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Sodium For Kids

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The general guideline for sodium intake among adults is to lower consumption to lower risk of hypertension and stroke, according to the American Heart Association and the 2015-2020 U.S. Dietary Guidelines.

But do the same rules apply to children? Does sodium pose the same risk for children and adolescents as adults?

Although there is far less ...Read more

Nutrition News: The REAL Facts About Weight Loss

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It seems we're all trying to drop a few pounds -- or just fit into our spring clothes, if anything. Don't misdirect your good intentions by falling for false information. True weight loss is about fewer calories eaten and more calories burned. It isn't about your blood type, the time you eat or the combination of foods you choose. Environmental ...Read more

Kids and Veggies

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Most parents have fought the battle of kids vs veggies.

New research from Kansas State University finds what a mom eats during pregnancy can make a big difference.

Children's tastes start being shaped while they are still in the womb, according to Richard Rosenkranz, KU associate professor of food, nutrition, dietetics and health.

"During ...Read more

Nutrition News: Osteoporosis Update

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There's a reason parents want their children to drink milk. It's a great source of calcium, which is needed to build strong bones. We actively build bone until our mid-20s, then we start to slowly lose bone mass. One in 2 women and one in 4 men, ages 50 or older, will break a bone due to osteoporosis. In women, the risk of bone loss temporarily ...Read more

Preventing Heart Disease

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National Go-Red for Women, a campaign by the American Heart Association, is just around the corner. The interesting thing about preventing heart disease? It begins in your kitchen. You can take steps to modify your favorite recipes, find heart-healthy foods at the grocery store and little by little, change your eating habits.

Chances are ...Read more

Nutrition News: Take a Prenatal

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There is little doubt that taking a prenatal vitamin can make a difference in your child's life. A new study validates the importance of taking a prenatal vitamin for your child's cognitive development. The study found that failing to take a multivitamin during pregnancy could set a child back by a year by the time they reach secondary school.

...Read more

Nutrition News: Say Yes to Calcium

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Say Yes to Calcium

Because nutrition is a science, it is always being researched. Sometimes the findings can be confusing -- do calcium supplements increase the risk of heart disease? Research findings over the past few years have gone back and forth.

Last October, a widely reported study in the Journal of the American Heart Association once ...Read more

Help to Keep those Resolutions

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There is a terrific new Website on the USDA's My Plate site. It's designed to help families eat healthier and for all of us to turn January's resolutions into real solutions for healthy eating all throughout the year. It's called MyPlate, My Wins and includes videos of families as well as tips. Each week a different video focuses on an area of ...Read more

Trendy Nutrition

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I am a believer in the tried and true when it comes to nutrition -- USDA's My Plate, with its emphasis on fruits and vegetables, lean protein and dairy and whole grains, still makes a whole lot of sense. Having said that, come January, we will see plenty of new diets pop up to take the place of Paleo, Atkins or the cabbage soup, but most of them...Read more

Nutrition News: Good Food, Same Weight

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So if a food tastes good, it's going to make you gain weight, right?

Not according to recent research.

Despite the common perception that good-tasting food is unhealthy and causes obesity, new research from the Monell Center suggests that desirable taste in and of itself doesn't lead to weight gain.

Study authors found that good taste ...Read more

Vitamin Deficiencies to Watch

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When it comes to eating, most of us think about eating less. We think we'd be healthier if we lost weight, exercised more -- and that may be true. But you may be surprised to find out that many of us need to think about getting a few more nutrients in our diet. Depending on lifestyle and eating habits, there are some nutrients that could be ...Read more

Nutrition News: Holiday Stress Busters

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It's the "most wonderful time of the year" ... for stress. The busy stores, extra-commitments, social responsibilities, pressure of finding the perfect gift or cooking the perfect meal, travel realities, decorating, making family memories, and attending (or surviving!) holiday family gatherings may leave us less joy-filled and more stress-filled...Read more

Glycemic Index Debunked

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A new study finds that the glycemic index just can't be trusted. The study, done by researchers at Tufts University, found that an individual's blood sugar response to foods, which the glycemic index measures, varies widely.

What that means is your response to white rice can be totally different than mine.

Researchers found the glycemic index,...Read more


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