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Nutrition News: Keto? No!

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A recent comprehensive analysis of the keto diet in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition finds it may not live up to all its popularity. The review found that keto diets place certain groups, such as pregnant women and people with kidney disease, at risk of adverse health effects.

The review, "Ketogenic Diets and Chronic Disease: Weighing the ...Read more

Nutrition News: Taming a Sweet Tooth

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Most of us know we probably need to cut back on the added sugars we consume, but how do you do that when you have a craving for something sweet?

These days, the average American eats an estimated 17 teaspoons of added sugar each day. A study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health states that added sugar ...Read more

Nutrition News: Protein and Working Out

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If your New Year's goal is to get into the habit of working out, you might be wondering if you need to eat more protein.

The best answer is perhaps not eating more protein, but spreading the protein you do eat throughout the day. Timing matters.

But first, how much protein do we need? The Dietary Guidelines recommend 0.8 grams per ...Read more

Nutrition News: Add a Healthy Habit

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Welcome to 2023. Like millions of others, you may be embarking on a resolution for the New Year, perhaps with a goal of better health, finances or relationships. Good luck -- it won't be easy. As Maria Konnikova wrote in 2013 in the New Yorker magazine, academic studies confirm that New Year's resolutions are hard to maintain, with many of us ...Read more

Nutrition News: Health in the New Year

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'Tis the season when we all think about resolutions for the new year. The top ones include losing weight and exercising more. But after a few weeks, it seems we lose the drive to keep those new goals.

The key is to focus on a few goals at a time, taking small steps. Instead of a New Year's goal, set an every-Monday goal.

Here are a few other ...Read more

Nutrition News: Good Gut Health

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It's likely gut health will be a big trend for research and products in the New Year. A healthy gut can help reduce your risk of diseases, like colon polyps, colon cancer and inflammatory bowel disease.

We know our diet affects our gut health -- both the foods we eat and the foods we avoid.

Probiotics are used by many to add healthy bacteria ...Read more

Nutrition News: More Whole Grains

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A new study tracking eating habits between 2003 and 2018 finds we're not eating enough whole grains -- even though we're eating more than we ever have -- despite not knowing exactly what a whole grain is.

The confusion may be because organizations like the Food and Drug Administration and the American Heart Association and industry groups like ...Read more

Nutrition News: Are You Feeling Groggy?

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We've all had those days where we just can't seem to wake up -- and when we do, we still feel tired. It may be related to what you're eating, how much you're exercising and how much sleep you're getting.

A new study, reported recently in the journal Nature Communications, offers some insight into how to battle drowsiness and feeling lethargic. ...Read more

Nutrition News: The Healthy Food Spectrum

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The holiday season can make it tough to stay on track with eating healthy. There is such an abundance of food, gatherings, desserts and temptations. When the table is laden with mashed potatoes, casseroles, turkey, ham, prime rib, pumpkin pie and red velvet cake, it can be confusing to determine which traditional holiday foods can support good ...Read more

Nutrition News: Holiday Strategies

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Holiday Strategies

'Tis the season for family, festivity and food -- lots of food. Temptations are everywhere, and parties and travel disrupt daily routines. What's more, it starts before Halloween and goes past the New Year.

How do you stick to your healthy eating goals when everyone around you seems to be splurging? Here are five tips from ...Read more

Nutrition News: Healthy Eating and Food Costs

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Most of us are painfully aware that food costs in the past year have risen. A survey by The Hartman Group found that 85% of consumers feel the pinch in their pocketbook. Over half of those people say rising prices have impacted their ability to purchase foods, beverages and other grocery items "at least somewhat." Nearly 1 in 4 report they've "...Read more



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