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Winning Sports Nutrition

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Winning Sports Nutrition

While we're all watching the World Series, we don't often think about the nutrition that fuels players on both teams. But players on both the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals work with registered dietitians to provide them with a healthy eating plan.

Roberta Anding, the Houston Astros' dietitian, is in her ninth season, and Sue Saunders Bouvier is in her fourth season working with the Washington Nationals as dietitian to the team.

"RDNs can help these gifted athletes meet their body composition goals, recover from the grind of a long season and help to prevent chronic illness," said Anding. "Baseball performance goals also include guidance on appropriate supplement selection and use."

At the beginning of the baseball season, both Anding and Bouvier set up training tables to address medical and performance goals. She works with a team that includes chefs, athletic trainers, strength coaches and the clubhouse manager.

"We try to help players address energy, endurance, recovery, focus and -- this is particularly challenging when traveling across the country and playing day games after late night games -- optimizing their sleep."


You may be more of a chair coach than an actual player in the Series, but nutrition matters just as much for you and your little sports players, whether they're participating in football, soccer, volleyball, cross country, wrestling or golf.

What should you be eating for good fuel for your sport of choice? A healthy diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and low-fat dairy. Skip the sugary drinks and desserts. This isn't the time to try a fad diet or cut out foods like carbohydrates or dairy. Each food group gives your body nutrients it needs to perform well. And while supplements may be needed at the professional level, most student athletes or weekend workout warriors really don't need them.

It's always best to get the nutrients you need from healthy food.

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