The Ultimate Relaxation Guide: The Most Popular Strains of Marijuana


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We’re all stressed right now. The pandemic has thrown us all into a collective mental health crisis, where we’re all suffering collective trauma. What we need is a relaxation guide, and that’s what we’re here to provide.

Our guide is going to take a look at the best strains of marijuana that can help you relax and unwind despite all that’s going on. You might find a favorite to turn to at other times, too!

Are you ready to learn more about relaxing with cannabis? Then read on and start enjoying some fantastic strains!

1. Stardawg

Stardawg, also known as Stardog, is one of the most internationally popular strains of marijuana. The strain is named for its gorgeous trichomes which resemble stars, that cover these buds.

It’s high in THC, which means that it’s quite a strong strain. If you’re new to smoking, then we’d recommend that you don’t start with too much!

The weed tastes very piney, and its predominant effect is the uplifting effect that it has on the mood. If you’re feeling down and want to feel happy and relaxed, then Stardawg is a fantastic option.

The most common side effect of this particular strain is a dry mouth, so we’d recommend having a tasty drink with you to enjoy while you smoke.

2. Jawa Pie

In contrast to Stardawg’s uplifting effects, Jawa Pie is all about full-body relaxation. Smoke this strain and you’ll be locked to the couch for quite a while.

This delicious strain smells strongly of menthol and lime, a delicious combination. It’s best to smoke this strain at the end of the day as it’ll make your limbs feel heavy and completely relaxed: get a movie or a favorite video game, smoke up, and enjoy being completely carefree.

As far as side effects go, Jawa Pie can also cause a dry mouth and dry eyes, so stay hydrated!

3. Ringo’s Gift

This strain is not named for Ringo Starr, as you might assume, but for the marijuana activist Lawrence Ringo! This strain is very CBD-heavy, with a CBD:THC ratio of 24:1. This means that while it’s still psychoactive, you’re going to feel clearheaded if you smoke this strain, rather than a typical high.

Yet what’s it like smoking CBD flower? With this particular strain, total relaxation is the order of the day, but you’ll still be able to think straight. As well as being a terrific strain for relaxation, it’s also great for managing pain.

For side effects, Ringo’s Gift is pretty mild. Dry mouth is, once again, a reasonably common side effect, but less so than with the other strains we’ve mentioned.

4. Purple Widow

White Widow is one of the most famous strains of marijuana to ever be produced but now there’s an even better strain around: Purple Widow, AKA Purple White Widow.

A cross between White Widow and Purple Power, this beautiful strain’s purple flowers smell very strongly of berries and citrus. When you smoke it, you’ll feel a strong sense of relaxation and happiness. Munchies are also pretty strong with this strain, so you’ll need to get some snacks in.

As well as stress and depression, this strain is fantastic for pain. As well as having some snacks, you should also get some drinks ready to cope with the cottonmouth that you’ll get from Purple Widow.

5. Triple Chocolate Chip

Some may turn to chocolate to relax but if it’s marijuana for relaxation that you’re interested in, you’re better off with Triple Chocolate Chip! This strain is a blend of Triple OG and Mint Chocolate Chip, two popular strains.

This smelly strain is famed for the couch lock that it produces in its users, so you should leave this strain until the end of the day, when you’ll be able to enjoy it to its fullest.

As well as relaxation, a lot of users report that Triple Chocolate Chip leaves them feeling a little tingly. If you start to feel this way, enjoy it and relax.

It’s a perfect strain for both stress and pain. Side effects are also very limited with this strain.

6. Ghost Ship

Its name may sound more like an IPA than a strain of weed but this strain offers much more for the introspective types than beer ever could. The strain is great for putting you in a thoughtful mood, as the relaxation is more heady than other, more body-focused, strains, so you could smoke this one in the early evening or late afternoon.

However, it’s not going to give you a massive buzz like some THC-heavy strains, so some users also like to smoke this one to relax before bed.

7. Brownie Scout

If you’re a veteran smoker with a good tolerance for THC, this strong strain is a fantastic option! The powerful strain has tasting notes of chocolate and smells every bit as strong as you’d expect.

Smoke Brownie Scout and you’ll get a full-body high that’ll keep you on the couch for hours at a time. While it’s very high in THC, it’s also a tremendous strain for insomnia, so if stress is keeping you up, try smoking this before bed.

Side effects of this potent strain include dry eyes and mouth as well as dizziness. Think of it like a strong whiskey: don’t drink it if you want to do much later.

Our Relaxation Guide Can Help You Chill

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our relaxation guide and feel more knowledgeable about the right kinds of weed to smoke if you want to distress. Toke up with these strains and your stress will disappear in no time.

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