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Art of Design: Pillow Talk

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Most men shriek when they hear their wives guffaw over the pillows at so and so's house. Pillows can drive one crazy...because there is so much that can be done with decorative pillows.

These accessories are the final touch to any sofa, club chair or chaise-lounge. Decorative pillows made from beautifully woven fabrics and trimmed with ...Read more

Art of Design: Flower Power

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There are certain immaterial things that you inherit from your parents or grandparents, whether we like to admit it or not. I admit that my disdain for the smell of certain cut flowers is due to my Mother. She used to liken the fragrance of certain flowers to a funeral parlor, and thus resisted decorating with flowers. I get it; I have the same ...Read more

Art of Design: Getting to Know Your Client and Yourself

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The simplest of questions can often stump even the smartest of individuals. Have you ever asked someone where they live? The answer is generally given back with a reply such as "I live in Atlanta." If you are speaking with someone on a more intimate level, the answer maybe the name of a neighborhood, if meaning to remain general; or the building...Read more

Art of Design: Santa Fe Style

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Yee-Haw! During the 1990s, there was a fascination with the architecture, interiors and designs inspired in the southwest. The decor came in waves by travel and a rediscovery of places such as Sedona, Taos and Santa Fe. The color palette was filled with earth tones born of the adobe architecture peppered by tones seen in the sky at dusk ranging ...Read more

Art of Design: Virtual Interior Design

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Perhaps you have purchased a book online, or gifts during the holidays for family members or friends. The online commercial revolution has made it possible to buy almost anything on your computer swiftly comfortably -- and certainly at better prices than you ever imagined. In less than a decade, half of our purchases will be made through our ...Read more

Art of Design: Forever Architecture

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Forever Architecture

The lasting beauty of a house resides, in large part, in the expressiveness of its materials. The honesty of its textures and its natural imperfections are an authentic treasure that gets better with time. Like the patina that develops over copper, that starts shiny and gradually dulls, then darkens and with each passing ...Read more

Art of Design: Dearest Bedroom

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My, how you've changed! Once upon a time, those that were well-to-do received company in bed as they rested in the horizontal position; grand rooms were embellished with upholstered walls, massive chandeliers, portraits and separate seating and dressing areas for him, her and whomever. Although there is hardly a master bedroom today without a ...Read more

Art of Design: Design Destination of a Venetian Winter Getaway

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Venice in the winter can be brutal. Cold and rainy on top of that wind, some would say you'd be out of your mind to travel there during the winter months. Despite all these inconveniences, Venice offers the unique opportunity to explore the city like a Venetian, sans the hordes of summer tourists and oppressing humid heat.

During this time of ...Read more

Art of Design: Entry Hall Decor

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An entrance to any home is a special and vulnerable place. It is the gateway from the public realm to the private. It is often the only interior space that visitors to your home may see. It is also a functional and ceremonious place, a significant one where someone picks you up, drops off a food delivery or the perfect refuge for a first kiss ...Read more

Art of Design: Interior Close-Up

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Like the work of the novelist, setting up a house involves telling a story. The space you inhabit is an extension of who you are. In order to get to know you better, there are interior designers who need three or four interviews with their clients to get to the heart of the project. What are you expecting from your designer? Many times we ...Read more

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