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Bridesmaid not allowed to bring newborn to friend's wedding

Carolyn Hax on

And, spending hours away from a nursing baby is just a non-starter unless you're able to pump and the baby is comfortable taking food from a bottle, which isn't information you'll be able to get and count on until the event is upon you.

But, this is not stuff people commonly know unless they've lived it in some way. Much more common is for people to have been at a service or reception where a crying baby has made his or her misery known to all.

So, please consider forgiving your old friend. Treat this as her making the best decision she can, for her, given what she knows.

Or, as her making a decision under the influence of weddingitis. That's pretty common, too.

And forgive her in advance in the event she has her own newborn someday and has a miracle conversion to your viewpoint as soon as the diaper is on the other butt. If you will.

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