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Art of Design: Moving Again?

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I can't believe I'm moving again. It's been five years in my current condo, but an empty nest is not for me. So I'm downsizing to open the doors for more travel and new opportunities. Most people hate the thought of moving; items accumulated over years make moving seem like an impossible and treacherous task. On the positive side, it's a time to...Read more

Art of Design: Focusing on a Focal Point

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Ever enter a room and feel a bit disoriented? Chances are what is missing is a focal point.

A quick glimpse into your rooms can reveal a lot. You don't know exactly what is wrong, but you feel like you are floating in a sea of furniture, and the room seems to be missing a sense of purpose. Perhaps your room lacks a focal point.

In most ...Read more

Art of Design: Design 2020

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Wow, 2020 is here. As a kid, I always thought that by now we'd all be living in pristine high-rises with flying-saucer cars and robot maids named Rosie, a la "The Jetsons" comic. The future always seems distant and full of uncertainties, but when we look at where we are, we see how close we have come to our visions of the future. In 2020, we ...Read more

Art of Design: The Opposite of Decorating

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I am so confused! Even as the new year begins, I promise my family and myself that I will not bring another piece of furniture into the house. All of a sudden, I glimpse at a garage sale sign, the car screeches to a halt, and I just can't resist the temptation of a find. Next thing you know, resolution No. 1 is broken, and -- kerplunk! -- a new ...Read more

Art of Design: Christmas Decor

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Having recently visited the White House for their annual Christmas party, I couldn't help feeling mesmerized by the holiday decorations. Obviously the work of an expert designer was at hand. It made me feel good, and at the same time, it gave me the urge to go back home to decorate some more. This year, the trees were decorated in various themes...Read more

Art of Design: It's So Palm Beach!

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Palm Beach: Just the sound of the name is powerful enough to conjure visions of beautiful estates, swaying palm trees and elegant soirees. Since its founding in 1909, Palm Beach has seen its share of interior design styles come and go. From salons filled with Victorian wicker settees and Louis XIV bergeres to heavy Mediterranean thrones, many ...Read more

Art of Design: The Power of Black

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Black is used by designers all over the world. Industrial designers use it to accent shiny and polished metals and to highlight the shape of whatever they are designing. Publishers use black in bold fonts to capture your eye. In interior design, it is used both as an accent and as an entire color scheme. It is a color that is bold, elegant and ...Read more

Art of Design: Get out NOW! I need to GO!

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Those of a certain age may relate to the image of a long line of children and adults waiting anxiously to use a bathroom. The ritual includes a strong pounding on the door usually followed by a primal yell: "Get out NOW! I need to GO!" Rush hour not only consists of a drive to work or school; it also includes strategic timing to get in and out ...Read more

Art of Design: Winter Is Coming

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As temperatures drop, our focus turns indoors and we look for ways to make our spaces cozy and full of warmth. Many are stumped about what to do about their decor. Here are some quick fixes that are as delicious as that pumpkin spiced latte.

Change your bedding, and layer your blankets. Did you know that the darker an object is, the more heat ...Read more

Art of Design: She Shed is the Latest Word

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Remember the days of the rec room or the man cave, located in the basement, an empty room or the garage? These bonus rooms have always been reserved for men, partly because people used to believe that the home was ruled, or at least managed, by the matriarch of the family, and due to all the chores around the home, Mom would not have time for ...Read more

Art of Design: Deck the Walls

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If the walls could speak ... Well, sometimes they do! Wallcoverings can tell part of your story. They can say "Welcome!" or, "How are you?" and set the decorative style of your room. Are you ready for the latest trends? The good news is you can buy already designed wallcoverings or design your own.

In the world of decor, wallcoverings are known...Read more

Art of Design: Doors

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Doors and windows are said to be the eyes and ears of buildings. Doors are great communicators. When they are open wide, they mean welcome. When doors are opened slowly, they can cause anticipation. If they creek, a door can instill fear. A slammed door ... Well, it could mean someone is upset or someone is in a rush.

Doors often create a first...Read more


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