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Art of Design: Understanding the Designer Design

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Unbeknownst to many, some of the most influential interior designs have come from architects and not interior designers. Take, for example, Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion or Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water residence: these are the works of professionals trained as architects, and commissioned to do interior design. As a designer with ...Read more

Art of Design: House Diet

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Every year for the past 10 years, toward the beginning of the year, I try to tackle a column about living life lighter. Oh, I am not talking about weight or other New Year's resolutions that very few keep up after a couple of days. I try and give advice and lead the way to lightening up your surroundings so that any activity or new endeavor can ...Read more

Art of Design: Who's Zooming Who?

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Video chats have been the major shift for communication in both business meetings and family gatherings since the beginning of the pandemic. Of course, we have seen a great number of gaffes, from inappropriately clad business associates to screaming children to barking dogs. In the process, we have also become cinematographers and theatrical set...Read more

Art of Design: Home Style

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Having been through a few months of lockdown and working from home, we are all more familiar with everything in our homes than we ever have been before. Minutes, hours, days, weeks and months have given us every opportunity to check out every scratch, blemish and wrinkle. We are now keenly aware of what we like and what we don't. Comfort, above ...Read more

Art of Design: Visual Menagerie

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An insider secret to creating a room that takes your breath away is layering. The most interesting rooms always have layers upon layers of detail, no matter what the style. This, of course, is visible in traditional interiors, where an accumulation of furnishings and collections is the norm. But what about more modern interiors? Even in ...Read more

Art of Design: The Color of Architecture

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Who hasn't heard the phrase "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"? The old adage is appropriate for almost every aesthetic concern. However, there is much controversy about what constitutes beauty and the appropriate color for the exterior of a home. Most homeowners will regard this matter as one of personal preference, and that is true to some...Read more

Art of Design: Al Fresco

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"Al fresco" is an Italian term meaning outside. This can mean many things in Italy and Europe. Tiny tables set alongside a narrow street, a sidewalk cafe, an ample terrace facing a main street or tables set within an open-air courtyard or loggia are generally acceptable, and even preferred, dining locations when weather allows. For hundreds of ...Read more

Art of Design: Hunting for a Collection

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Collections are an important component of decorating. They can give even the most bland decor a point of view. Actually, here is something most designers know: Collections show best in what most homeowners would consider a bland interior design. Think about it. Museums and galleries alike look for a neutral space or an all-white space in order ...Read more

Art of Design: Back to the Future

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It has been a long time, probably since the 1920s and 30s, since the small home has been on the minds of architects and designers. It's not that there aren't capable professionals to design small; it's that the profession as a whole has been too busy designing bigger and bigger houses to conform to Americans' needs. However, it seems that, just ...Read more

Art of Design: Bamboozled

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Bamboo, rattan, reed, cane and wicker have been around since the beginning of civilization. There is historical evidence of these natural grasses being used for household goods since 8000 B.C. From Egypt to China, samples have been found, all claiming to be the oldest pieces furniture and accessories in existence. Indisputably, ancient baskets ...Read more



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