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Caught in the communication chasm between husband and his parents

Carolyn Hax on

So here's what I suggest. When your husband fumes about his parents' failure to communicate X or Y, then you say, "They're just doing what they always do. Expecting otherwise seems like a good way to drive yourself nuts."

Or variations: "In other words, they're just being themselves. Would it help if we just expected that and had a Plan B ready?"; "Of course they didn't tell you anything -- they're your parents"; "Maybe if we put $100 in a vacation account every time they don't share something, we can start to look forward to these incidents as bringing us one step closer to a cruise."

Actually, that doesn't have to be facetious. Why not make a savings plan of it? It's lemonade out of lemons, or ... wow, I can't think of a cocktail with lemon. Making lemons into lemon twists, I guess.

Re: Lemons:

Tom Collins: 1 1/2 ounces of gin, 1/2 ounce of fresh lemon juice, 3 ounces of club soda stir, drink over ice, repeat.

-- Helpful

There you go -- making a Tom Collins out of lemons. Nice touch on the "repeat." But no simple syrup?

Though I haven't heard anybody order one since I was in my ... 20s? Maybe I'll go with limoncello.

Re: Asking Versus Telling:

When we found out that my mom had been married for years to her long-term boyfriend, we asked her why they hadn't told us. Her response: "Well, you never asked." Top that.

-- Anonymous

I hope I never get the chance to, thanks.


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