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Art of Design: Is Your Decorating Depressing You?

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From time to time, at a cocktail party or when visiting a friend, someone will corner me and confess to me that they are depressed. As if I were a member of the clergy, they whisper in sotto voce that they believe their decorating is making them sick. I sometimes want to chuckle, but as I listen closer, they tell me that their interiors are not ...Read more

Art of Design: Artfully Placing Your Art

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No design project is quite finished without art. It's the final touch, like putting on jewelry. The selection of art is truly personal. Much like beauty, it is the eye of the beholder that qualifies art as meaningful or valuable. Are there correct ways to hang art? Well, yes and no. Some think there are rules to be followed, while others who ...Read more

Art of Design: Difficult Houses

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Our homes sometimes fight us -- or rather, we fight our houses -- in our quest to find the perfect decorative solutions. Walls with impossible angles, irregular beams that cross a room, dark spaces without any source of natural light, doors that occupy the best wall of the house and don't permit you to hang a work of art, ceilings that are too ...Read more

Design Destination: Vicenza

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No, let's not confuse Vicenza with Venezia. The latter is a beautiful, world-renowned Italian waterfront town, and Vicenza is the quiet and refined hometown of the architect of all architects, Andrea Palladio. In the northeastern lands of the Veneto region, about a 30-minute train ride from Venice, lies the lesser-known, less touristy town of ...Read more

Art of Design: Dorms to Small Bedrooms

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Recently, I had the bittersweet experience of decorating my daughter's dorm room. Luckily, she wanted something simple, no thematic decor. Her only requirements were that she wanted her bedding in white with accents in yellow. Lucky for us, most of the wood furnishings in the dorm were the signature blonde wood with minimal design features, ...Read more

Art of Design: Cottage Style

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Cottages -- it seems they never go out of style. The simple, warm-the-heart rustic decoration of cottages has a lot of followers in the interior design world. And it's logical, thanks to the warmth of the wood and the elegance of the stone. It is a style that transports us to a simpler way of life, a world already past that many of us long for. ...Read more

Art of Design: Winning the Game

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Talk about a game night these days and it will lead to visions of groups of kids addictively playing Wii or Xbox. Technology has bred autonomous games and gadgets where one needn't interact with others. But that hasn't always been so. Summer nights were once meant for fun and games with friends and family -- a special time for jokes and ...Read more

Art of Design: Table Toppers

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Setting a table should be a fun endeavor for the host, and it should reveal a zest for entertaining. Dinner parties -- no matter if it's an intimate dinner for two or an annual family gathering -- are special occasions. As a matter of fact, every day is a special day, so make sure each one is enjoyed to the fullest. Gathering around a table, ...Read more

Art of Design: Market Madness

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Summertime is synonymous with outdoor plans and good weather -- sitting at a sidewalk cafe, the atmosphere of the streets, neighborhood block parties, endless evenings that can stretch out into the night, long walks in your neighborhood and downtown barhopping from one place to another. But summer is also synonymous with open-air markets, ...Read more

La Vie Bohème

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There is always a new term in the world of interior design that inspires new trends and yet another approach to design. The latest buzzword is "boho" or "boho chic." "Boho" is a term used to define things that are unconventional and artistic; however, understanding the meaning of the root of this term can help you achieve your own distinctive ...Read more

Art of Design: Bedrooms for Rest and Relaxation

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Believe it or not, master bedrooms, not living rooms, are the most troublesome rooms to decorate for most homeowners. While the desire to make the room attractive and design-worthy is on the top of the list, comfort and personal needs are sometimes at odds with some aesthetic considerations. There are so many things to consider: the furniture ...Read more

Art of Design: The Hope of Sustainable Design

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Today more than ever, people are concerned about the environment. Every day, they demand construction and goods and services that are made ethically, socially conscious and environmentally sustainable. Architects, designers and manufacturers with visions of the future are responding with creativity and innovation to demonstrate that design can ...Read more

Art of Design: Flipping Out

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I tell you, one of these days, I am going to burst. Why does my housekeeper think she is an interior designer? As a matter of fact, as I reflect a bit on the past, most of my previous housekeepers have moved my whole house around. Why? I guess they all thought they were auditioning for Zoila Chavez's job on Bravo's "Flipping Out."

Every Friday ...Read more


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