7 Important Shaving Tips for Men to Remember


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Shaving is an art form. There’s a right way to do it and plenty of wrong ways to do it. Shaving the wrong way can lead to cuts, ingrown hairs, and razor burns.

If you want to experience the best shave ever, read this guide. Here are 7 great shaving tips for men.

1. Don’t Rush

The first thing you should know about shaving is it’s important to take your take. For many men, it’s a routine. Shaving takes preparation.

You must have all the tools of the trade and products. There are certain steps you have to follow to get a great shave. It takes more than 10 minutes to get a proper shave.

2. Shower Before You Shave

Shaving your face when it’s dry is a bad idea. Shave after you take a hot shower. This should be the first step of your shaving routine.

The steam from a hot shower relaxes the pores and opens them up. It softens the follicles which helps the razor to glide without much effort.

Make sure to remove oil and dirt from the skin. Doing this will prepare your face for a comfortable shave.

3. Use a Pre-Shave Oil

After showering, your beard will be soft. Keep it this way by applying a pre-shave oil. The oil you use will lubricate the blade.

By helping the blade to move along the contours of your face, you can prevent nicks and irritation. Consider using a pre-shave oil that contains natural ingredients.

4. Select Your Tools

Many men say the best way to shave is with a safety razor. This razor has one blade. Make sure to use a new blade every time and rinse it often.

If you find that you’re not the safety razor type, use an electric shaver. Electric shavers are great for men who have a lot of growth. These devices help men get an efficient shave.

5. Shave With the Grain (At First)

If you have sensitive skin, shave in the direction of your hair growth. Do this on your first run.

Facial hair grows in different directions, so you’ll need to shave against the grain too. Shave in a gentle manner to avoid cuts. This will give you a closer shave.

6. Ditch the Lathering Shave Cream

Lathering shave cream can harm your skin. This type of shaving cream contains chemicals that can irritate the skin.

Use a natural shave cream. It’s one of the best changes you can make to experience a closer shave.

7. Post Shave Hydration

After you finish shaving, don’t forget to hydrate your face. You’ll need to treat your face so it feels soft. Rinse with cold water to close the pores.

Use a moisturizer or an aftershave lotion. Don’t use products that contain alcohol as it can dry the skin.

Use the Best Shaving Tips for Men

These 7 shaving tips for men are the best shaving tricks. Follow these tips to experience a close and comfortable shave. Your skin will come out soft and free of cuts and nicks.

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