DJ aims to ride Ferris wheel for 53 hours to break record

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(UPI) A Florida disc jockey is nearly halfway through his attempt to break a Guinness World Record by riding a giant Ferris wheel for more than 53 hours.

Jake "Paco" Navarro, an on-air personality with WDIZ-FM, boarded the Panama City Sky Wheel at 11 a.m. Wednesday and is aiming to remain on the ride for at least 53 hours to make it into the ...Read more

VIDEO: Stowaway snake catches flight from Florida to Hawaii

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(UPI) A small snake was captured in Hawaii after stowing away to the island of Maui in a tourist's backpack prior to his flight from Florida.

Wildlife officials said the man arrived at his rental on Maui and discovered the non-venomous southern black racer snake had apparently slithered into his backpack prior to the 8-hour flight from Fort ...Read more

Stranger tips Michigan man off to $1 million lottery jackpot

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(UPI) A Michigan man said he was tipped off to the fact that he had won a $1 million lottery jackpot by an offhand comment from a stranger.

Gregory Guilford, 68, of Mulliken, told Michigan Lottery officials he bought a Mega Millions ticket for the May 28 drawing from Bill's Party Store in Portland, but he neglected to check his ticket the next ...Read more

Deer runs loose inside New York state sporting goods store

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(UPI) Police in New York state shared video of a deer that wandered into a mall and ran loose inside a sporting goods store.

The Clarkstown Police Department said the "Bambi lookalike" apparently decided it was a good day to go shopping at Dick's Sporting Goods at the Palisades Center Mall.

The department shared video of the deer ...Read more

Sheriff's office training plans ruined by large great white shark

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(UPI) A California sheriff's office said an open-water training exercise was interrupted by a 13- to 15-foot great white shark swimming in shallow water.

The Sonoma County Sheriff's Office said the water training in Bodega Bay was called off Tuesday when a helicopter spotted the massive shark swimming in the area.

The sheriff's office said the...Read more

Start-up offers to name your baby for $350

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(UPI) A start-up is offering baffled new parents some help with one of their post important decisions: naming the baby.

Future Perfect, a start-up founded by two moms who met on a playground and bonded over their children's unique names, is offering packages starting at $100 to help new parents choose what to call their children.

The $100 "The...Read more

VIDEO: Houston traffic sign hacked to warn of 'global warming at work'

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(UPI) A digital traffic sign in Houston was apparently hacked to display apocalyptic messages warning of a climate catastrophe.

The sign, located off Waugh Drive and Allen Parkway, was spotted early Wednesday flashing messages including "Global warming at work," Warning: Hurricane Human, Triassic weather ahead and We are the ...Read more

Fake license plate leads to driver's arrest in California

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(UPI) Authorities in California said a fake license plate that listed the wrong name for the state led to the arrest of a truck driver.

The Moorpark Police Department said a motorcycle officer pulled over a tractor-trailer spotted with an apparently hand-made license plate that listed the state as "Califas," a Spanish slang term for California....Read more

Bird of prey escapes London Zoo for a second time in two years

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(UPI) The London Zoo said a bird of prey that escaped for the second time in 18 months was recaptured after two days on the loose.

Zoo officials confirmed Louie, a striated caracara native to the Falkland Islands, flew the coop during a public demonstration Sunday and headed for nearby Regent's Park.

Park visitors complained zoo officials ...Read more

VIDEO: Massachusetts teen comes face-to-face with bear in driveway

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(UPI) A Massachusetts police department shared video of a teenager's unexpected encounter with a black bear in the driveway of a home.

The Barre Police Department shared home security camera footage that shows a girl appearing to look for something on the ground in her family's driveway.

A bear cub wanders across the lawn and crosses in front ...Read more

Moose plays with tire swing in Alaska man's back yard

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(UPI) An Alaska man captured video of a curious moose that visited the back yard of his home and took time to play with a tire swing.

Don Rearden captured video of the mother moose playing with the tire swing in the back yard of his home in the Bear Valley area of Anchorage.

Rearden said the moose had a confrontation with a black bear shortly ...Read more

Small Keno win and lucky tip lead man to $50,000 lottery jackpot

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(UPI) A Maryland man said $25.50 in Keno winnings and a lucky tip from a clerk led to his scoring a $50,000 lottery jackpot.

The 62-year-old Rockville man told Maryland Lottery officials he bought two Keno tickets at the Corner Market & Pharmacy in Rockville and discovered after running some errands that he had won $25.50.

The man said he ...Read more

VIDEO: Scottish cyclist circles the globe for Guinness record

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(UPI) A Scottish cyclist broke a Guinness World Record when she rode her bicycle 18,000 miles around the globe in 124 days.

The record-keeping organization announced Jenny Graham earned the record for fastest circumnavigation by bicycle (female) when she finished her journey across Europe, Asia, Australia and North America with a time of 124 ...Read more

Alligator takes a bite out of Louisiana deputy's patrol car

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(UPI) Authorities in Louisiana said an alligator found loitering in the middle of a highway took a bite out of a deputy's patrol vehicle before making its escape.

The Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office said deputies responded to reports of an alligator Monday in the middle of Highway 1 in the northern part of the parish.

The deputies attempted to ...Read more

VIDEO: Italian island covered in millions of locusts

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(UPI) Farmers on an Italian island shared video of a massive swarm of millions of locusts that have descended on the area.

Coldiretti, Italy's farming association, said the grasshoppers are causing damage to crops and posing a danger to livestock near the city of Nuoro in Sardinia.

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said the cause of ...Read more

Bear looks in through windows, tries to open door of Colorado home

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(UPI) WATCH disturbing video of a bear trying to enter a home last week in Palmer Lake. THIS is why we preach locking first-floor windows and doors in bear country. This aggressive behavior came one night after it took a bag of food from the home. Wait for the end. Scary. #BearAware pic.twitter.com/C0YqNrDVzy— CPW SE Region (@CPW_SE) June ...Read more

VIDEO: Woman seeks Guinness record with 5.8-foot-long hair

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(UPI) A Peruvian woman is aiming for a Guinness World Record title after her hair was measured at 5.8 feet long.

Noemi Elizabeth Romero Huaman, 24, dubbed the "Peruvian Rapunzel," said she has been growing out her hair since she was born, and her 5.8-foot locks now reach the ground due to her 5-foot height.

Romero is seeking a Guinness World ...Read more

Escaped monkey runs loose in Ohio street

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(UPI) Police in Ohio said a "vicious" escaped monkey was spotted running loose on a road before being recaptured by its owner.

The Braceville Police Department said it received several 911 calls Monday about a monkey running loose on Braceville Robinson Road.

The department shared video of the monkey running loose, climbing on a resident's car...Read more

VIDEO: Hippos wander into town to graze on rugby field

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(UPI) A South African man captured video of a hippopotamus herd that wandered into town to graze on a rugby field.

Ben Kruger, who owns a business in the area, said he started recording video at the Letaba Rugby Club in Tzaneen, Limpopo, when he discovered the large shapes he spotted on the field were adult hippos walking with their calves.

...Read more


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