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Is it wise to embark on a long-distance relationship?

Carolyn Hax on

For Long-Distance:

Does one of you have a job that can be done remotely at least some of the time? That way you could spend longer periods of time together before having to make any significant decisions.

-- Anonymous

That would help. A temporary relocation would be ideal -- several-month training stint, one-year grad program, etc. -- but I can't see many jobs allowing that.

Dear Carolyn:

My daughter has been asked to be a bridesmaid for her boyfriend's sister. She wants to say "no" because if she doesn't marry her boyfriend, his sister won't want to look at her in wedding pictures for years to come. I think this is silly since she and the boyfriend do plan on marrying eventually. What do you think?


-- Thinking

I think this is silly because that's the sister/bride's problem to anticipate, not your daughter's.


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