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Presents of Mind: 4 Gift-Giving Ideas That Spark Joy

Marilynn Preston on

In April, we plant flowers. In December, we give gifts.

Which is why I lasered in to something a wise young yoga teacher said at the end of a deliciously challenging 90-minute class:

"Take all the warmth and energy you've just built up in your body," she said, "and send it to someone else, someone you know who really needs it."

It makes you rethink gift-giving, that's for sure. Let's be honest. Does anyone really need an electronic cork puller?

A Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer snow globe?

What if you gave your loved one a neck rub instead of a necklace?


Would your kids throw a holiday hissy fit if you asked them to donate some of their used toys to others instead of filling up their rooms with new ones?

OK, maybe I'm dreaming, but I'm, oh-so-not alone. There's an increasingly vibrant and healthy movement in the country toward conscious consumerism, toward voluntary simplicity, toward giving more, owning less and paying it forward to people who need your help.

Sure, the Blitzen and Vixen wine bottle stoppers are adorable, but isn't it just adding to the clutter of stuff no one really needs?

If any of this speaks to you and your growing desire to live a life with fewer tchotchkes and a greater sense of personal well-being, now's a good time to reconsider your own gift-giving policy.


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