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Art of Design: White Kitchens

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White kitchens never go out of style. It seems every decade or so the famous All White Kitchen comes around voguing. Those that love all white kitchens are thrilled, and those who don't often criticize them for being monochromatic and boring. White kitchens are generally bright, tend to look bigger and are great for every season and compliment ...Read more

Art of Design: Perfect For You

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As a designer, I am often asked whether I like the interiors of the latest restaurant or the lobby of a hyped hotel. And when I am asked, I'm always cautious to answer. Not because I'm afraid to offend anyone, but rather because as a designer, my "likes" will possibly different. Since the 3rd Century BC in Greece, the expression "beauty is in ...Read more

Art of Design: Searching For an Architectural Soul

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Many think that the architecture of Palm Beach is one that never changes -- building in Palm Beach is no easy task. It is but for a fortunate few who can first and foremost afford it, and secondly jump through Architectural reviews, neighbor's approvals and sometimes a lawsuit or two. Architecture is not taken lightly, and while some see the ...Read more

Art of Design: Floored

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Since the beginning of time, the history of civilization has been reflected in the type of flooring materials used for interior spaces. It has been a long time since floors were just composed of packed sod and sand, or the old adobe clay covered the floors of most housing. Today's homes come in a variety of flooring materials.

In Ancient Rome, ...Read more

Art of Design: Why Are You Hiring An Interior Designer?

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Selecting a shirt and a pair of pants can be an arduous task for those who lack imagination.

Where to start? Colors? Fabrics? Style of clothing? Designing an interior space is no less difficult -- not to mention the fact that every member of the household is likely to have their own vision of what to do. Usually this is where I advocate the ...Read more

Art of Design: The Hotel Experience

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I often travel to New York City, and I have recently started the search for a small pied-a-terre to lessen the frenetic and loathsome lines at the hotel check-in. In between going to seasonal home furnishings and accessories shows and yearly designer showcase, I am always left with the desire to have New York feel more like home. So it gives me ...Read more

Art of Design: Books and Books and More Books

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Regardless of today's technological revolution, there is no comparison between a tablet or e-reader and a book. Books provide a sensation and look that can't be beat. Well-known author Jorge Luis Borges once said, " I cannot sleep unless I'm surrounded by books." While it's true that some books can put you to sleep, books are also know to add ...Read more

Art of Design: What Are You Hiding?

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The decorative folding screen has become a common interior furnishing that is both functional and aesthetically impactful. It is believed screens were original to China, although in 17th century northern European interiors they were quite popular to shield drafts and give privacy to the usual one-room households and bathing chambers. French ...Read more

Art of Design: Curating Your Collection

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My first collection or attempt at displaying items as a child was boxes. Made of any material: cardboard, wood or plastic, I would organizes them by sizes and stack them in all sorts of arrangements. Now that I think of it, this was probably my first foray into architecture and interior design.

Accessorizing is one of the most fun aspects of ...Read more

Art of Design: Under-Cover

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My mother always nagged to make my bed. Her reasoning was that starting the day with a well-made bed was also the start of an organized day and mind. I'm still on the fence about these statements...but I do agree that from an aesthetic point of view, it is always nice to try and make your bed, as it is especially nice to walk into a bedroom to ...Read more

Art of Design: Consulting With a Designer?

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Once in a while someone will call or drop by our office to coyly ask how we work. Most folks think of interior designers as a luxury expense, and I'm sure there are some designers that are uber expensive, but most are not. Most designers are working professionals, just like you, that work for a living and are conscious of budgets and expenses. ...Read more

Art of Design: Dressing Your Windows

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Dressing your windows can dramatically change the look and even the size of a room. There are many ways to dress a window. The most popular style is using side panels. Side panels frame the window opening regardless of size.

Drapery adds layers, which designers love. Drapes that are extra long and rest on the floor lend drama and can emphasize ...Read more

Art of Design: Paint is the Best Decorating Tool

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Have you ever come up with a decorating idea for your home and then been able to see it through completion? If you have, certainly you are have experienced that sensation of satisfaction, the sheer pleasure derived from the process of change. For most, the interior walls of a home are the largest areas one will ever have to work with to express ...Read more



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