Belated Christmas celebration leads to $150,000 lottery prize


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(UPI) A North Carolina woman said a belated Christmas celebration led to her winning a $150,000 lottery jackpot.

Laura Miller, 35, of Avon, told North Carolina Education Lottery officials her boyfriend put a $5 Cashword Multiplier scratch-off in her Christmas stocking, but she didn't receive it until well after the holiday.

"It was given to me in my Christmas stocking by my boyfriend," Miller said. We had to do it late since I was out of town.

The ticket, purchased from Askins Creek Store in Avon, turned out to be a $150,000 winner.

"When I was scratching I was like, 'I'm pretty sure I did this wrong,'" she said. I guess I was just shocked.


Miller said she slowly came to realize she had indeed scored the jackpot.

"First thing I did was take a shot of tequila," she recalled.

Miller said her winnings will allow her to pay off her truck.

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