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Art of Design: Some Commonsense Advice for Your Home

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Your home is not a museum, so mix your styles freely. If you layer a space with color, texture and an array of styles, your decor choices will have a much longer life and feel personal. Accessories are an affordable way to make sure a space doesn't get locked into one period or thematic look.

While we are on the conversation of mixing, all-...Read more

Art of Design: Stoned

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Before you get carried away, it's not that kind of "stoned" that I am talking about. Lately, in the homes of several friends, I've noticed semiprecious stones laying around their coffee tables, in a bowl or near a window with a small votive candle lit next to it. At first, I thought: "Oh, my friends are getting New Age-y on me. The next thing I ...Read more

Art of Design: That Old Black Magic

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Like the lyrics to the song "That Old Black Magic," black rooms have me under their spell. Lately, it seems that black has assumed the role of the new neutral color for interiors. White, beige, gray and greige rooms step aside to make room for a dark, bold change. Classic rooms have always known the allure of black accents, both in traditional ...Read more

Art of Design: Inspired Design

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Often when I design rooms in show houses or the lobby of a condo or hotel, the viewing public always asks questions that make you truly think about the design process. Besides asking questions about where I find my furnishings or the particulars of a certain fabric, people always ask about what inspired the room. Inspiration can come from ...Read more

Art of Design: Midlife Real Estate Crisis

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I bet my realtor is going to roll his eyes when he reads this. After child-rearing, being single again and empty-nesting for a bit, I decided I needed to downsize and to give up the calm of the golf course for the verve of living in the city. So, after surviving a triple bypass, a brush with the dreaded coronavirus and three months of ...Read more

Art of Design: Yours, Mine, Ours

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The one thing some of us have learned recently is how to navigate being with your significant other 24/7. Second to sharing a bed, sharing a bathroom is the most intimate experience two people can have. Bathrooms are spaces that host many activities, from physiological to hygienic to hours of gazing and asking, "Mirror, mirror, on the wall ..." ...Read more

Art of Design: Are You Ready for a Mini Makeover?

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So, after months of adhering to strict quarantine standards, by now, you've probably spent more time in your home than you have in years. This has probably given you time to peruse every nook and cranny of your home and find the flaws and shortcomings your home may have. So, here are some tips for a quick mini makeover that will make you happier...Read more

Art of Design: A Stress-Free Home

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Caves were the first form of shelter known to man. Humans have always sought shelter to feel safe and protected. This need for a home and shelter is considered a primal necessity, and homes should be considered the most sacred place, as they affect where and how we eat, relax, sleep and interact with friends and family. Therefore, creating a ...Read more

Art of Design: Great Ideas for a More Earth-Friendly and Sustainable House

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Taking care of our planet's natural resources and ensuring a light footprint are factors that encourage today's manufacturers to design and manufacture environmentally friendly products. Let's follow the green way! Here are some tips to tread lightly. It is in everyone's best interest to contribute to a healthier planet.

Search the web for ...Read more

Art of Design: Safety Is the New Buzzword

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Technology has always helped change our homes and the way we live. Your home is about to change -- not in a visible way but in subtle finishes. It is no surprise that the home will inevitably be changed in some regards due to the current global health crisis brought about by COVID-19. Up until now, the changes have always been toward eco- or ...Read more

Art of Design: Add Style and Comfort to Your Quarantine

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Social distancing, self-isolation and quarantine are all new buzzwords we are hearing on the news, in the media and even in our conversations in these times of the COVID 19 virus. So many readers and people I know have reached out to say that now, more than ever, they are seeing the benefits of a beautiful and relaxing home. This column will be ...Read more

Art of Design: Crazy about Chairs

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I am fascinated and intrigued by the beauty and diversity of designs contained in some households. I am always curious about the relationship between furniture and owner. Yes, your furniture speaks volumes about you. There are certain pieces of furniture that do stand out and are as iconic as the Grand Canyon or their design -- so pure they ...Read more

Art of Design: Tile

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Since before the birth of Christ, tiles have existed throughout the Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa. Ceramic techniques and traditional motifs have been carried throughout the world. Stone, marble and glass mosaics and tile were featured decorations in most of the buildings of the Roman Empire and the Mozarabic culture. Many of these...Read more


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