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Art of Design: Design Destination of a Venetian Winter Getaway

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Venice in the winter can be brutal. Cold and rainy on top of that wind, some would say you'd be out of your mind to travel there during the winter months. Despite all these inconveniences, Venice offers the unique opportunity to explore the city like a Venetian, sans the hordes of summer tourists and oppressing humid heat.

During this time of ...Read more

Art of Design: Entry Hall Decor

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An entrance to any home is a special and vulnerable place. It is the gateway from the public realm to the private. It is often the only interior space that visitors to your home may see. It is also a functional and ceremonious place, a significant one where someone picks you up, drops off a food delivery or the perfect refuge for a first kiss ...Read more

Art of Design: Interior Close-Up

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Like the work of the novelist, setting up a house involves telling a story. The space you inhabit is an extension of who you are. In order to get to know you better, there are interior designers who need three or four interviews with their clients to get to the heart of the project. What are you expecting from your designer? Many times we ...Read more

Art of Design: First Order is Organization

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Organizing yourself towards a better future is often a necessary first step in preparing for any new interior design project. Like most projects, organization is fundamental for making positive changes to your home, office or any environment. For some, the experience can be liberating and restorative, yet others struggle with thought of purging ...Read more

Art of Design: Urban Loft Living

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Large cities like New York, Milan and Paris have no choice but to snatch up space for residential use in what used to be neighborhoods bustling with industrial activity. In areas where before there were workshops, laboratories and offices that have relocated to the outskirts, some urbanites have found in industrial buildings like factories and ...Read more

Art of Design: Understanding the Designer Design

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Unbeknownst to many, some of the most influential interior designs have come from architects and not interior designers. Take, for example, Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion or Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water residence: these are the works of professionals trained as architects, and commissioned to do interior design. As a designer with ...Read more

Art of Design: Sleepover Guests

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With the holidays upon us, many of us will serve as hosts to friends, family and guests, some who you see only once or twice a year. Of course, family gatherings are a time to enjoy each other's company and let go...but what happens when someone overstays? In some homes, depending on a home's size or circumstance, there may be dedicated guest ...Read more

Art of Design: Always Working

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Today more and more people throughout the world are making the commute from their bed in their favorite pajamas and slippers to their makeshift office at the dining table. No doubt many perceive working from home as the ultimate perk, but working from home can mean a good portion of your home will be in a constant state of disarray. Losing ...Read more

Art of Design: Decorating for the Holidays

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As we patiently wait for the first blast of cool crisp air and embrace the winter, it's the perfect time to assess our table settings and tabletop decor for the holidays!. December holidays are a great time to infuse your home with special touches and decorations that will make the season a more pleasurable and memorable event. This is one area...Read more

Art of Design: Fooling the Eye

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Depending on where you live --whether it be in a city like Chicago, San Francisco or Seattle -- the demand for housing and the selection of housing stock may not always be ideal. In some instances, the amount of space might be the issue; in others might be the quality of space. In many European cities and in larger American cities, many ...Read more


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