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Fashion Tricks To Treat Yourself

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Boo! Yes, it's you in the mirror on the wall. If you get a fright when you get dressed every day, then it's time to try a few tricks of the fashion trade and feel good -- not haunted -- about the way you look in your clothes. Treat the person staring back at you to a whole new outlook on life. It may be time to brush away the cobwebs in your ...Read more

Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Animal Prints Are on the Prowl

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"I love a touch of animal print," says fashion designer Michael Kors. "It's the quickest way to glamour."

Kors roars onto the fall 2019 fashion scene with a collection full of animal prints, from leaping leopards to zippy zebras, creating a fashion jungle on everything from handbags and boots to faux fur coats and sunglasses -- and everything ...Read more

'To the Manor Born': Fashion for Weekends in the Country

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The autumn leaves are falling, and nature is calling. When the weather turns cooler, it's all about enjoying outdoors in the country and breathing in those fresh fall weekends. While jeans and sweaters are always ready to take a hike in the country, this season, fashion forecasters are predicting that weekend clothes will have more of a dressed-...Read more

Handing It Off: Handbag Trends Fall 2019

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With just one switch of a handbag, you can change your whole fashion outlook on life this fall. A new handbag is one of the best attitude adjustments you can make for yourself and your wardrobe. Here are some of the big switches for the season ahead:

Handbags are probably one of the first new purchases many of us make every season. Since we ...Read more

Rebooting Fall Footwear: Take a Walk on the Wild Side

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If you can only add one thing to your fall wardrobe, make it a new pair of shoes ... or boots. Footwear this fall is an exciting way to change up anything you wear ... even that trusty little black suit or dress you wear year after year. So, get ready to take a walk on the wild side this season with these trends.

First, fall is all about the ...Read more

Men's Fall Fashion Favorites

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Get ready to suit up for a new season that makes a return to men's classics -- with updated twists. Nothing ever remains quite the same. As fashion influences from the '70s and the '90s take center stage again on the runways, menswear designers make everything old new again. Here's a shopping list of fall 2019 favorites:

-- Sharp suiters. It's ...Read more

Country Chic

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Nature is calling. When the weather turns cooler, it's all about getting outdoors and soaking up those fall weekends. Time to pull on the cowboy boots, the frayed jeans and denim vests and head for the hills. Think country cool with a contemporary twist.

Here's a few ways to get the laid-back vibe:

-- Reboot. This fall, the boots are big, big,...Read more

Fall Fashion Forward

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As summer cools off, school starts and vacations fade into memories, there's no denying that many of us are ready to fall into a new season. But before you go shopping for that new leather jacket and charge up your credit cards with boots and blazers, here are some reminders. Take a few minutes to read these tips:

-- Do the big cleanout. It's ...Read more

Jean Therapy: Fall 2019 Denim Trends

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Whether you're going back to school or just want to update your work wardrobe, chances are you're going to want to want to add something denim to your shopping list. And while you may need to replace some of your old favorites, the newest denim choices this fall are anything but basic. From relaxed carpenter jeans to fringed miniskirts to ...Read more

Keep Your Cool for Back to School

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When it comes to those first few days of starting back to school, there's little time to think about what your kids are going to wear. Those early morning minutes are too precious to waste standing in front of their closets helping them decide if it's going to be that pair of pink leggings today or the rock-star T-shirt or that holey pair of ...Read more

Grade-A Fashion Essentials: Back-to-School Trends 2019

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With school starting in only a few weeks, it's time to start planning that A-plus wardrobe that will give you a head start in making top style grades. There are basic essentials for all ages this fall that make rolling out of bed every morning and getting dressed as easy as ABC. Here's the short list of the top trends:

-- Jeans. This is where ...Read more


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