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Art of Design: Under-Cover

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My mother always nagged to make my bed. Her reasoning was that starting the day with a well-made bed was also the start of an organized day and mind. I'm still on the fence about these statements...but I do agree that from an aesthetic point of view, it is always nice to try and make your bed, as it is especially nice to walk into a bedroom to find that the bed is perfectly made.

Bedspreads, duvets and blankets are dressings for the bed. Choosing a bedspread is a defining item in a bedroom. They say so much about your decor and the kind of lifestyle you live. To a certain point, the kind of dressing one chooses for the bed is governed by the selection of furniture used in a room. Bed coverings are also guided by the decorating style chosen by the homeowner.

While certain types of furniture require simple tailored treatments, others require more elaborate, formal and decorative treatments. The type of treatment governs the kind of fabrics to be used.

Formal bed coverings will require fancier fabrics, such as silks, satins and brocades. Some of these embellished bed coverings will require special handling such as dry cleaning. Casual bed coverings made from cotton, linen or other fabric can be laundered at home.

Each style of interior decor suggests a type of bed covering. For example, a bed in a contemporary design would don a simple, tailored bedspread or covering in a bold and textured fabric, and as counterpoint, a bed in a traditional room would use an elaborate spread that is heavily trimmed and made from rich materials.

There are three basic kinds of bed coverings: bedspreads, duvets and blankets.


Bedspreads can be the plain or throw spread and the fitted or box type, which are more tailored. The varying lengths of bedspreads are as fickle as women's skirt lengths. They range from short to long depending on the design, brand or fashion statement. A great and defining character of the bedspread are the corners. The corners can be pleated, invert pleated, ruched, waterfall draped or tailored without any details.

Duvets are generally thick down, feather or synthetic-filled bed coverings reserved for cold winter locations. Duvets are available in differing weights depending on how much warmth one desires. The great thing about duvets is that there are many manufacturers of duvet covers for almost every interior design style imaginable. Duvets are a relatively easy and carefree way to dress a bed, and hence, very popular in modern contemporary interiors.

Blankets are synonymous with warmth...and for some, even a symbol of security, just like Linus van Pelt. Blankets are thrown upon a layer of sheets and are made from cotton, wool and even luxurious cashmere. These generally drape just past the thickness of the mattress in order to trap one's body heat. Nothing says comfort more than blankets. Blankets are the perfect place to accentuate a color or pattern in a room and make a statement.


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