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The Biggest and Best Thing You Don't Know About Well-Being

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MANAGE YOUR USE OF TECHNOLOGY. "Attention is the fuel of connection," Gelb writes. And when we pay so much attention to our digital devices, our relationships suffer mightily, and so do we.

"Overdependence on technology is perverting our ability to develop human relationships, and damaging our bodies and brains."

His best solution? "Make relationships a priority," Gelb writes. "The most important point in the book is... we must invest in one-on-one, face-to-face relationships with the people who are most important to us."

CONNECT WITH OURSELVES. "We create ourselves through connection with others, and we deepen our capacity to connect with others through the work we do to connect with ourselves," writes Gelb, who's spent decades teaching clients and companies about the true nature of interconnectedness.

"Genuine self-knowledge isn't a static state, but rather a continuous quest, a never-ending journey."

And it's never too late for that journey of discovery to begin. Yoga, qi gong and meditation are three proven paths, and there are many others. Twitter isn't one of them.

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DINE ON HUMBLE PIE. Gelb has fun defining seven relationship-building skills we can work on to enhance our awareness, our relationships and our ability to lead others. One of the most surprising is humility.

"Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending," he quotes St. Augustine.

"Give up assuming that you know what others are thinking and feeling. Assume that you don't know and become curious to learn," Gelb writes. "Curiosity is the driver of continuous learning. Continuous learning is the key to developing the relationship-building skills every leader needs."

SIMPLE ACTS MAKE PROFOUND CHANGE. "One of the simplest ways to practice the art of communication is to look for opportunities to perform acts of intentional, deliberate connection and kindness in everyday life," Gelb writes. Smile at the bank teller. Hold a door open. Help someone get luggage down from the overhead bin.


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