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Nutrition News: Fiber Benefits

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Fiber Benefits

Want to make a simple change that will help you have a healthier diet? Eat more fiber. Most of us simply aren't eating enough.

A recent five-year study presented at the American Society for Nutrition's annual conference found just 7.4% of U.S. adults met the Institute of Medicine's recommended daily intake of 14 grams of fiber ...Read more

The Cost of Healthy Eating

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News flash: You don't need special, expensive foods to build a healthy diet. Surprised?

Most of us buy into the myth that eating healthy costs more. But the United States Department of Agriculture has a plan to help you eat healthy -- at an affordable rate. It involves choosing healthier foods such as carrots and pinto beans over ice cream and ...Read more

Approaching Healthy Eating

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We're starting to get it.

For the first time in five years, adults in the United States know the right definition of healthy foods.

A survey by the International Food Information Council found more people define healthy foods by the presence of healthy components rather than the absence of things people wish to avoid. Back in 2016, 17% of ...Read more

Cooking Oils Versus Butter

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With our health, it's the little decisions that make a big difference over time.

A new study finds that the little decision of choosing olive, canola or corn oil over butter or margarine can help prevent chronic disease.

The study, published in the BMC Med on April 15, 2021, followed more than 521,000 participants, ages 50-71 years, from the ...Read more

Healthy Eating tips

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I've given several presentations lately on "food as medicine" -- meaning, eating for health. We all know the statistics. More than 74% of adults in the U.S. are obese or overweight. Another 1.6% are underweight. Both can negatively affect your health.

People who are underweight have a higher risk of malnutrition, decreased immune function and ...Read more

Make a Lifestyle Change

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The statistics say that 1 in 3 U.S. adults is currently at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. The problem is most adults don't know that.

For anyone worried about getting Type 2 diabetes, know that there are lifestyle changes you can make to prevent it.

Diabetes runs in my family. My grandfather, father and brother all had it. Those ...Read more

Nutrition News: Feeding Your Baby

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There's new research suggesting early introduction of common allergy foods to babies around 6 months of age can reduce the risk of developing food allergies. That advice is now part of the recently released 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. It's especially important with peanuts and eggs.

The study was published in the Journal of ...Read more

Nutrition News: Prediabetes and Your Heart

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If you've gotten the news that you have prediabetes, no doubt you panicked -- at least for a minute or two. According to the latest federal data from 2016, one-third of U.S. adults have prediabetes. With prediabetes, blood sugar levels are higher than normal but lower than the threshold for a diabetes diagnosis.

The good news is prediabetes can...Read more

It's Never Too Late

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Here's proof it's never too late to start making some healthy lifestyle changes. They can make a difference later in life.

New research finds that a diet of vegetables and other healthy foods, combined with a routine of regular physical activity, is key to middle-aged adults achieving optimal cardiovascular health later in life. The study was ...Read more

Choosing Seafood

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Most of us know we need to eat more seafood. The new U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommend two servings per week. After all, it's heart healthy, low in calories and high in protein.

So, why don't we choose it more? Maybe we're intimidated by how to prepare it or just what seafood we should choose.

While eating a variety of seafood is always best, ...Read more

COVID-19 Pounds

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The news is in. We managed to gain 2 pounds a month during our shelter-in-place quarantine. That's according to a new study published in JAMA. Overall, that's where the extra 20 pounds registering on our scale comes from. Just blame COVID-19.


So, we're already getting older and exercising less, and now we need to buy a new size of pants. ...Read more

Protein at Every Meal

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We hear a lot about the need for protein, but many of us may not realize the need for protein at every meal. We do a great job of getting protein at a dinner meal, but perhaps not such a good job at breakfast or with snacks.

How much do we need? A 120-pound adult would need between 45 and 70 grams of protein each day, but the key is to spread ...Read more



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