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In Fashion: The Final Word on Aha Fashion Moments

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Since I have been in the fashion business for over 40 years, I have finally decided to close the closet door with my last column of "In Fashion." However, before I go, I thought I would share a few of my "aha moments" gleaned from decades of writing about fashion.

-- My basic mantra is: If you look good, you'll feel good. Unless you live in a ...Read more

In Fashion: High-Five to Hygge

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With the arrival of a global pandemic, our homes have become our safe havens. And after stocking up with Lysol and toilet paper, we can also think about making the best of this time of isolation. Think "hygge." It's the trendy Scandinavian word that's perfect for describing the way we want to live when times are uncertain and everyone is ...Read more

In Fashion: Fashion Icons by the Decade

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With almost 40 years of writing about the world of fashion, I have been inspired by famous women who seemed to be just naturally stylish ... Audrey Hepburn. Twiggy. Ali MacGraw. They are just a few of the fashion icons who have made memorable impressions with their individual styles and continue to summon up images that are still relevant today,...Read more

In Fashion: Working It Out with Professional Wardrobe Trends

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With a new season ahead, it's time to work on those style skills and update that professional wardrobe. As the new spring trends arrive online and in stores, start browsing now -- before you make the first purchase. Here are some ways to put some spring into your office clothes, even if you work from home.

Start with a bold suit. Color is the ...Read more


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