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Science Advice Goddess: The Son-In-Law Also Rises

I'm meeting my girlfriend's parents for the first time (for dinner at their house), and I'm absolutely terrified. Is there a way to win them over? Should I just compliment the hell out of their daughter? She's the first woman I've seriously thought about marrying, so I really want her parents to like me.

--The Boyfriend

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Science Advice Goddess: Along Came Pawly

I've been married for two years to a woman whose sister is extremely manipulative. She finds reasons to touch me inappropriately -- for example, "Your hair is so pretty. I have to pet it." She puts an arm around my shoulders or comes toward me and puts both hands around my neck. This past weekend, I was seated on the couch, and she came up ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: When Harem Met Sally

My ex just started dating a female friend of his. When we were together, I always worried about the chemistry I felt they had, and it hurts that they got together right after our breakup. Does this mean he's always had feelings for her? Does it cheapen our entire relationship?


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Science Advice Goddess: Clone Shark

I'm a gay man. I was in a relationship with my ex for about three years. We're on good terms and hang out as friends. He recently started dating a guy who looks like my long-lost twin (except he's got about 40 pounds on me). Our mutual friends find this creepy and weird, and I have to say, I do, too.


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Science Advice Goddess: Opener Sesame!

I'm a single woman. I'd love to get into a relationship. Often, when I'm at a bar, I see a guy I'd like to chat up, but I won't even approach because I don't know what to say. Are there some pickup lines men love to hear?


There are a number of lines men would love to hear from a woman -- among them, "I've really enjoyed...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: 2B Or Not To Be

This guy recently moved into my apartment building, and we seem to have a spark. I'd like to go out with him. However, because we live in the same building, this might be a bad idea. If it goes badly, things could get really awkward or even horrible. Should I just try to forget about him?


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Science Advice Goddess: Adultery Swim

I started seeing a guy whose previous relationship ended because he cheated. He insists he really learned his lesson and would never do it again. Should I trust him, or should I go by that line, "once a cheater, always a cheater"?


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Science Advice Goddess: Complain Crash

My 22-year-old son's new girlfriend is extremely pretty. She has a great figure and dresses to show it off, so I understand the attraction. However, she's also spoiled, lazy, and kind of a scam artist. (She bragged about cheating a small business.) I pointed out her shortcomings to my son, but he refused to listen and even defended her. Can I...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Meet Joe Beige

I've been dating this guy for a month. Things with him are really average. However, we met through a mutual guy friend, and I'm actually really into that guy. Could my staying with the guy I'm seeing spark jealousy in the friend and lead him to make a play for me?

--Wrong Place

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Science Advice Goddess: Callous In Wonderland

At family gatherings, my sister-in-law makes critical remarks about my appearance, like my shirt's very low-cut or I might want to lose weight before wearing the dress I have on. She only does this in front of others, and she says she just tells me because she cares about me. It doesn't feel that way. I'd really like her to stop.

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Science Advice Goddess; Not OK, Cupid

A gay male friend set me up on a date. The man was HORRIBLE. He spent the entire date talking about himself. Everything was a brag. He didn't ask one question about me. Now I'm wondering whether my "friend" knows me at all. Why would he set me up with someone so wrong for me?

--Seething Woman

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Science Advice Goddess: Bored Walk Empire

Why am I only attracted to unattainable guys? As soon as men express interest in me, I lose interest in them. How do I break this cycle?!


At the moment, the perfect love poem for you would come from a clerk at the court: "Roses are red, violets are blue; stay 500 feet away, or it's handcuffs for you!"

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