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Art of Design: The Luxury of Your Bedroom

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Home has never been at the forefront the way it is now. Lockdowns and quarantines have impacted young and old alike, and this has caused every imperfection in your dwellings to raise its head like an ugly pimple. One of the areas prone to need some help is your bedroom.

Let's aim straight for the head. Change your headboard. Almost any ...Read more

Art of Design: It's My House, and I Live Here

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The living room has historically been an overdecorated room used mainly to receive and impress visitors. This room was a status symbol for outside guests, which is why the decor was typically dressed up or done to the nines. The American living room has changed a lot in the last two or three decades. In today's homes, we see less and less the ...Read more

Art of Design: The Pediment

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Pediments are probably the most recognizable architectural form alongside the column. Throughout history, they have crowned all types of buildings, from ancient Greek and Roman temples to banks and even millions of our present-day homes. This triangular-shaped wall is what creates the gable end of a roof structure. In temples, it is the shape ...Read more

Art of Design: Shipping Container Homes

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Yes, I am from a generation when technology virtually did not exist. I barely looked at my store-bought toys, making holidays and birthdays a nightmare for my parents. As a child, my preferred toys were empty boxes and bottles that were discarded in my home. I would play with them for hours upon hours, stacking them one on top of another. There ...Read more

Art of Design: Cozy Corner or Decompression Room

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Today's breaking news and headlines are enough to give anyone agita. In today's hectic world, we all need a place to relax and unwind. A way to counteract the outside world, whether at home or in the office, is to create what I call a cozy corner. There shouldn't be any dwelling, whether it's a mansion, condo or dorm room, where one doesn't have...Read more

Art of Design: Designing for the Expected Unexpected Forces of Nature

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Because our nation is made up of people who have come from all around the world, all our homes are not alike, nor should we expect them to be. Generally, your ethnic background and culture dictate what things you like and what you consider comfortable. Add that to the fact that the climate of the United States is not the same all over; our ...Read more

Art of Design: Don't Fail This Fall

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As we leave behind the hotter-than-hot summer days and begin to feel the ever-so-subtle cooling breezes, many of us are left with the desire to mark the change of seasons (even where there are none). Homeowners can mark the passage of time by giving their home a facelift. Precluding a home renovation, there are many things you can do to your ...Read more

Art of Design: Get a Notebook

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Once in a while, designers emerge to challenge the ideas about how we live and how we could live. They are ready to experiment with an idea, some that are quite beautiful and some that can even take your breath away. The greatest fault of some designers and homeowners is the follow through. Many times, it is just not there. Some interior ...Read more

Art of Design: Inspirational Overload

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I have always had a serious case of wanderlust. Traveling is one of those educational experiences that truly is priceless. Experiences had over a proper cup of tea in an English tea room or while savoring the best marinara sauce on a trattoria's streetside table in Italy or during a quiet moment of silence in a Buddhist temple in Nepal are ...Read more

Art of Design: Design Destination - Camden, Maine

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Why do people love Maine so much? Imagine a small enclave on the Atlantic dotted with shingle-covered buildings, blankets of fog rolling in and out and the chime of clanking hardware against the masts of sailboats small and large. This sight is typical of some American towns up and down the coast of the Northeast. None can be more beautiful than...Read more

Art of Design: Loving an Imperfect Home

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Depending on real estate market conditions, finding the perfect home may be an impossible feat. Forget the swooning and immediate pictures of life ever-after. This is where the imperfect home steps in. Like marrying a less-than-perfect mate, buying an imperfect home is sometimes what life throws at you. Believe it or not, 90% or more of homes ...Read more

Art of Design: Wallpaper for Walls and More

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Wallpaper goes in and out of fashion as much as the length of women's hemlines. I happen to like wallpaper, as it helps dress a room. Rooms look a bit more finished when the walls are covered in beautifully colored wallcoverings. Wallpaper brings another layer that can be in the form of a pattern, large or small, or a texture that makes an ...Read more

Art of Design: What Makes a Great Vacation Home?

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No matter where in the world you are or where you wish you were, the idea of a vacation is a great idea. Wanderlust -- the desire to travel -- is quite appealing to most individuals. Many opt to book hotel rooms for trips from Paris to Timbuktu. Some choose this lodging style because everything is done for you: meals, sightseeing tickets and ...Read more



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