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Carolyn Hax is more than just an advice columnist. She began running weekly live discussions on in 1998, when she first became a syndicated writer. It didn't take long for her to get popular -- a year later, she was writing two columns a week, then three by 2002. The secret to her popularity? Hax has a knack for getting to the root of her readers' problems, going past what they say into who they are and what they're really doing. The resulting advice is often ruthless, sometimes controversial, and always hilarious.

A writer and full-time columnist since 1989, Hax is also a married mother of three and still works closely with her ex-husband, Nick Galifianakis. Their first book, "Tell Me About It: Lying, Sulking, Getting Fat ... and 56 Other Things Not to Do While Looking for Love," was published in 2001, and they continue to work together, him illustrating and editing her columns. She is also a Harvard graduate and self-professed shoe addict.

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