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When the Worst Thing That Happened Becomes the Best

Cheryl Lavin on

Chrissy discovered her husband Jackson was cheating the old fashioned way-through Facebook. She happened to be on his page and it was all there.

When she confronted him, he told her the affair meant nothing. "It was just a fling, just sex."

"There were no warning signs," says Chrissy. "Believe me, if I'd thought there was a problem, I would've fixed it. No one wants to lose her marriage after investing so much. We've been married for 22 years -- and have a child, too."

Jackson told Chrissy he "needed space" and suggested they separate for a while. "He kept kissing me hello and goodbye when he came to see our son. He wasn't sure what he wanted."

He went to see their priest. She went to see their priest. They got back together. They broke up again. But when Chrissy found out that Jackson was living with the other woman, she decided she'd had enough.

"That's when I knew I wouldn't let him back."


Chrissy and Jackson are now in the process of getting a divorce. The only issue they have to work out is money. At her first court appearance, she was so nervous she thought she'd throw up. "But I didn't."

There are depositions to take, and eventually, there'll be a trial. The judge recommended a settlement, but Jackson didn't accept it. "He made a counteroffer, but I refused it. I won't compromise."

The only times Chrissy and Jackson see each other is in court. When he comes to get his son, Chrissy waits upstairs. They don't even talk on the phone. "We text each other -- and only about our son."

Chrissy says she was terrified at first. "I was scared of starting over. It's easy for a guy to date. It's hard for women, with all the nuts out there."


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