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Nutrition News: Breastfeeding Reduces Breast Cancer Risk

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Breast cancer seems to have touched everyone in one way or another -- whether a relative or friend or yourself. I'm thankful my mom is a two-time survivor.

To mark National Breast Cancer Month in October, the American Institute of Cancer Research highlights a finding from its recent report -- mothers who breastfeed have lower risk of breast ...Read more

Nutrition News: Fall Foods

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Fall is my favorite time of the year, hands down. I love the pumpkins, the leaves, the crisp mornings and evenings and the bonfires.

Fall always meant the start of something new - a new semester, a new hobby, a new class.

It can also be a time to start a healthier lifestyle -- enjoy a brisk walk outside, try a new recipe, try a new fall ...Read more

Nutrition News: Butter or Margarine?

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A friend called with a valid question that many of us wonder -- should she choose butter or margarine? Which is a healthier choice?

It's a hot topic debate that has been battled over the decades. Some claim that margarine is a heart healthy alternative to butter, while others claim that margarine is not "natural," and therefore should not be ...Read more

Nutrition News: Whole Grains For Cancer Prevention

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A new report from the American Institute of Cancer Research finds five habits that can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer:

--Eating whole grains and foods containing fiber reduces risk

--Excess body fat is one of the strongest factors that increases risk

--Consuming processed meats and high amounts of red meat increases risk

--Drinking two...Read more

Nutrition News: Food Safety First

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So many families have been affected by Harvey and Irma, and unfortunately, the hurricane season isn't over yet. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and offer guidance on food safety issues after a hurricane or flooding, as detailed below.

The first order of business in cleaning up after a disaster is to assess all food and ...Read more

Nutrition News: Finding the Perfect Diet For Weight Loss

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Finding the Perfect Diet For Weight Loss

Losing weight can be so elusive. Makes you wonder if there's a best diet -- low carb, low fat, intermittent fasting, cabbage soup?

The bottom line? Forget dieting. Make lifestyle changes. Diets are for the short-term and usually don't hold up over the long-term. If you're serious about losing weight, ...Read more

Nutrition News: Weight and Cancer Risk

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We all know being overweight or obese isn't healthy. In fact, most of us have tried - at some point in our lives -- to shed a few extra pounds. A recent look at weight and its effect on cancer should encourage all of us to keep trying.

Many people think that whether or not you get cancer is just luck of the draw. Or, that your chances are ...Read more

Nutrition News: Food Safety Update

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Whether you are a college student heading to begin a new adventure or the parents left to adjust to an empty nest, food safety can never be ignored.

For students, college life includes living in a dorm, preparing their own food and eating meals on-the-go. Whether packing a lunch to eat between class, road tripping with perishables or gearing up...Read more

Nutrition News: To Beetroot Juice or Not?

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Almost on a daily basis, I get asked about whether beet juice can help lower blood pressure. Here's some background and the bottom line.

People have been eating beetroot since the Middle Ages, according to Environment Nutrition newsletter. In modern times, it's the liquid version that has become popular. Beetroots are known as the red beet, ...Read more

Great Start Breakfasts

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Great Start Breakfasts

If you are one of the millions of Americans who regularly skips breakfast, you should think again -- breakfast is important if you want to have a productive day.

Here's why breakfast is so important, according to John Ivy, professor with the University of Texas at Austin. Eating breakfast helps with brain function, ...Read more

Stealth Veggies

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Few would disagree we need to bump up our intake of fruits and colorful vegetables. Research backs up the wisdom of eating higher amounts of produce to help fend off a variety of diseases. A 2014 study published in the British Medical Journal found that the risk of death from conditions like heart disease was significantly lower in people who ...Read more

Protein and Weight Loss

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That flank steak or filet mignon just may help your weight loss program.

New research published in Obesity Science & Practice finds that as part of a healthy and higher-protein diet, lean beef can help people lose weight while maintaining muscle and a healthy heart.

The research is part of the Beef WISE Study: Beef's Role in Weight Improvement...Read more

Swapping Proteins

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I recently helped a 16-year-old learn about choosing plant proteins - she had decided to become a vegetarian, but she wasn't really sure just what that meant. Her decision was based on the fact she didn't really like eating meat. While we perused the grocery aisles that are now full of vegetarian choices, my goal was to help her make the best ...Read more


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