Ohio woman photographs rare piebald deer

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(UPI) An Ohio resident captured video of a white-tailed deer with unusual piebald coloration wandering around a residential area.

Kelly Pearson Kishmarton posted photos and videos to Facebook showing the deer, which bears fur with a rare brown-spots-on-white coloration scheme, wandering a neighborhood in Seven Hills, near Cleveland.

"Just a ...Read more

Giant penis over Washington state drawn by Navy aircraft

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(UPI) Officials at a Washington state Navy base confirmed one of their aircraft was behind a contrail drawing of male genitalia spotted over a residential area.

Residents in Omak, where the image was clearly visible in the sky, snapped photos on Thursday when a Naval aircraft drew a penis and testicles in the sky using its contrails.

Some ...Read more

Men buy 20 lottery tickets to turn $5,000 top prize into $100,000

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(UPI) A Virginia father and son turned a $5,000 top prize into $100,000 by purchasing 20 identical tickets for the same lottery drawing.

Robert Buckner of King George said he and his father bought 20 tickets for the Oct. 25 night drawing for the Virginia Lottery's Pick 4 game.

The Buckners chose identical numbers for all 20 tickets, 9-8-7-5, ...Read more

Raccoon with jar on head gets stranded up tree

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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Massachusetts dealt with a delicate situation when a raccoon with a jar stuck on its head fled up a tree in panic.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston said an animal control officer in Woburn contacted the organization on Thursday to request help with the raccoon, which had stranded itself in a high branch of a tree ...Read more

VIDEO: Man concerns neighbors by walking leashed leopard through playground

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(UPI) Residents of an apartment building in Russia are complaining about a neighbor seen walking around a playground with an unusual pet -- a leopard.

Security camera footage from the building in Nizhny Novgorod shows the man, identified in media reports only as Aleksandr, walking his leopard down a staircase with the animal restrained only by ...Read more

Literary litter: Highway crash covers road in 1,000 books

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(UPI) Police in Massachusetts warned of traffic delays after a collision caused about 1,000 books to spill out onto a major highway.

Massachusetts State Police said troopers responded to northbound Interstate 91 about 2:40 p.m. Thursday when a trash truck side-swiped a guard rail and spilled its load of about 1,000 books.

The literary debris ...Read more

Moose's city swim causes traffic congestion in Ontario

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(UPI) A wandering moose caused traffic headaches in Ontario when it wandered into a city and decided to take a swim in a lake.

North Bay Police said the wayward moose wandered into the city early Wednesday morning and police soon started receiving complaints of traffic delays on Memorial Drive, a major road.

"Cars were stopping to look at the ...Read more

North Carolina wildlife camera captured brawling bears

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(UPI) A wildlife camera in North Carolina captured video of a fierce late-night battle between two black bears in a wooded area.

The state's Candid Critters camera trap program captured video of the two bears entangled in a flurry of teeth, claws and black fur right in front of the Hyde County camera.

The program posted images from the footage...Read more

VIDEO: Police bust 'Hamburglar' who climbed into drive-through window

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(UPI) Police in Maryland said a "Hamburglar" who crawled into a McDonald's drive-through window to burglarize the eatery was arrested after being caught on camera.

The Howard County Police Department posted a video to Facebook showing a woman climbing into the drive-through window of the McDonald's in Columbia about 1 a.m. on Nov. 5 and helping...Read more

Police chase alligator away from Florida home's front door

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(UPI) Police in Florida released video of officers taking care of a "suspicious package" -- an alligator hanging out on a home's front stoop.

The Cape Coral Police Department posted a video to YouTube showing the unusual encounter at a Cape Coral home.

"Last week, Cape Coral Police responded to a 'suspicious package' on the doorstep of a ...Read more

VIDEO: GoPro continues to record video while being consumed by lava

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) A tour guide in Hawaii managed to recover video of his GoPro being slowly enveloped by lava.

Erik Storm, owner and lead guide for Hawaii's Kilauea EcoGuides, shared the amazing video with PetaPixel after managing to dig the camera out of the hardened lava.

Storm said he set his GoPro down while giving a tour of a volcano in August 2016 ...Read more

Sweden's rare white moose filmed munching on tree branches

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(UPI) A rare white moose was caught on camera enjoying a meal of tree branches in a wooded area of Sweden.

Hans Nilsson, who first captured video of the unusual creature earlier this year, recorded a video Thursday showing the white moose -- known as an elk in Sweden -- munching on branches in a forest area of western Varmland.

The moose is ...Read more

Florida sheriff's corporal responds to two cow calls in one shift

Entertainment / Weird News /

(UPI) A Florida sheriff's deputy responded to not one, but two calls about wayward cows while being filmed for a "tweet along."

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office filmed Cpl. Hayhurst's activities Wednesday as part of a "tweet along" on its Twitter page and during the event he responded to a call about a cow on the loose.

Hayhurst arrived after...Read more

Men pry open concrete sewer cover to free trapped kittens

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(UPI) A group of men banded together in Thailand to pry open a concrete sewer and rescue a pair of stranded kittens.

Witnesses sad they heard the kittens calling from the sewer under a concrete sidewalk in Sarabui on Nov. 10, leading some bystanders to retrieve tools including a power drill, metal poles and a pickaxe.

A video of the rescue ...Read more

Man separates snake and lizard in stand-off

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(UPI) A British man living in Thailand captured video as he broke up a confrontation between a gecko lizard and a snake.

Daniel Batchelor, 54, who lives in Pattaya, captured video Nov. 9 when he went out to his garden and found the golden tree snake coiled around the gecko on a pole.

"The snake's got the gecko and I don't think I can do much ...Read more

Man wins $100,000 with lottery numbers from wife's dream

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(UPI) A Virginia man who won a $100,000 prize from a lottery drawing said his winning numbers came from an unusual place -- his wife's dream.

Frederick Knox of Hampton said he very rarely plays the Virginia Lottery's Cash 5 game, but he decided to give it a shot for the Nov. 3 drawing when a series of numbers came to his wife in a dream: 1-8-14...Read more

Chick-fil-a offering year of free food for information about van theft

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(UPI) A Chick-fil-a restaurant in Georgia is offering a year of free food to anyone who can identify the man who stole the eatery's catering van.

The Chick-fil-a in Cartersville said in a Facebook post the catering van was stolen from the fast food restaurant's parking lot about 9:45 p.m. Sunday.

The van was recovered in Acworth after crashing...Read more

VIDEO: Kentucky zoo gorilla browses photos on visitor's cellphone

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(UPI) A visitor to a Kentucky zoo captured video of a gorilla's fascination with female gorilla pictures on another zoo patron's cellphone.

The video, posted to Twitter on Sunday by user Sierra Anderson, shows a man sitting next to the glass window of the gorilla enclosure at the Louisville Zoo and using his phone to show male western lowland ...Read more

Car wash spanning 225 feet recognized as world's longest

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(UPI) A Texas car wash with a 255-foot-long conveyor belt has been certified by Guinness World Records as the longest in the world.

Guinness officials are visiting the recently-opened Buc-ee's car wash in Katy on Thursday to officially certify the 85-yard car wash as the world's longest.

The Buc-ee's location, which also includes a staggering ...Read more


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