Metal pole strikes driver's windshield on Colorado highway


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(UPI) A Denver woman said she was lucky to escape injury or worse when a metal pole flew into the windshield of her car on the highway.

Jessica Valov said she was merging onto Interstate 25 in Denver when she saw the airborne pole headed directly for her windshield.

"Within like a split two seconds, I just saw the pole hurling at my window and I literally ducked to avoid it," Valov told KDVR-TV.

The impact sent tiny glass shards raining down inside the car, but the pole did not enter the vehicle.

"It was a pole, like a foot-and-a-half pole that may be like 3-4 inches in diameter," Valov said. I can't tell if it fell off the truck in front of me, or if it was already on the highway and his wheel picked it up.


Valov shared a photo of the damage to her car online, and soon learned her experience was far from unique.

"I posted it on Reddit, on the Denver subreddit, and apparently this has happened to a lot of people," she said.

The driver said she wants the city to crack down on drivers who fail to secure their loads.

"There's no enforcement of things falling off of people's trucks. I've seen ladders on the highway so often and I don't know if it has anything to do about that, but it's definitely a severe problem in Denver," Valov said.

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