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Nutrition News: Sweeteners and Your Blood Sugar

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Sweeteners and Your Blood Sugar

Controversy surrounds the use of nonnutritive, or artificial, sweeteners versus sugar. Among the concerns is whether nonnutritive sweeteners raise glycemia -- the glucose level in the blood. Two food science and human nutrition researchers at the University of Illinois analyzed current research on four of the ...Read more

Nutrition News: Seeing the Rainbow Clearly

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Seeing the Rainbow Clearly

For those of us reaching for our glasses more often to read, it's a sobering reminder that we are aging -- daily.

New research suggests that those of us who eat lots of leafy greens and a variety of other fruits and vegetables may have less risk for developing eye diseases, such as age-related macular degeneration ...Read more

Nutrition News: Prunes to Strengthen Your Bones

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Prunes to Strengthen Your Bones

Most of us worry a little about bone health and future falls or breaks as we get older. Osteoporosis (which means "porous bone") is a disorder that occurs when one's body loses too much bone density, makes too little bone or both. It's more typical among the elderly and more common in women because of lower ...Read more

Nutrition News: Building Muscles

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Building Muscles

It would be great if we could drink a magic formula, swallow a pill or sprinkle fairy dust on our food and watch our muscles grow. That's often what young athletes hope will happen from eating protein.

Unfortunately, the reality is that eating protein doesn't equal big muscles. Instead, muscle growth is a complex process that ...Read more

Nutrition News: Pack in Your Protein

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Research confirms that we need protein at each meal. Most of us do pretty well getting our protein at lunch and dinner, but breakfast can be a little more challenging.

Toast, bagels, oatmeal and cold cereal provide plenty of carbs, but adding protein may provide health benefits, such as weight loss and muscle tissue preservation.

A higher-...Read more

Nutrition News: Making a Bone Payment

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My friend's 10-year-old daughter just broke her arm playing at school. Her mom and I talked about how much bone-strengthening milk she drinks a day. The answer? Not enough. Most kids may drink a carton of milk at school, but that's not enough.

Do you think about your children's bone health when you think about their nutrition? Most of us know ...Read more

Nutrition News: An Egg for an Egg White

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Are whole eggs a better choice than egg whites? A new study at the University of Illinois in Champaign finds the choice of whole eggs over egg whites makes a big difference in how well muscles recover after a workout.

Results of the study were reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

So that widespread practice of throwing away ...Read more

Nutrition News: Nutrition for a Healthy Heart

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Nutrition for a Healthy Heart

Even though I'm a dietitian, I'm still amazed at the role food can have in lowering our risk of diseases and keeping us healthy. Even if there's a genetic tendency toward something like heart disease, making good lifestyle choices can make a difference when it comes to whether that tendency leads to a heart attack....Read more

Nutrition News: Teaching Healthy Eating to Your Kids

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The key to healthy eating is bringing healthy foods home from the grocery store. This impacts your lifestyle, and goes for your kids as well, especially teens. In fact, planning healthy meals for your kids will help the entire family.

Get your kids involved in learning healthy cooking skills and they'll end up planning healthy meals when they ...Read more

Nutrition News: Diabetes and Fruit

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Diabetes and Fruit

For many of us, diabetes is part of the family --that means there's always a concern, since it tends to run in families.

There's a myth that continues to circulate throughout the diabetes-concerned population that those with diabetes shouldn't eat fruit.

A study published in PLoS Medicine finds that's simply not true. ...Read more

Nutrition News: Healthy Diabetic Diet

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If you have diabetes, you know it can be difficult to manage. What exactly should you eat, and how much? What foods should you avoid?

In reality, a healthy diet is a healthy diabetes diet -- plenty of nutrient-rich foods such as fish, whole grains, legumes and vegetables.

Too many think a diabetic diet is simply about reducing sugar, but it's ...Read more

Nutrition News: DASH and Depression

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DASH and Depression

Feeling down? You may need to eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Can it be that simple?

A new study finds that a healthier diet may lower your risk of depression. The study followed nearly 1,000 people, average age 81, for 6 1/2 years. Participants who followed the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop ...Read more

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