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Science Advice Goddess: Leaping Sickness

I thought I was happily married. Recently, I found a cherry Chapstick in my husband's coat pocket -- a kind he'd never buy. He claimed he randomly grabbed it at the drugstore checkout. Last week, he said he'd be visiting his mother at the nursing home, but I later learned he never showed. I asked him about it, and he said work ran over. ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Fossil Fool?

My husband died of a heart attack at age 75. On his phone, I saw several unsettling texts from younger women, alluding to improper liaisons and asking for money. We often helped needy families, but I'm suspecting these women tempted and took advantage of a kind, caring old man, or maybe he turned dirty old man (looking for something more ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Con Juan

Lately, women's magazines keep mentioning "sociopaths." What is a sociopath? From what I've read, it seems like both my exes were sociopaths. How do I avoid attracting others?

--Wary Woman

When a guy asks you on a date, it would be great if you could check him out on LinkedIn and be all, "Oh, look...endorsements for embezzlement, ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: On Crowd Nine

I'm a 43-year-old woman in my second marriage with a man who's also on his second marriage. We are both determined to make this marriage our last! We have a scheduled date night. We make sure sex happens weekly. I'd like to know whether there are other things we can do to keep from walking down the aisle a third time.


In some ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Bare Tracks

My boyfriend asked me for nude photos of myself. I reluctantly sent him one. I feel very uncomfortable about sending it, and I don't want to send more -- though sending naked pics now seems very common. Am I paranoid?

--Online Privacy Fan

Unfortunately, "online privacy" is one of the more absurdo oxymorons -- a contradiction in terms on...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Venus Envy

I got a boob job two years ago. My best friend, seeing the results, wanted one, too. When she realized she couldn't afford it, she started making snide comments about women who get them. Recently, a guy was hitting on me at a party, and she started flirting with him and asked, "Do you think I need a boob job?" and told him I'd gotten one. I ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Foresee Sick

I'm good friends with an ex. She's a great person, but we just don't work romantically. For two years, I've been seeing a woman I love and want a future with. She initially said she was fine with my friendship with my ex. Two months ago, she said she was uncomfortable with it and it might even be a deal breaker. How is it fair for her to ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Sorry, Wrong Num-Num

I love my boyfriend. We've been together two years. Recently, however, we've been experiencing conflict over the issue of children. He wants kids; I don't. I've always felt strongly about this, and he said he was fine with this when we started dating. But he's been bringing up the subject of kids a lot lately (I suspect because he's thinking ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Bedder Later

I'm a woman in my 20s seeking a boyfriend. On the first date, I like to have a few drinks and, if the guy and I hit it off, have sex to see whether we have physical chemistry. Lately, I've had a string of great first dates -- flowing conversation, emotional rapport, and what seemed to be long-term potential -- yet they all ghosted me after ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: The Fastidious And The Furious

I'm a divorced guy in my 40s. I was at a bar with friends and went over to talk with a woman I found really attractive. Though she wasn't the friendliest, I asked to take her to dinner. She said she'd think about it and then asked for my Instagram. Several days later, I texted her, and she agreed to go out. We've since had a few dates, but I'...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: When Hurry Met Sally

I'm a guy in my 30s. I thought I'd found the love of my life. We had an incredible first few dates. We were so in sync we didn't even need words to communicate. However, as we've spent more time together, things about her are really starting to bother me -- especially how she has no interest in the news or the world beyond herself and mostly ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: The Camera Sutra

I really like the girl I'm dating, except for one thing. On every date, she asks me to take photos of her for Instagram. Afterward, she consults me repeatedly on which will "get the most likes." I'm starting to get really annoyed, and I find it cuts into my enjoyment of our time together. She even did this on my birthday!


...Read more



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