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Science Advice Goddess: Joan of Arctic

I'm a 54-year-old woman, married for 21 years to a pretty decent guy. When our now-18-year-old son was little, my husband completely ignored Mother's Day for maybe six years. Once, I asked him why, and he simply said, "You aren't my mother." It hurt me SO MUCH because I busted my butt to be a good mom. I told him why I was so upset, and one ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Kick The Hobbit

My 23-year-old nephew is a nice guy, a college grad with a good job who's a loving pet owner. The women in the family love his ironic mustache, his tattoos, and his way of making people laugh, but the men, including my husband, tend to see him in a negative light. I struggle to understand why they think so little of him. But maybe that's it: ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Real Houseknives

I was dismayed at how off-base you were when I read your response to a woman wanting to give her female friend advice to stop her from dating and hooking up so much after her breakup. It's common knowledge that it's men who go off on women for being promiscuous and tell them to not dress sexy. It's one more form of patriarchal control. Why ...Read more

Science Advive Goddess: Womb With A View

My friend constantly talks to me about her baby on the way and asks me to help her pick out furniture and clothes for it. This is very painful for me because my husband doesn't want kids and I agreed not to have any. I didn't realize I'd have this deep longing for a child, but I love him and am not willing to leave him. I also have a hard ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Catty Litter

I'm a woman who just turned 30, and so is my best friend, who just got out of a three-year relationship. She's now on the rebound hard -- hitting on her co-workers, going on multiple dates every week, hooking up with different guys all the time, etc. I can't decide whether to admire her confidence or be concerned that she needs ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: The Devil Eats Purina

My girlfriend got a dog six weeks ago -- a Chihuahua. I don't hate the dog, but I'm not wild about him. I've almost stepped on him twice in the kitchen, and my snuggle time on the couch with my girlfriend has now become me watching him sit in her lap while they cootchie-coo it out. She hasn't had the dog sleep in bed with us, but I know that'...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: MC Yammer

)My friend won't stop talking about her new crush, and it's driving me up the wall. I was annoyed, but now I'm getting increasingly angry, and I don't appreciate this toxic feeling rising up. It's all her and her new love all the time. If she asks anything about me or how I'm doing, it's an afterthought. I try to avoid conflict, so I haven't ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hide

I'm a 30-year-old gay man with a new boyfriend. He is a total social butterfly: the kind of person who shows up to a bar on a random Friday night and just happens to know 10 people there. I, on the other hand, don't love being super social. It's not that I'm shy. I just find socializing exhausting. I really like him, and we mostly hang out ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Blurt Force Trauma

I became friends with this awesome guy who moved into my apartment complex. I can tell that he's into me, but he's not my type at all. What should I say to tell him I'm not interested?

-- Uncomfortable

Telling a guy you aren't interested before he asks you out is like coming up to a stranger in a bar and saying, "This seat taken?...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bae

I'm a 34-year-old woman, and I've been with my boyfriend for about eighteen months. He's a loving guy but comes up a little short on romance ("butterfly moments," I guess you'd call them, from being surprised with some big romantic gesture). While I want those, I wonder whether that's just because society/media/culture have led me to believe ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Wail Watching

My roommate just found out her ex-fiance is terminally ill and is likely to pass away soon. Though they had a weird relationship, I can tell she's taking it pretty hard. I really want to be supportive, but I honestly don't know what to do or say around a grieving person. I'm worried about saying the wrong thing, especially because I'm really ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Doom Raider

)I think the guy I recently started dating might run in the same circles as my ex. (He's said a few things that led me to think that.) This terrifies me because I really do not like my ex and don't want there to be any overlap in our lives. I keep having nightmare scenarios play out in my head where I show up to the bar after my new guy's ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Flesh And Bleh

I started dating someone who is super close to his family (talks to his mom and/or dad daily, sometimes multiple times). I have a perfectly good relationship with my family, but we talk a few times a month, not a few times a day! I'm uneasy that being in a relationship with him will mean being in an intense relationship with his family, too. ...Read more



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