What Are the Most Common Causes of Knee Pain?


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No matter what age you are, knee pain can keep you off your feet and away from the things that you love. Running, walking, jumping, and sitting are all functions of the knee. That’s why these injuries are so devastating.

Your knee is full of complex moving parts, making it an easy joint to damage. Because there are so many different parts, there are a wide array of injuries that can occur.

Do you find yourself asking, “why do my knees hurt?” Keep reading to find out what the most common causes of knee pain are and how to alleviate discomfort.


While different forms of arthritis can affect your whole body, it is commonly found within the knee. Most frequently, osteoarthritis is the culprit behind the inflammation, discomfort, and swelling that afflicts your knee.

Osteoarthritis is when the cartilage in your knee deteriorates, causing your bones to rub together. This can be extremely painful and require a replacement surgery to correct.

If you have advanced osteoarthritis you can read about total knee replacement to explore your options.

Torn Meniscus

One of the most common knee injuries, a torn meniscus can happen when the cartilage that supports the bones that meet in your knees tears. These injuries often occur during sports or other physical activities.

While the knee pain treatment for a torn meniscus can require surgery if severely torn, there are non-surgical options you can try. Rest and ice can help the tear heal itself.

Ligament Injuries

An athlete’s worst nightmare, ligament damage is a painful, serious injury. Ligaments are strong bands of tissue that connect to bones, keeping them stable.

There are four ligaments in your knee, and all can suffer tears. Some ligaments, like your anterior cruciate ligament or ACL, are more prone to damage than others.

Ligament tears are very painful and often require surgery in order to repair function. However, mild tears may heal on their own with enough rest. Remember staying sedentary doesn’t have to be boring!

Overuse Due to Sports

Sometimes, knee pain is due to overuse. This is common in athletes and those who engage in high levels of physical activity. Symptoms include swelling, discomfort, and pain when moving.

Overuse can lead to pain, and rest, ice, and elevation can help prevent your injury from becoming a larger problem. Instead, try to be proactive and rest before your pain becomes a problem.

The Common Causes of Knee Pain, Explained

Unfortunately, because the knees are one of the most complex joints of the body, there are many ways damage can occur.

However, with proper form, frequent stretching, and enough rest between activity sessions, you can help lessen the risk of injury. Don’t let the common causes of knee pain keep you off of your feet!

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