WATCH: Bear plays with soccer ball, climbs on trampoline in New York yard


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(UPI) A New York woman who spotted a black bear playing in her yard captured video of the animal climbing onto her family's trampoline.

Anna Cory-Watson said she glanced out her window in Wappingers Falls and was shocked to see a bear investigating the various items in her yard.

"I was elated when I saw the bear outside my window," Cory-Watson told Newsweek. I knew I was seeing something I was unlikely to ever see again. And that was before it started playing with the soccer ball. Everything that unfolded in front of me felt surreal.

Cory-Watson said she knew she had to document the visit.


"I immediately grabbed my phone and started taking pictures," she told The Dodo. I couldn't believe it.

Cory-Watson's video, which she posted to YouTube, shows the bear playing with a soccer ball, wrestling with a garden hose, carrying a broom and tentatively bouncing on the trampoline.

"The bear played in our yard for a couple of hours," Cory-Watson said. At one point we thought it had taken off but when it came back, it got in the trampoline.

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