VIDEO: Woman undergoes surgery after swallowing engagement ring in her sleep

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(UPI) A California woman who dreamed that she had to swallow her engagement ring to protect it from thieves woke up to find she really had ingested the piece of jewelry.

Jenna Evans of San Diego said she had a dream Tuesday night that her fiance, Bobby Howell, told her to swallow her engagement ring to protect it from some "bad guys" on a high ...Read more

Japanese festival cooks up world's largest serving of fried chicken

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(UPI) A Guinness World Record was broken at a food festival in Japan when 18 vendors participated in cooking up the world's largest serving of fried chicken.

The Karaage Festival in Nakatsu, Oita Prefecture, featured 18 restaurants specializing in karaage, Japanese fried chicken, cooking up a total 3,675 pounds of fried chicken Sunday to break ...Read more

VIDEO: Escaped arctic wolf spotted two months later in North Carolina

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(UPI) An arctic wolf that escaped from a North Carolina conservation charity has resurfaced after two months without any sightings.

Lisa Meredith, owner of the Meredith Wolf Education and Conservation Den in Onslow County, said the 12-year-old wolf, Buster, escaped from his enclosure in June and hadn't been seen in two months until being ...Read more

Giant rugby ball sets Guinness record in Britain

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(UPI) A British sporting goods manufacturer broke a Guinness World Record when it created a nearly 20-foot long rugby ball designed to official specifications.

Aramis Rugby was presented with a Guinness certificate Sunday when the giant rugby ball was lowered via helicopter to the ceremony in South Molton, Devon, England.

Guinness adjudicators...Read more

Emu caught running loose on California highway

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(UPI) Authorities in California are trying to identify the origins of an emu found running loose along a stretch of highway.

The California Highway Patrol said officers responded to reports about a large flightless bird, initially thought to be an ostrich, wandering along the shoulder of southbound Highway 99, near Avenue 17 in Madera County.

...Read more

VIDEO: New York woman marks 112th birthday

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(UPI) A New York woman was surrounded by family as she celebrated an uncommon milestone -- her 112th birthday.

Supercentenarian Ermisna Theodore, who moved to the United States from Haiti in 1984, was surrounded by family members Thursday as he celebrated turning 112 years old at the Beach Gardens Rehab and Nursing Center in Queens.

Theodore ...Read more

VIDEO: Brewery seeks someone 'winning to get paid to watch football'

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(UPI) A Los Angeles brewery posted a job opening for someone seeking to "get paid to watch football" at Los Angeles Rams games.

Golden Road Brewery said its "Chief Beer Officer" will be paid $150 per event to attend every Los Angeles Rams home game and promote the brewery's products -- especially the new Whose House?! Blonde Ale.

"You need to ...Read more

VIDEO: Farm takes aim at goat yoga world record with 500 expected in class

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(UPI) A Florida farm said it expects more than 500 people to participate in its attempt to break a Guinness World Record for the world's largest goat yoga session.

Debbie Canton, 56, who owns Grady Goat Farm in Thonotosassa, Hillsborough County, with her husband, Rob, said more than 500 people and 110 goats are expected to participate in the ...Read more

Worker at New Zealand company brings clown to firing meeting

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(UPI) A New Zealand man who was told he could bring someone along for support to a meeting where he expected to be fired spent more than $100 hiring a professional clown.

Joshua Jack said he received an email from bosses at Auckland ad agency FCB telling him a meeting was being held to discuss his future at the company and he could bring a ...Read more

Large crab found abandoned behind pharmacy in England

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(UPI) Workers at a pharmacy in Britain were left baffled when they found a large crab had been abandoned live in the alley outside their store, rescuers said.

The RSPCA said workers at the pharmacy on Coney Street in York, England, found the crab in the alley behind the store around lunchtime Monday and called for rescuers.

RSPCA Inspector ...Read more

Buying 25 identical lottery tickets pays off for $125,000 winner

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(UPI) A man who bought 25 identical tickets for the same Virginia Lottery Pick 4 drawing had his gamble pay off when he won a total $125,000.

David Maiocco of Alexandria told Virginia Lottery officials he bought 25 plays for the Sept. 3 Pick 4 day drawing and he chose the numbers 0211 for all of the tickets.

Maiocco said he was on hold waiting...Read more

Police rescue baby squirrel, dub it 'Officer Nibbles'

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(UPI) Police in Connecticut rescued an orphaned baby squirrel from a road and welcomed him to the department as "Officer Nibbles."

The Glastonbury Police Department posted a video to Facebook showing the squirrel taking a nap in a "squirrel condo" outfitted with some snacks and a police department T-shirt for padding.

"Tonight our officers ...Read more

Florida man converts boat and SUV into head-turning 'boat car'

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(UPI) A Florida driver is turning heads on local roads while cruising around in an unusual vehicle -- a "boat car."

The boat car, owned by Pensacola man Gerry Moore, was made from a decommissioned boat and the bottom half of a Ford Expedition SUV.

Moore's wife, Karen, said he did the work himself.

"Took him three days. Three days, he drove it...Read more

Fireball lights up night sky over North Carolina

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(UPI) A driver's dashboard camera captured video of a fireball glowing in the night sky over North Carolina.

The video shows the fireball streaking toward the horizon for about three seconds as the driver traveled on Raleigh Road in Wilson at about 8:07 p.m. Thursday.

The American Meteor Society said there were about 20 reports of fireball ...Read more

VIDEO: Free diver breaks underwater walking record at 267 feet, 8.6 inches

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(UPI) A Turkish free diver broke a Guinness World Record for the longest underwater walk with one breath when she went underwater and strolled for 267 feet, 8.6 inches.

Bilge Clingigiray broke the record in the female category, and even surpassed the male category record-holder, whose walk went on for 267 feet, 3.24 inches.

Clingigiray ...Read more

Butcher-bound yak on the run after Virginia escape

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(UPI) An animal control officer responding to a report of escaped livestock in a Virginia road discovered an unexpected animal -- a yak.

Nelson County Animal Control Officer Kevin Wright said he was expecting a black angus cow or another livestock animal more common to the area when he responded to the call about 10 a.m. Tuesday.

"They didn't ...Read more

Police rescue raccoon with jar stuck on its head in Wisconsin

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(UPI) A Wisconsin police officer came to the rescue of a raccoon that went dumpster diving and ended up with a glass jar stuck over its head.

The Madison Police Department said an officer was flagged down by citizens Tuesday who spotted a raccoon about 20 feet up in a tree with its head stuck inside the jar.

The officer summoned an animal ...Read more

Moose crashes in and out of Canadian school office

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(UPI) Today a moose decided it was not too cool for school and broke its way in and out of a Ft. St. John School District office. Why we are not sure. Unfortunately the moose had not learned how to open doors prior. The moose was located and determined to be fine all things considered. pic.twitter.com/nPWMOvkLqa— BC CO Service (@_BCCOS) ...Read more

VIDEO: Dragonfly swarms show up on weather radar over three states

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(UPI) The National Weather Service shared radar images showing massive swarms of migrating dragonflies over three states.

The NWS' Cleveland Office tweeted radar images showing the insects creating storm cloud-like shapes over Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

Norman Johnson, a professor of entomology at Ohio State University, said the ...Read more


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