab some help from the beauty experts. A new product to try: Garnier Fructis' Full Plush Root Amp root-lifting spray mousse. Forget the sticky beach hair that feels like it has sand in it. Not a good thing.

-- Lighten up on the makeup. Whew, when summer rolls around, it's a pleasure to wipe away the heavy pancake-like makeup and enjoy bare skin. Just apply a little sunscreen, right? Well, most of us have to rely on a little more than that -- at least, get a great concealer. A little dab under the eyes and wherever else you may need it is definitely better than giving up all makeup for the summer. Tinted moisturizers work well, too. And of course, if you're at the office, a more polished, professional look is critical. A swipe of a sandy swish of eyeshadow or a tinted lip gloss may be all you need.


-- Experiment with nail polishes. Summer is the perfect time to get a little edgy with your colors. The pale icy hues look great when contrasted with darker skin tones. Matte formulas will give you even more of a trendy look. Try Peach Side Babe by Essie or Eclectic mint green by Revlon. Or try a new nail art technique. Check out Madeline Poole's book, "Nails, Nails, Nails!" for lots of creative DIY nail art projects.

-- Find a new fragrance. The warm season ahead calls for a lighter fragrance. Most of us have favorite perfumes that we wear all year. But those musky scents we wore last fall may not feel quite right for summer. So when you're browsing through your summer magazine reading, rip out a few pages with samples of the newest fragrance launches. Then shop the fragrance counter of your favorite store or boutique and gather a few more samples. You'll more than likely find a new scent that you and those sea breezes will love.


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