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Art of Design: She Shed is the Latest Word

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Remember the days of the rec room or the man cave, located in the basement, an empty room or the garage? These bonus rooms have always been reserved for men, partly because people used to believe that the home was ruled, or at least managed, by the matriarch of the family, and due to all the chores around the home, Mom would not have time for ...Read more

Art of Design: Deck the Walls

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If the walls could speak ... Well, sometimes they do! Wallcoverings can tell part of your story. They can say "Welcome!" or, "How are you?" and set the decorative style of your room. Are you ready for the latest trends? The good news is you can buy already designed wallcoverings or design your own.

In the world of decor, wallcoverings are known...Read more

Art of Design: Doors

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Doors and windows are said to be the eyes and ears of buildings. Doors are great communicators. When they are open wide, they mean welcome. When doors are opened slowly, they can cause anticipation. If they creek, a door can instill fear. A slammed door ... Well, it could mean someone is upset or someone is in a rush.

Doors often create a first...Read more

Art of Design: Country Houses

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For many, living in country houses is as common as living in any city. For some it might be a second home or the dream of a retreat from urban life. As with any home, a country house can encompass all family activities or just serve as a backdrop for entertaining and relaxing with family and friends. Country houses range from big to small, ...Read more

Art of Design: New Trend Japandi Style

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It seems only yesterday the word espresso went from ordering a coffee to the must-have color for everything concerning home decor. For nearly a decade, everyone everywhere wanted an espresso finish on their kitchen and bathroom cabinetry as well as on all case goods for their decor. As with all things, the trend pendulum went the other way, ...Read more

Art of Design: Design Destination is Stockholm

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Stockholm, the Swedish capital, is testament to the Swedes' love of beautiful albeit simple and functional design. Stockholm is sophisticated -- and much more than Ikeas and Volvos. It is a conglomeration of islands or neighborhoods with meandering streams and rivers. Each islet has its own defined style of architecture, which maintains an ...Read more

Art of Design: Outdoor Space

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Nearly every home has some sort of an outdoor space, from a generous terrace and backyard area to a small balcony. No matter how small or inconvenient the outdoor space, it is a physical and mental respite. And it doesn't take a large sum of money to decorate your bit of paradise. It is said that spending time outside with family and friends can...Read more

Art of Design: Is Your Decorating Depressing You?

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From time to time, at a cocktail party or when visiting a friend, someone will corner me and confess to me that they are depressed. As if I were a member of the clergy, they whisper in sotto voce that they believe their decorating is making them sick. I sometimes want to chuckle, but as I listen closer, they tell me that their interiors are not ...Read more

Art of Design: Artfully Placing Your Art

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No design project is quite finished without art. It's the final touch, like putting on jewelry. The selection of art is truly personal. Much like beauty, it is the eye of the beholder that qualifies art as meaningful or valuable. Are there correct ways to hang art? Well, yes and no. Some think there are rules to be followed, while others who ...Read more

Art of Design: Difficult Houses

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Our homes sometimes fight us -- or rather, we fight our houses -- in our quest to find the perfect decorative solutions. Walls with impossible angles, irregular beams that cross a room, dark spaces without any source of natural light, doors that occupy the best wall of the house and don't permit you to hang a work of art, ceilings that are too ...Read more

Design Destination: Vicenza

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No, let's not confuse Vicenza with Venezia. The latter is a beautiful, world-renowned Italian waterfront town, and Vicenza is the quiet and refined hometown of the architect of all architects, Andrea Palladio. In the northeastern lands of the Veneto region, about a 30-minute train ride from Venice, lies the lesser-known, less touristy town of ...Read more

Art of Design: Dorms to Small Bedrooms

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Recently, I had the bittersweet experience of decorating my daughter's dorm room. Luckily, she wanted something simple, no thematic decor. Her only requirements were that she wanted her bedding in white with accents in yellow. Lucky for us, most of the wood furnishings in the dorm were the signature blonde wood with minimal design features, ...Read more


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