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Art of Design: Fall Frolic

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Fall Frolic

Fall Frolic is the time of the year which is a preamble to all the end of year holidays. In certain parts of the states it is markedly noticeable as leaves start to change from green to red to orange until they decimate to nothingness. In some parts telltale signs are a bountiful harvest, in others, coats get dusted off and in less ...Read more

Art of Design: Designing for Survival

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Having just survived a hurricane in Florida -- Irma, to be exact -- and a week without conditioned air, I was given some downtime to think and write. This hot, miserable period of time allowed me to gathers ideas for comfort -- or lack thereof. Just as each hurricane season seams to get more intense, is it possible to decorate for survival? What...Read more

Art of Design: Consulting With a Designer?

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Once in a while someone will call or drop by our office to coyly ask how we work. Most folks think of interior designers as a luxury expense, and I'm sure there are some designers that are uber expensive, but most are not. Most designers are working professionals, just like you, that work for a living and are conscious of budgets and expenses. ...Read more

Art of Design: Dressing Your Windows

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Dressing your windows can dramatically change the look and even the size of a room. There are many ways to dress a window. The most popular style is using side panels. Side panels frame the window opening regardless of size.

Drapery adds layers, which designers love. Drapes that are extra long and rest on the floor lend drama and can emphasize ...Read more

Art of Design: Paint is the Best Decorating Tool

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Have you ever come up with a decorating idea for your home and then been able to see it through completion? If you have, certainly you are have experienced that sensation of satisfaction, the sheer pleasure derived from the process of change. For most, the interior walls of a home are the largest areas one will ever have to work with to express ...Read more

Art of Design: Organizing Your Home

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Organizing Your Home

Well-decorated rooms depend on a sharp sense of order, but living in a clutter-free environment requires a mastery of organization. Stylish staging can combat the "Ooh, I've got too much stuff!" shriek. Making life look glamorous and carefree is everything but. So here a few tips to make your things looks more like the ...Read more

Rearranging Your Room

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If you've ever wondered where you should start when rearranging a room, or whether there is a correct or incorrect way of placing furniture in a room, then hopefully this article can help provide you with some direction. Because each room varies in size, type of activity and number of occupants, not all rules will apply, but this article ...Read more

Art of Design: Bathroom Makeover

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How many times do you go into your bathroom and say to yourself "this bathroom needs a makeover"? You may be afraid of the costs of doing a head to toe bathroom renovation, but there may be small improvements that can be done within a budget that will make every visit to the "throne" a little bit nicer.


Personally, I adore an all-white ...Read more

Art of Design: Traveling is the Best Source of Inspiration

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Traveling is the best source of inspiration for almost any design project. Great designers know how to "borrow" an idea from one place and transform it into something quite fresh and new.

When travelling throughout the country and around the world, it is almost impossible to notice that certain colors are a kin to certain places. For example, ...Read more

Art of Design: Hang It Up!

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So you've got the keys to your new home. Your move begins and you want to begin to hang your collection of art, and other collectibles or your Aunt Joanne's quilt, but are stumped on how to start.

First, figure out locations for your art and other wall hangings. Some will feel compelled all the items in one place. The effect can be dramatic, ...Read more


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