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Art of Design: Designer Do's and Don'ts

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We all have been in rooms that make us "ooh and ahh". They delight us because of the care and thought that has been taken in placing every piece of furniture, accessory and art. These occasions are few and far between these days. Due to the abudant television shows and self-help video sites, many homeowners consider themselves expert decorators....Read more

Art of Design: Design Beyond the Store

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Heartbreaking as it may seem, some homeowners either have no sense of design or simply don't care enough to make their home look inviting. Some enlightened homeowners will hire a designer or consult with one at a retail furniture store. Of course, "designers" employed by these retailers are there more to help the company sell a suite of ...Read more

Art of Design: Today's Kitchen

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The kitchen is the heart of the house. Increasingly important and more frequented, kitchens have gone from hall to center stage. Years ago, kitchens were narrow rooms at the back of the house. Eventually, kitchens moved closer to family activities and took rooms adjacent to dining rooms. Today, they occupy center stage and sometimes welcome you ...Read more

Art of Design: Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

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Interior design and decorating are somewhat bound by rules developed overtime to regulate housekeeping, maintenance and aesthetics. Some rules are the result of etiquette and protocol from the days when those things mattered a lot, and your home spoke volumes about your education, wealth and social standing. Many consider these rules a thing of ...Read more

Art of Design: Dining Chairs Like Adjectives

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An elegant dinner party should be what we all live for. There is hardly any finer experience than being the guest of a gracious host, especially for dinner. And there is no greater opportunity for pomp and circumstance than in a dining room. Hands down, it is the one room of any home where rituals and protocol are at the forefront on any ...Read more

Art of Design: Think Beige or Gray is Boring? Think Again.

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Once upon a not-so-long time ago, you heard cocktail chatter that went something like this: "Oh! Not another all-beige room!" or "Ghastly gray" or "More white???" These disparaging comments are not what homeowners like to hear about their homes. However, some of these comments were not totally unwarranted. When a design scheme catches like ...Read more

Art of Design: Finishing Touches: Accessories

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Accessories are the accents that help personalize your home. Think of accessories like the jewelry one wears when dressing up. Accessories are decorative pillows, throws, objet d'art, vases, candy dishes, decanters, trays, cachepots and art. Surround yourselves with objects that are either meaningful, and that are things you love or reflect your...Read more

Art of Design: My Favorite Project

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Working on hundreds of interior design projects over the years, the question always comes up: What is my favorite project? Yes, there are projects that may have turned out better than others, some which received more praise and press than others. To be truthful, whichever project I am working on is my favorite. I relish in the design process, ...Read more

Art of Design: Making Your Home Unique

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The biggest fear that many homeowners have when decorating their home is to get it wrong and/or to end up with an interior that looks like a stage set, a furniture store or worse yet, like the Joneses. No matter how much you might like someone else's interior design, everyone wants a look of their own. Usually your home is your largest ...Read more

Art of Design: Design Destination is Miami's Wywood

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Miami has become one of America's most foreign cities. Stepping off an airplane or out of the comfort of your air-conditioned car immediately lets you know you really are in the South. The hot vapor, the smell of Cuban coffee wafting through the air, the cackle of Spanish, Creole, Portugese, French, Italian, German and the occasional English ...Read more

Art of Design: Let There Be Light

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When I walk into a room, I always tend to run to the window to either see the view or take a look at the light coming into the room and seeing how the room looks from that vantage point. I've always been this way. It's amazing how much lighting can change your perception of a room. If you don't get what I am saying, walk out of any room and walk...Read more


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