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Annie's Mailbox: Devastated in Virginia

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Dear Annie: I am a 69-year-old woman from a small town and will be celebrating my 50th wedding anniversary this year. The problem is, two years ago, I found out my 69-year-old husband was having an affair with a 20-year-old.

Although I can remember being suspicious of "Ralph" at least once in the past, this was the only time I had proof he ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Torn Up in Iowa

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Dear Annie: My first wife died at the age of 36, and I remarried two years later. The day my son, "Andy," turned 18, he moved out of our home and in with my 70-year-old widowed mother. He also talked Mom into giving him $30,000, for which she took out a loan. Now the money is long gone, and Mom has been stuck making the loan payments.

I know ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Seattle Mom

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Dear Annie: My 5-year-old daughter, "Susie," is frightened of her grandfather, my father. We see him only two or three times a year because he lives over a thousand miles away, but I have been diligent about letting Susie visit.

My father is not and never has been a "kid" person -- you know, someone who gets down on the floor and plays. Susie ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Lost for Words

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Dear Annie: My daughter and her husband are about to have their first baby. Unfortunately, my daughter is having problems with her mother-in-law, "Myrna," and comes crying to me. I think my adult kids need to handle their own problems, but I want to be able to give advice when asked.

I offered to talk to Myrna, but my daughter says it will only...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Loving and Hardheaded in Wyoming

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Dear Annie: My girlfriend and I are both 34 and have been dating for three years. "Sheri" does not work and rarely gets up before one in the afternoon. She lives in a house that her family owns and receives child support from her ex-husband. She also has me to pay her bills. I am totally devoted to Sheri and love her son as my own.

The problem ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Wounded in Love

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Dear Annie: Please help. I may have made a huge mistake, and now I don't know what to do about it.

I am a 40-year-old female, married for one year to "Yancy." I have no children of my own, but my husband has a 14-year-old son from his first marriage. Yancy and I had a whirlwind romance. He totally swept me off my feet. I love him very much. He ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: At the End of My Rope in New York

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Dear Annie: I'm in a lot of the same classes with "Marta," but we're not really close. One day, she asked if she could put one of her binders in my locker. I said fine, but then she started putting more things in there, and last week, she threw her jacket in. Marta smokes, and the smell lingers in my locker. It's disgusting.

That's only one ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Probably Not the Only One

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Dear Annie: I've been married to "Joe" for 47 years, and we dated exclusively for two years before that. Thirty years ago, at the age of 43, Joe had a heart attack that left him with severe heart damage. Since then, he has had several heart surgeries.

I recently asked Joe why, in all our years of being together, he'd never taken me out for New ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Loveless Lady

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Dear Annie: Is there really life after a badly broken heart? I've simply been going through the motions for more than 10 years since a relationship ended. "Jeff" was, and still is, the love of my life, and no matter what I do -- therapy, volunteer work, developing new hobbies, working two jobs and spending time with my senior parents -- he is ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Bliss in Arkansas

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Dear Annie: I am a 37-year-old man, married for 13 years. I have the newspaper delivered just to read your column. I wanted to comment on the letter from "Having a Stroke in Pennsylvania." She said her husband has an addiction to porn and has no interest in having sex with her.

I, too, found myself in that situation. My wife finally cornered me...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: On the Outside Looking In

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Dear Annie: I've been married to "Tina" for 32 years, and we have no children. My wife has an identical twin sister, "Gina." Aside from looks, however, there is nothing identical about them.

Gina has been married and divorced twice. She has two kids from her second marriage. She is loud and brassy, and drinks too much. She hasn't had a date in ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: A Grieving, Shattered Family

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Dear Annie: We have not seen our adult daughter in over two years. She cut off all ties with her entire family after going to a therapist. The therapist convinced her that her stress and anxiety were due to abuse by her father and me when she was a child. These accusations are absolutely false.

My daughter grew up in a loving family with other ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Baffled in El Paso, Texas

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Dear Annie: All my life I have been there for my parents, doing everything I could for them. My husband and I shared holidays with them, traveled with them, cared for them through many illnesses and included them in everything we did. My father became ill five years ago and was in and out of the hospital many times. I cooked, took him to his ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Annoyed Aunt

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Dear Annie: Within the past four years, my sister and her husband adopted two babies from foreign countries. They think because these children are adopted, everyone should adore them, regardless of how they behave.

The kids are now 3 and 5 and still do not know the meaning of the word "no." My sister bribes and threatens but never follows ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Please Stop It

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Dear Annie: My mother was murdered seven years ago by an abusive husband. The cause of death was strangulation.

At a recent gathering, my husband and another person were deciding what to do with some wire. My husband was sitting with my family members when he said, "Hmmm, is there someone I want to strangle?" He then held his hands up with the ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Bed's Too Crowded in Pennsylvania

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Dear Annie: My son, "Stevie," is 5 years old, and he just started kindergarten. The problem is, he is still sleeping in our bed, and it's his father's fault. My husband wants him with us. When we remodeled Stevie's bedroom, our son started sleeping in his own bed, but my husband kept saying, "Don't you want to sleep with Mommy and Daddy?"

I ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Way Past High School

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Dear Annie: My husband and I live in a small town, and so we see the same people frequently. We have a group of friends with whom we've socialized for over 15 years. Recently, we invited "Bob and Carol" to join us for dinner. They did not give us a concrete answer, so we assumed they were not interested.

On our way out that night, we passed "...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Running Out of Time

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Dear Annie: I am a 25-year-old woman with two toddlers. My husband, "Clark," works during the day, and I work at night. We have a wonderful relationship, considering what little time we have for each other.

There is one problem. Clark is a total neat freak. He's even kept the children from their toys because the kids make a mess. A few times he...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Frustrated in Canada

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Dear Annie: My ex-husband and I share custody of two school-age children. They live with me primarily, and they spend one week per month with their father.

In the past few months, Dad has been removing the children from school for a few days so they can have "quality" time together. It's becoming more frequent, and I am concerned about it ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Totally Confused and in Love

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Dear Annie: Please help me. I am in love with my brother's wife, "Lydia," and have been for quite some time. Recently, she admitted that she shares my feelings.

I know Lydia loves my brother, but I can see in her eyes that she is not happy when they are together. I see how he treats her and their kids. He loves his children, but he never does ...Read more



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