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Going for Gold: How to Champion Your Inner Olympian

Marilynn Preston on

"I'm disappointed but I'm not upset," Lindsey Vonn said after placing fifth in the slalom race that she was expected to win. "I'm here. I'm healthy. And I'm so grateful."

Olympic phenom Mikaela Shiffrin's story is fascinating on many levels. In spite of being one of the greatest skiers ever, male or female, she used to be overcome with anxiety and nausea before big races. She ended up seeing a sports psychologist who helped her accept her imperfections and celebrate her gifts. Now her mantra is "I am," as in "I am good" and "I am strong."

You don't have to be an Olympian to find the mantra that calms your fears, frees your spirit and delivers gold.

And yes, sometimes Shiffrin still throws up.


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"I try to ... put away the pressure ... and just enjoy my day." -- Skier and 2018 gold medalist Frida Hansdotter


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