WATCH: Netflix hiring flight attendant for private jet with compensation up to $385,000


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(UPI) Netflix wants to hire a flight attendant for one of its private jets, and says pay can reach $385,000, according to a job listing on the streaming service's website.

While the job description on Netflix's website doesn't specify an exact salary, the posting says the "overall market range" for the position ranges from $60,000 to $385,000 in total compensation.

The flight attendant will operate out of San Jose International airport and fly on a G550 Super midsized jet, according to the company.


Specifications for the position, laid out by Netflix, require the flight attendant to be based in Northern California and to "embrace the Netflix culture of freedom and responsibility."

The position require the employee to be FAA-certified, able to assist procuring aircraft stock before trips, and able to carry 30-pound bags.

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