Ontario neighbors wrangle loose goat, second goat escapes


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(UPI) Residents of an Ontario neighborhood said they were able to wrangle one of two loose goats seen wandering the area, but the other animal remains on the loose.

Alicia Maleau of Cambridge said she and five neighbors in the Preston Heights neighborhood went into action when the two goats were seen wandering around their homes.

Maleau said the group was able to get a leash onto one of the animals.

"The second goat, a black and white one, headed into the forest area in our back yards," Maleau told Cambridge Today. I called animal control a while ago and no one has shown up yet.


The captured goat was returned to its home at a nearby farm.

Cambridge Animal Services is asking anyone who spots the missing goat to contact authorities.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office in Arizona faced a similar situation earlier this month with a goat that "terrorized some residents of Tonopah" by damaging property and chasing locals. Deputies were able to capture the goat, but the animal managed to urinate on a deputy while being transported from the scene.

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