Maryland woman follows father's luck to $50,000 lottery prize


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(UPI) A Maryland woman who stopped for a snack at a convenience store remembered her father's recently lottery luck at the same business and ended up winning $50,000 from a scratch-off ticket.

The 23-year-old Frederick County woman told Maryland Lottery officials she was buying a snack from the High's store in Thurmont when she remembered her father had recently won a significant prize from a scratch-off ticket he had purchased from the same store.

"I was in line to pay when I saw the lottery sign, and that's when I remembered," the player recalled. I decided right then to get a scratch-off, and this was the one that caught my eye.

The woman selected a $50,000 Cash scratch-off ticket and was initially disappointed to find only one winning number.

"I thought there would have been four or five chances to win, but when I scratched the prize under the one match, I wasn't disappointed anymore," she said.

The player initially thought she had won $5,000.


"I was so excited. I'd never won anything like that much before," she said.

A second look revealed she had actually won the $50,000 top prize.

"It was stunning, like nothing that's ever happened to me before. I could not believe it. It's hard to believe even now," she told officials.

The winner said her prize money will go toward paying off her college loans.

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