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Heart-healthy Coffee

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Here's happy news for coffee drinkers: Up to three cups a day may be beneficial for your heart. But there's a catch -- if you're adding sugar and cream, coffee's benefits may be canceled out.

A recent study on middle-aged coffee drinkers without existing heart issues found that drinking up to three cups per day was associated with a lower risk ...Read more

Nutrition News: Mindful Eating

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Mindful Eating

Ever wondered what mindful eating is all about? It's the opposite of dashboard dining, desktop lunches and grab-and-go dinners.

Mindful eating isn't about what you eat, but how -- recognizing that food and mealtimes are about more than fuel and are meant to be enjoyed.

The term "mindfulness" is defined as "paying attention in a...Read more

Nutrition News: Healthy Eating Habits

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Healthy Eating Habits

A lot of what we do is routine, isn't it? We typically get up about the same time and go to bed around the same time from day to day. We often buy the same foods at the grocery store and cook the same meals over a several-week period.

Fall is a great time to start a new healthy eating routine and try some new healthy ...Read more

Nutrition News: Family Mealtime

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Family Mealtime

September is officially designated as Family Meals Month. I've always thought it's funny we need to designate a month for that. I grew up eating family meals every night. Even with volleyball practice and basketball games, we fit in a family meal.

Somehow my parents knew that gathering around the table to eat as a family ...Read more

Whole Grains Versus Refined

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I often counsel patients that it's important to make the simple switch from refined grains to whole grains. That can be as easy as choosing brown rice over white, whole-wheat bread over white and whole-wheat pasta over regular. Small changes like these can make a huge difference later in life.

It's a recommendation from the latest Dietary ...Read more

Fueling Fall Sports

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School has started and that means fall sports are underway -- soccer, football and basketball. Fueling a teen's body for those sports is extra important considering the prevalence of COVID-19 and other viruses. It all boils down to meals full of plenty of nutrients. Here are some tips to help you make it happen.

No. 1: Cut back on added sugars ...Read more

Getting Enough Fiber?

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A new study finds that American adults continue to fall short of their daily fiber needs. The study looked at data from more than 14,000 adults over five years. Only 7.4% met the Institute of Medicine's recommendation of 14 grams of fiber for every 1,000 calories consumed. We need anywhere from 25 to 38 grams of fiber per day, depending on our ...Read more

Moving Away From Ultra-Processed

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You hear a lot about ultra-processed foods these days. They have become the new thing to avoid. But it can be a little confusing to know what ultra-processed means. Milk is processed through pasteurization; tomatoes are processed into tomato sauce; even vegetables are processed when they are frozen or canned. These are all helpful things that ...Read more

Nutrition News: Healthier To Go

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Do the words "healthy" and "takeout" even belong together? They can. Like everything else concerning your diet, it all depends on your choices.

For most of us, food from restaurants is a part of life -- busy schedules, athletic practices and late nights at work all contribute to a pace that results in little time left for a home-cooked meal. ...Read more

Added Versus Natural Sugars

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If there's a new villain in town, it's sugar. That's because a little goes a long way, but too much has been found to cause health problems.

Research shows a diet chronically high in sugar can contribute to obesity and blood sugar spikes. It can also result in a higher risk of heart attack and stroke due to sugar's negative effects on blood ...Read more

Heart Health

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It seems counterproductive to lower your cholesterol (a fat) by eating healthy fats (omega-3 and monounsaturated fats), but it works. And the result is a healthier heart.

A recent analysis found that dietary changes that raise blood levels of HDL (good) cholesterol and lower LDL (bad) cholesterol can decrease the risk for cardiovascular disease...Read more



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