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Giving the Gift of Style

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Want a unique idea for that special fashion lover on your list? Then take a cue from this Santa's helper! Make a list and check it off with some fun gifts that will be sure to appeal to your fashionable loved one's personal sense of style, whatever it may be. Here are some ideas to get you inspired -- and finished with your shopping!

--Booking ...Read more

Shout Out to Sequins

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When it comes time to shine this holiday season, there's nothing that outshines the glimmer and glamour of the party girl's best friend: sequins. From all-over shimmering cocktail frocks to glittering skirts and jackets -- even glittering leggings and twinkling toes -- there are show-stopping ways to sparkle in sequins.

But before you leave a ...Read more

Party Ornaments: Accessories for Holiday Style

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Dress up your tree. Dress up your mantel. Dress up your dress. 'Tis the season to decorate our homes and ourselves! The fastest way to add some extra glamour to your party wardrobe is with special accessories. Here are some of the best fashion "ornaments" of the season ... and some of the best gifts, too.

--Start with statement jewelry. The ...Read more

Not-So-Basic Black Fridays

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Don't waste your time searching out the deals on those boring black basics this holiday season. Instead, when it comes to par-tay Fridays, try these festive new updates to fashion's favorite classics.

--The not-so-basic velvet tuxedo. What could be more luxurious? The ultimate formal attire from head to toe in black velvet. For men and women, ...Read more

The Cool Factor: Tips on Ageless Dressing for the Holidays

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OK, so you can't fit into your granddaughter's skinny jeans ... You don't even remember the last time you wore high heels, and those stretchy waistbands just seem to keep expanding with every Thanksgiving turkey. But this year, you've made yourself a promise ... no more holiday pictures with Grandma looking like she got run over by a reindeer.

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Thanksgiving Fashion: Fashionable Blessings

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There's a lot to be thankful for this season of the year when we focus on the positives in our lives even when it comes to what we wear. Unless you call a nudist beach home, you do have to think about getting dressed every day. And there are lots of small fashion blessings to appreciate. Here are a few of my favorites:

--Shapewear. With the ...Read more

Holiday Style by the Decade: Style Then, Style Now

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This holiday season, it's time to party like it was 1929, or 1949, or 1969... Well, you get the idea. Fashion history does seem to repeat itself, and what's old is new again. So pick your decade and go back to the future to find the perfect party style.

--The '20s. Think flappers and fringe. Look to "The Great Gatsby" for inspiration: sleek and...Read more

Sweater Weather: Five Sweaters to Own This Fall

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Time to get cozy! Sweater weather is sending chills down our spines and right into our toes. This fall, the best knit hits are bold and beautiful, in colorful patterns and chic shapes. Here are five sweaters to collect now:

--The Sweater Jacket. This all-purpose knit bridges the gap between heavy coats and light cardigans ... perfect for ...Read more

Fall Fashion Frights: What Not to Wear

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You don't have to dress like a nightmare before Christmas to know that there is plenty of scary fashion out there right now ... maybe even lurking inside your own closet. Although you may channel the magic of a unicorn on Halloween, when it comes to meeting a new client at the office, it's time to lose the horns and get out of costume mode. Here...Read more

Tricks and Tweaks

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You don't have to paint your face or wear a pointy hat to get into the spirit of one of fall's favorite times. This Halloween, ward off the bad fashion ghosts and tweak your everyday costumes with these simple tricks. You'll have the wardrobe of a divine diva in no time.

--Take a cue from Casper. Give your fall clothes an instant update with ...Read more

The Fall Wrap-Up: Coat Trends 2018

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Coats are like handbags: We wear them every day, and they are the basics of a new fashion season. They are probably the biggest wardrobe investments you'll make. With so many choices available, make your cover-ups into style statements that you'll wear for years to come. Here are some of the best ways to wrap up this year:

--Double up on the ...Read more

Crazy Rich Patterns: The A to Z List

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From argyles to zebras, a crazy rich alphabet soup of prints and patterns all stir together this fall season in a mix of fanciful clothes that clash with originality. Fashion designers are breaking the rules and coming up with innovative creations that make getting dressed more fun than ever. From A to Z, here's the list of crazy rich patterns ...Read more

Getting the Reboot: Top-10 Fall 2018 Boot Trends

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Slip out of those slides and scoot into the hottest footwear trend of the season: boots. From cowboy classics to laced-up Victorians to tough-chic hikers, there's a boot for every day of the week and then some. Here are the best ways to reboot your shoe wardrobe this fall:

--On the Western front. Because designers at Fendi and Celine start ...Read more


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