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Nutrition News: Labels for Processed Foods

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Ultra-processed foods seem to be the new thing to avoid, but in reality, the label may not correctly classify some foods.

This system of categorizing food as unprocessed, processed culinary ingredients, processed foods and ultra-processed foods came from a group of Brazilian researchers. They designed a system to categorize foods according to ...Read more

Mediterranean Diet Pattern for Health

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If you're looking for a healthy way to eat, look no further than the Mediterranean Diet. It's healthy, environmentally friendly, flexible and perhaps the most healthful way to eat.

May just happens to be International Mediterranean Diet Month, a great time to investigate the health benefits of the Mediterranean way of eating. It's the ...Read more

Nutrition News: Protein For Older Adults

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Protein For Older Adults

Can protein help you stay independent as you age?

Protein is known to slow the loss of muscle mass. Having enough muscle mass can help preserve the ability to perform daily activities and prevent disability. Older adults tend to have a lower protein intake than younger adults due to poorer health, reduced physical ...Read more

Lowering Your Sodium Intake

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Most of us eat too much salt. We may not use the salt shaker, but we eat out too often and we eat too many processed and packaged foods.

Three slices of bread or one teaspoon of table salt gives us all we need for a day. More than 90% of Americans consume too much sodium, which can lead to high blood pressure, hypertension and increased risk of...Read more

Supplements and Kids

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You may want to check your kids' backpacks. If he or she is a middle-school athlete, you might find some supplements instead of healthy snacks.

In a recent investigation into the prevalence of dietary supplement and sports food use in male and female middle-school-aged runners, researchers found that almost half the study participants used ...Read more

Nutrition News: Waste Not

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With the cost of food rising, it's more important than ever to waste less of the food we purchase. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, as much as 40% of our food supply ends up in the trash or compost bin. More than a third of that stems from wasteful kitchen habits, says the USDA.

We all are guilty of buying food that just hangs ...Read more

Less Sodium, More Potassium

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Here's more proof that skipping the saltshaker and processed foods with high sodium, along with adding potassium-rich foods, can lessen your risk for a heart attack.

In a large-scale study of more than 10,000 adults with accurate sodium measurements from individuals, researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health reaffirmed that ...Read more

Spring Cleaning Your Diet

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Living in the Midwest with its range of seasons, I have the annual task of switching my closet from the current sweaters and turtlenecks (surprisingly, black and gray) to the lighter, brighter T-shirts and skirts.

It's also a great time to spring clean your diet by rethinking old eating habits, making healthy food swaps and rethinking food ...Read more

Grab Your Apron and Improve Your Mental Health

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Cooking at home not only helps you eat better, but it also helps your mental health, according to a new study at Edith Cowan University.

In a partnership between ECU, The Good Foundation and Jamie's Ministry of Food initiative, a mobile food kitchen provided cooking classes in the community and on college campuses from 2016 to 2018 to 657 ...Read more

Nutrition News: Dietary Decline

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As we age, we need fewer calories, yet we need those calories we eat to be of higher quality. But older adults in the U.S. seem to be losing that battle.

A recent study in JAMA Network Open found the number of adults aged 65 and older in the U.S. with a poor diet quality increased from 51% to 6% from 2001 to 2018, while the percentage of those ...Read more

Nutrition News: Strong Bones, Healthy Life

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My friend Joyce fell recently and broke her ankle. After surgery, she's couchbound for a while as her ankle can't bear weight. A similar thing happened to my friend Marybeth.

We all want healthy bones, and most of us know that healthy bones require adequate calcium. It's true that dairy foods generally deliver the highest amounts of calcium per...Read more

Nutrition News: Celebrate a World of Flavors

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That's the theme of National Nutrition Month this March. Highlighting March as National Nutrition Month started back in 1980. The goal is to stress the importance of a balanced diet and exercise.

The idea behind the 2022 theme is to embrace global cultures, cuisines and inclusion. Enjoying different flavors of the world is a chance to learn ...Read more

Nutrition News: Plant Protein

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Having a more plant-forward diet is important for a lot of health reasons but leaving out meat altogether may not be best for children, teenagers, breastfeeding women and older Americans.

In a study from the University of Illinois and Colorado State University, researchers found that the protein in plant-based burgers wasn't digested as much as...Read more



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