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Science Advice Goddess: Couching Tiger

I'm a woman in my late 20s in a happy, committed relationship. I had the idea of going to a therapist with my boyfriend so we can learn to communicate better, etc. Friends I've told about this see it as a sign of "trouble in paradise." Is it possible I'm in denial and there's something wrong between my boyfriend and me?


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Science Advice Goddess: Meet Joe Slack

Meet Joe Slack

My boyfriend does everything halfway, save for playing video games and smoking weed. He does sloppy work at his job, just the minimum to get by, and is always late turning things in. He's gotten away with this so far, maybe because he's charismatic and fun. In our relationship, he'll promise me one thing and do another, and he...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Drop Dud, Gorgeous

I typically avoid conflict to keep from having ugly conversations. I'm in an unhappy relationship, and it's clearly not fixable. I always rely on the other person to end a relationship, even when it's making me really miserable. Why do I do this, and how do I change?

--Stuck Girl

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Science Advice Goddess: Adoptee Strainer

My boyfriend, who was adopted as an infant, just heard from his birth mom for the first time ever. She contacted him out of the blue, sending a perfectly nice message, not expecting anything from him. Instead of responding to it, he's just sort of shutting down. Times are tough enough, and I don't think it's healthy to bottle up his feelings....Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Flee Bites

I broke up with my boyfriend because he didn't prioritize our relationship and wouldn't commit. He now wants to get back together and has been sending me cards and letters for weeks. Is it foolish to give him another shot?

--Red Flag?

A man who's all, "Forget the Tinder randos! I need you!" is a man whose sexual freedom means less to ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Knight Vision

My boyfriend is very successful, with a high-profile job in finance. He's very romantic, and I felt I'd found "the one." However, he has cheated on previous girlfriends, is unusually protective of his phone around me, and otherwise acts secretively. For example: He began disappearing for three hours on Wednesday nights. He didn't return any ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Son Of Clam

Getting my boyfriend to talk to me about his feelings seems impossible. I know guys tend not to be super emotive, but trying to get a read on what he's feeling is like trying to understand a foreign language. How can I get him to open up to me?


If only the Rosetta stone had included a fourth language: Heterosexual Male.

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Science Advice Goddess: Aptartment 201B Or Not To Be

My boyfriend and I have been together for two years, and my lease is up in a few months. I was thinking about asking him if he wants to live together. When is the right time to move in with someone, and how do you know whether that's even a good idea?

--Housing Crisis

There are people you can share a home with who do not do a ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Grand Theft Autocrat

I'm a 29-year-old straight woman, and I recently started dating this guy I really like. The only issue is he seems a bit controlling. For example, he always wants to pick the restaurant and which TV show we watch. While I'm generally pretty go with the flow, it seems like I never choose what we're doing. It's one thing to pick the restaurant,...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Fickle-Down Economics

I'm a 29-year-old straight woman. I recently came to the odd conclusion that I have no idea what I want in a man. Over the past few years, I've been dating a variety of guys and hoping they'll be right for me, and it's not working. Some turn out to be nice guys, but some turn out to be jerks. One turned out to be a truly terrible person, but ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: At Debt's Door

Quarantine's been weighing on me, and I've been making a lot of unnecessary purchases. I know I need to stop wasting money, but I just keep ordering thing after thing. How can I get that satisfaction from buying something without actually buying it?

--Going Broke

We humans are ever-failing self-disciplinarians, two-legged weasels ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Coddle Herder

My boyfriend's enabling of his failure-to-launch 26-year-old son is seeming like a deal breaker. Though his son's very likable, he's been fired from every job he's had, including a well-paying delivery job I recently got him, after they perceived liability from his reckless, race-driving ways. His dad lent him a truck, pays the insurance, ...Read more



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