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Art of Design: Dorm Decorating

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I've got two years to go until my 16 year old is off to college. Sometimes I don't know if I'm actually looking forward to those quiet days or if I will languish in depression like my puppies every time they see me pack a bag. Going off to school is an exciting time for most college students. Part of the excitement and nervousness is living on ...Read more

Art of Design: Renovation Tips

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Converting an old house into a luxurious dwelling that includes everything that you have always imagined is -- without a doubt -- a most satisfactory feat. Of course, to launch into this adventure, one must have very clear ideas, an infinite source of imagination and a predetermined budget, which you will surely surpass. Renovations are among ...Read more

Art of Design: Backyards, Balconies and Front Porches

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With warmer weather, everyone at one point or another desires to be poolside under an umbrella, or in a balcony or terrace on a chaise lounge with a refreshing beverage in hand. There is a whole lot of outdoor furniture in the market, and tons of stylish toys that can make your backyard the place to be this summer.

First, consider any space you...Read more

Art of Design: Design Destination is Toronto

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Behold, the Toronto skyline! The Queen City has amassed an interesting collection of contemporary architecture, showcasing the talents of world-renown architects such Daniel Libeskind, Torontonian Frank Gehry and Will Alsop. The city that already ranks 8th in the world for the number of skyscrapers will be even more impressive with 10 to 20 new ...Read more

Art of Design: The Closet

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Closet...the word has many connotations and meanings, but generally it refers to a small room or enclosed area adjacent to a larger inhabitable space. Enclosure is a key component of a closet so that it may conceal what is inside. So, this is why when we hear chatter at a cocktail party that such and such politician is in the closet it refers to...Read more

Art of Design: Home, Sweet Home

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We are all familiar with the saying "Home, Sweet Home," but what does this mean? This varies greatly from person to person. What is comfortable and stylish for one person is not for another. It is fascinating to find out how people truly live, and hard to find out. Once hired, this is what I sometimes resort unannounced visit. Perhaps ...Read more

Art of Design: Design Destination is New York City

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Every year, over a dozen interior designers pour out their hearts and wallets to produce breathtaking rooms for the Kips Bay Decorator Show House for the benefit of the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club. This year is no exception.

To celebrate their 45th anniversary, designers have outdone themselves again, decorating an upscale townhome in the ...Read more

Art of Design: What Is Hip?

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I think my parents were ultra-cool. I haven't always thought that. As a child, I was a bit reticent about change and hated the process of their self-discovery. I remember when we transitioned from a suburban two-story colonial -- a traditional household replete with velvet furniture covered in see-through plastic ala Joan Crawford's living room ...Read more

Art of Design: Color of the Season

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Cobalt blue is a fascinating color and the only color listed in the periodic table. It is a vibrant color that is familiar to most as the accent color used in blue and white Delft and Oriental export porcelain of the 16th through the 20th century, and as the color of the blueprints of yesteryear. The color is also evocative of the ocean and of ...Read more

Art of Design: Your Summer Vacation Home

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The summer is quickly looming over us. Family discussions and decisions for what kind of vacation to take will ensue. Some may choose vacations abroad, hopscotch jumping from one country to another. A great way to experience other customs, taste new types of cuisine and see new landscapes and different styles of architectures. More than likely, ...Read more

Art of Design: If These Walls Could Talk

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What if your walls could talk? What would they say about you? Would they be a dead giveaway of the last time you decorated your home? There are all sorts of ways to update a home or give a much-needed makeover. Sometimes we live with wall color or wall technique that immediately reveal when a room was last designed, because it was a marked trend...Read more

Art of Design: Pillow Talk

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Most men shriek when they hear their wives guffaw over the pillows at so and so's house. Pillows can drive one crazy...because there is so much that can be done with decorative pillows.

These accessories are the final touch to any sofa, club chair or chaise-lounge. Decorative pillows made from beautifully woven fabrics and trimmed with ...Read more

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