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Art of Design: Why White?

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It seems like everything that's old is new again. Throughout interior design history, time and again, designers are faced with the request to create an all-white decorating scheme. An all-white room can seem easy. Doesn't it? What could possibly be so difficult about putting the same color on everything in a room? Well, sorry to burst your ...Read more

Are You in the Mood?

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A room is truly like a lover. The more time and effort you put into creating the mood of your room, the more your room will love you back. Just like finding that special someone, once you have found "the" townhouse, house or condominium of your liking, it will take you some time to find out the unique characteristics that attracted you to that ...Read more

Art of Design: Sun-Praising Mirrors

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You must be living under a rock if you haven't seen the avalanche of starburst and sunburst mirrors in home decor stores, antique shops and magazines. Why, you may ask? Well, they are considered classic and iconic in the design world and fit in with most styles of decor, from traditional to contemporary and in between.

Since the court of Louis ...Read more

Art of Design: A Shady Subject

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Windows are considered to be the eyes of a home. Through them, we can see a framed view of the outside world, and when we are outside looking in, they offer us a glimpse of the daily goings-on of life. Some windows require no treatment due to a spectacular view, and yet other windows require some sort of treatment, either for privacy reasons or ...Read more

Art of Design: I've Been Framed

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You may have pondered before how best to create a gallery-style wall filled with different pieces of art, or even just select a singular work of art to display above your couch. Many consider hanging art to be a burden. Perhaps they consider the "where to start" as the hard part, or maybe they lack the correct tools. Nine out of ten times, the ...Read more

Art of Design: 'Home'

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What does "home" mean to you?

Selecting an interior designer to help with the design of your home is tricky. A bit of research is required to see if you are a good fit. A meeting should take place -- not unlike speed dating -- in which basic questions such as stylistic preferences, scope of work, work ethic and budgets are discussed by both ...Read more

Lofty Ideals

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Artists have always sought out unusual and unexpected places to live, prioritizing cheap rents where they could sell or barter for their works of art. Up until the 1950s and '60s, many works of art were limited in size due to the spaces where they were being painted. Andy Warhol and his "art factory" in New York may have given birth to the idea ...Read more

Art of Design: Books Everywhere

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When I was a student in the fourth grade, our teacher gave us an assignment investigating different types of poems. She gave us an assignment to write a haiku (a kind of short Japanese poem). I didn't think that assignment from elementary school would bear much of a prediction. Here is the haiku I wrote:

When I grow up

I'll be a lawyer or ...Read more

Art of Design: Make Your Home a Best-Seller

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Like the work of the novelist, setting up a house involves telling a story. The space you inhabit is an extension of you, and to get to know you better, there are interior designers who may need three or four interviews with their clients to get to the heart of the project. What are you expecting from your designer? Many times, we believe that ...Read more

Art of Design: Don't Be a Snob

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I confess that I am a bit of a snob. I always swoon when I see antiques that catch my eye, and my mind goes off wondering about the accurate period of a certain piece and whether it has a signature marking or specific provenance. Part of me imagines the antiques are animate, and I am intrigued by what secrets they know, the things they may have ...Read more

Art of Design: Is Your Home Your Castle?

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Before you select the kind of sofa you want, what color you will paint your walls or where you will hang that precious work of art, you have to make home-related decisions that are as relevant today as man lived in caves. What kind of dwelling you choose to live in says volumes about who you are. In New York City, for example, for a single ...Read more

Art of Design: Designer Faux Pas

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We all look forward to innovative and inspiring ideas for our homes. Some of us scour interior design magazines. Others snap pictures of designs they like when they travel. Some visit furniture stores and look at professional vignettes for inspiration. These are all great guides. However, sometimes, designs go awry.

If you are doing it yourself...Read more

Art of Design: Living In a Rental

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In certain cities such as West Palm Beach, Florida; Atlanta; and New York City, after years of flight to the suburbs, an explosion of rental units have been built to accommodate residents' return to the once-undesirable downtown areas. Many left the confines of small homes and condominiums for larger homes in the suburbs. But an aging population...Read more


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