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Tales From the Front: Once Again, Seinfeld Said It Best

Cheryl Lavin on

Today's column proves one thing: Men and women can find each other anywhere -- at a car wash, at an airport and even at a funeral!

KYLE: Jeff, a friend, mentor and all-around great guy, died an untimely death. He was such a well-known guy that a two-day wake was necessary. While at the second night's gathering, I met Luann, who had known Jeff from business dealings. While Jeff's body lay in a casket 10 feet away from us, we kept commiserating about how much he was going to be missed.

One thing led to another, and we exchanged phone numbers. She called me at work a few days later, and our first date was to a Tim McGraw concert. Luann and I dated off-and-on for the next four years.

Years later, in "The Wedding Crashers," Will Ferrell talked about meeting women at funerals and said that grief is nature's most powerful aphrodisiac. I wouldn't go that far, but it was interesting that a dear friend's passing led to this relationship.

P.S. I once knew a woman who met her future husband while the two of them waited for their respective cars to run through a car wash. That's almost as tough to make happen as when you're riding in an elevator with a stranger you want to get to know. That was actually part of a "Seinfeld" episode. Jerry met a woman on an elevator and George said, "You got less than 60 seconds. It's like dismantling a time bomb."

HOLLY: I was in the midst of a divorce, and my 30th high school reunion was approaching. My soon-to-be ex was my high school sweetheart. He had stated that he didn't want to attend, but I did.

The night before the reunion, a classmate threw a party at a restaurant he owned, and it was packed. I was sitting at the bar when a very married classmate tried to put his hand on my, shall we say, derriere. I had had quite a few drinks at that point and promptly stood up and fell backwards, only to be caught by an astonishingly good-looking man.

We had an immediate connection, but I was so jaded at that point that I was convinced he was married. I must have asked him five times if he was married, and he said, "See, no ring," to which I promptly replied, "That doesn't mean a thing!"


It turns out we went to high school together but had never met. But on our first date, one week later, we realized we had been in the same kindergarten class! We'll be married next year.

JENNIFER: It was last Christmas. Finn and I were on the same flight to Aspen, which was delayed. We found ourselves in the same bar, killing time till our flight was called. He was sitting with his friends; I was sitting with mine. I heard them talk about the hotel they were staying in, which was the same one we were staying in.

At that point, we all moved to a big table and started doing some serious drinking and pairing off. We barely made our flight!

We spent the week together. Several of my girlfriends hooked up with several of his boyfriends. We were all on the same flight home, and when we landed, he kissed me good-bye. I haven't heard from him since.


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