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Science Advice Goddess: The Camera Sutra

I really like the girl I'm dating, except for one thing. On every date, she asks me to take photos of her for Instagram. Afterward, she consults me repeatedly on which will "get the most likes." I'm starting to get really annoyed, and I find it cuts into my enjoyment of our time together. She even did this on my birthday!


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Science Advice Goddess: Disappear Pressure

I recently met this guy, and we've spent the entire past week together. Unfortunately, he's moving across the country -- tomorrow. He asked whether I'd be open to dating after he moved. I panicked and said no -- I'm really not looking for long-distance -- but now that he's leaving, I'm sad, and I'm worried I've made a mistake. Help!

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Science Advice Goddess: Wii Are Not Amused

During quarantine, my boyfriend started spending two or three hours a night playing video games. Not only do I think this is unhealthy (since video games apparently lead to violence and psychological problems), but I think gaming has become a coping mechanism/escape tool for him. How can I get him to stop?


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Science Advice Goddess: Shifty-Fifty

A close friend and I spend a lot of time discussing her issues with her boyfriend. I'm always there for her, even late at night when she's upset about something. However, when I bring up someone I'm interested in, she'll cut me off or say she just can't listen to me talk about the guy. Is it petty to feel hurt and to expect more from her?

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Science Advice Goddess: Liar Drill

I'm a guy, and a female friend asked me to objectively rate her looks on a scale of 1 to 10. She has a very high opinion of her looks, but she insisted she wanted the truth, so I told her I'd put her at a 5.5 or 6. Afterward, she sent me a text about boundaries and said she's cutting me out of her life -- for being honest like she asked me to...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Brawl Straps

I'm a woman in my early 20s. The guy I'm dating brought me to meet his friends. His male friends were warm and friendly. The women were awful. One deliberately kept saying my name wrong (it's not exactly exotic), and two others glared at my miniskirt. Another said something about how low-cut my top was. She made it sound like a compliment, ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Hollow Sheldon

Call me old-fashioned, but I find humility attractive, and I'm disturbed by the lack of it in a guy I've been dating. He seems to need to keep telling me how desirable he is, like by mentioning he dated some Instagram model and saying, "I'm used to being the smartest guy in the room," when he initially lied about going to a top-tier ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Bond Scare

My roommate and I are best friends, and we've lived together for four years. Recently, she got into a pretty serious relationship, and it seems her priorities have totally shifted. Is a best friend always second place to a boyfriend? Or are they both of equal value?


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Science Advice Goddess: Thin Line Between Love And Bait

My relationship with a man I'd been dating was getting serious. His previous relationship ended when his girlfriend dumped him. Last month, he ran into her and told her he was seeing me. She began crying and begged him to take her back. He was torn about what to do. I told him his feelings for her weren't romantic but stemmed from a sense of ...Read more

When Hair Gel Met Sally

I'm a 28-year-old woman. My boyfriend of three months is a great person, and I started to think he might be The One. However, he got a new haircut -- one that had him using excessive gel. Looking at him, I felt a wave of revulsion and needed to get away...permanently. I don't understand the sudden change in my feelings.


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Science Advice Goddess: They Blow Up So Fast

I'm a man in my 30s, and I'm looking to settle down and start a family. I was falling in love with the woman I've been seeing for six months, who seems lovely, intelligent, and kind. Recently, I arrived at her place early and overheard her arguing with her mother on the phone. She was yelling, swearing, and being very nasty. I'm close to my ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Platonic Bomb

A guy I know grates on me because he only has female friends. He apparently tried to get involved with each of them at some point but got rejected. Why doesn't he find male friends instead of preying on women (under the guise of friendship) who probably trust him not to hit on them?


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Science Advice Goddess: Leave Actually

I broke up with a guy I dated very briefly and said it'd be best for me if we didn't maintain contact. He respected this for a while, but he's suddenly all over my social media, not just "liking" but often "loving" my posts. I hate being led to think about him. Is there a kind way to ask him to stop?

--Creeped Out

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