Indian chef cooks 6,614 pounds of khichdi for Guinness record

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(UPI) An Indian chef broke a Guinness World Record by cooking up a 6,614-pound serving of rice and bean dish khichdi.

Chef Vishnu Manohar stirred 606 pounds of rice, 276 pounds of lentils and 331 pounds of pulses into 793 gallons of water and 331 pounds of clarified butter to break the Guinness record Sunday in Nagpur.

Manohar said the record ...Read more

Alligator, python seized at Massachusetts comic con

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(UPI) Police in Massachusetts said they seized an alligator, a python and two tarantulas being used for photo ops at a comics and pop culture convention.

Framingham Police said the animals were seized about 6:55 p.m. Saturday when their owner was arrested at the Super Megafest event at the Framingham Sheraton Hotel on an unrelated warrant.

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Plastic bucket removed from bear's head in Maryland

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(UPI) Wildlife officials in Maryland said they were able to rescue a black bear from a plastic bucket covering its head after tracking the animal for three days.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife and Heritage Service said response staff tracked the bear cub for three days and they were finally able to tranquilize it at the ...Read more

Police use Doritos to lure 'mini horse' sized pig home

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(UPI) Police in California said they used a bag of Doritos to capture a junk food-loving pig "the size of a mini horse."

The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office said Deputies Ponce and Berg were dispatched from the Highland Station on Sunday on a report of a pig "the size of a mini horse" running loose through a neighborhood.

A video from ...Read more

Squirrel invades London Assembly during meeting

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(UPI) A squirrel put in an unexpected appearance Thursday during a meeting of the London Assembly's environment committee meeting.

The squirrel was caught on video by committee employee Giles Broadbent as it ran around the assembly chamber while a committee meeting was in session.

Witnesses said the squirrel ran in and out of the room about ...Read more

Golfers encounter huge rattlesnake in Florida

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(UPI) A group of golfers on a Florida course had to pause their game to marvel at a rare and potentially dangerous sight -- a rattlesnake on the fairway.

Logan Ungerer, 28, said he and some friends were golfing at the Mangrove Bay & Cypress Links Golf Course in S. Petersburh when they spotted the eastern diamondback rattlesnake slithering ...Read more

Semi crash covers California highway in grape pulp

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(UPI) Traffic on a California highway was snared Friday morning when a semi overturned and spilled its load of grape pulp onto the roadway.

The California Highway Patrol said the big rig overturned just before 2:30 a.m. Friday on Interstate 5, near the Highway 12 interchange in Flag City.

The crash covered the road in grape pulp, causing ...Read more

Houston couple creates 'Good Boy' beer for dogs

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(UPI) A pair of Houston bar owners who started brewing beer for their ailing canine a few years ago are now selling Good Boy Dog Beer at more than 20 locations.

Megan and Steve Long said they learned how to brew beer for dogs, which does not contain alcohol, when their Rottweiler mix, Rocky, started having digestion problems a few years ago.

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Creepy playing cards unnerve New York state neighbors

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(UPI) Residents of a New York state neighborhood said they were unnerved to find playing cards in their mailbox as part of an apparent Halloween prank.

Neighbors in the Nevins Road area of Henrietta said they have found Joker playing cards in their mailboxes in recent days bearing what appears to be fake blood and the date "10/31" -- Halloween....Read more

Unaccompanied turtle spotted riding subway train

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(UPI) A surprised passenger on a Tokyo subway train captured video when he encountered a highly unusual fellow commuter: a train-riding turtle.

Yuki Nakajima said he was on the Toei Shinjuku line when he spotted the loose turtle crawling around with no signs of a human companion.

"When I got on the train from Shinjuku station, one of the ...Read more

Cow takes a ride in back seat of pickup truck

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(UPI) A surprised traveler on an Ohio road captured video of a cow riding in the back seat of a pickup truck.

J.D. Blair said he was driving in Tipp City when he spotted the unusual passenger poking its head out from the backseat window of a truck hauling a trailer.

"So, this is something you don't see every day," Blair says in the video.

The...Read more

Pakistani martial artist cracks 243 walnuts with his head

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(UPI) A Pakistani martial artist used his head to crack 243 walnuts, besting a Guinness World Record set earlier this year.

Mohammad Rashid Naseem, 32, of Karachi, posted a video to Facebook showing his official Guinness World Record attempt for most walnuts cracked against the head in one minute.

The video shows Naseem successfully crushing ...Read more

Crawfish infest South Carolina yard in wake of hurricane

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(UPI) A South Carolina family is dealing with an unusual side-effect of Hurricane Michael's recent visit -- a crawfish infestation.

Peggy Breeland posted videos and photos to Facebook showing the dozens of crawfish she and her family found around the yard of their Lake Murray-area home after Hurricane Michael brought rains and heavy winds to ...Read more

Video captures mountain lion's near miss with car

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(UPI) A California resident's security camera captured video of a mountain lion that wandered into the neighborhood and was nearly struck by a car.

The video, recorded by home security cameras near Alum Rock Park in San Jose, shows the mountain lion wander out into a road.

The big cat narrowly avoids being hit by a passing car.

Residents said...Read more

Dubai creates world's largest Lego awareness message

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(UPI) Officials in Dubai set a Guinness World Record by using Lego blocks to spell out an awareness message about using cellphones while driving.

The Roads and Transport Authority announced it was awarded the record for largest awareness message using Lego blocks when it created a giant Lego plaque reading, "Your life is worth more than a phone...Read more

'Intoxicated' cockatoo survives crashing into vehicle

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(UPI) A cockatoo that escaped serious injury when it became embedded in the front grill of a moving vehicle is suspected of flying drunk, Australian rescuers said.

Casper's Bird Rescue said a driver traveling in the Adelaide Hills area spotted a flock of cockatoos, but didn't notice until she arrived at work in Hahndorf that a cockatoo had ...Read more

Alligator found hiding under vehicle in Kansas

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(UPI) Police in Kansas shared photos of an unusual animal found hiding underneath a vehicle -- an American alligator.

The Olathe Police Department said Animal Control Officer Brackett was summed to a location in Olathe on a report of a reptile underneath a vehicle.

Brackett arrived to find a small alligator hiding under the car.

The alligator...Read more

Gas pump burns when car pulls away too soon

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(UPI) Firefighters in New Jersey shared security camera footage of a gas pump bursting into flames after a vehicle pulled away while still refueling.

The Hackensack Fire Department posted a video to Facebook showing what happened Wednesday afternoon at a Lukoil station.

The video shows a vehicle pull away from a gas pump while in mid-refueling...Read more

Escaped python found slithering around high school

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(UPI) Police investigating motion alarms that were triggered at a Virginia high school discovered an escaped python slithering around the school.

The Fairfax County Police Department said Animal Protection Police Officer Chase was dispatched to Hayfield High School in Alexandria when officers investigating motion sensor alarms discovered the ...Read more