Bear shreds screen, climbs into basement of Colorado home

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(UPI) Authorities in Colorado said they were summoned to a home on a report of a bear that tore through a screen and climbed into the basement.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said the call came in just before noon Sunday and the homeowners told deputies a bear had ripped through a screen and pushed through doors to get into their ...Read more

Nail spill shuts down 3 lanes of N.C. freeway

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(UPI) Police closed three lanes of a North Carolina freeway Monday after a crash covered the roadway in nails.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department tweeted the three lanes of Interstate 485 in Charlotte were closed for cleanup after the 5:30 a.m. crash, which officials say created a major hazard.

Photos and video showed crews working to...Read more

iPhone case doubles as 22-pound dumbbell

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(UPI) A Japanese company is making it easier for the phone-addicted to build muscle with a 22-pound iPhone case.

Telecom giant Softbank announced the 22-pound dumbbell case, billed as the world's heaviest for the iPhone, is now for sale on its website for about $100.

The case is composed of a standard dumbbell with a permanently-affixed phone ...Read more

Horse captured while running loose on Houston highway

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(UPI) A surprised traveler on a Houston highway captured video of an apparent runaway horse being captured while running through lanes of traffic.

Tomas Huerta posted a video to Facebook showing the horse running in the northbound lanes of Highway 59, near Hopper Road.

The video shows the horse, which is wearing a saddle, being boxed in by two...Read more

Man carries 100 pounds to break marathon running record

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(UPI) A runner broke a Guinness World Record by running a Wisconsin marathon while carrying 100 pounds of extra weight.

William Kocken was wearing a 100-pound pack when finished the Green Bay Cellcom marathon Sunday with a time of 6 hours and 27 minutes, beating the record set at a London Marathon last year by 20 minutes.

Kocken said his run ...Read more

Watermelons falling from truck create road hazard

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(UPI) A driver's dashboard camera in Taiwan captured the moment their vehicle collided with a load of watermelons as they fell from a truck.

The video shows the car traveling on a road through a wooded area this week in Taiwan when it turns a corner and encounters a truck traveling in the opposite direction.

The truck is in the process of ...Read more

Alligator 'punked' by sandhill crane in Florida

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(UPI) A stand-off between an alligator and a sandhill crane in Florida ended with the gator chickening out and being chased away by the bird.

A video recorded by a witness who had just finished fishing under a bridge in Sanford shows the alligator standing in the roadway and staring down a group of sandhill cranes standing in the grass next to ...Read more

'Spider-Man' rides Boston train in distinctive style

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(UPI) A perplexed passenger on a Boston train captured video of a fellow commuter in a Spider-Man costume taking the term "strap-hanger" quite literally.

The video, filmed Wednesday on a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority train, shows a commuter in a Spider-Man costume casually hanging upside-down from a pole inside the crowded train.

...Read more

Florida scuba divers have close call with great white shark

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(UPI) A man training to become a certified scuba diver in Florida captured video of a great white shark that showed up during his first deep dive.

Cody Wabiszewski, a former aerospace engineer who moved from Pennsylvania to the Florida Keys to start a charter fishing company, was on a training dive Wednesday at the site of the Thunderbolt ...Read more

Hasbro officially trademarks Play-Doh smell

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(UPI) Toy maker Hasbro announced it has trademarked one of the most recognizable aspects of one of its most iconic products: the smell of Play-Doh.

The Pawtucket, R.I., company announced Friday that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has officially recognized the distinctive Play-Doh smell as a registered trademark of the brand, which first ...Read more

Woman's third lottery jackpot numbers came from a dream

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(UPI) A Maryland woman who won a $32,655 lottery jackpot -- her third big win -- said her winning numbers came from a dream.

The Owings Mills woman told Maryland Lottery officials her lotto luck began when she dreamed about being in a train station and asking for directions to a street.

"Go to 538," a voice told her in the dream.

The woman ...Read more

Kayaker finds authors of 30-year-old message in a bottle

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(UPI) A kayaker who found a 30-year-old message in a bottle in a Mississippi river said she has been contacted by the authors of the note.

Angi Webb, owner of Pearl River Kayaks, posted photos to the business' Facebook page of the message in a bottle she found floating in the Pearl River.

"Our names are Tony and Chris Taylor. I am 4 years old ...Read more

Bear opens car door to find food in Tennessee

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(UPI) Security cameras at a Tennessee rental cabin captured the moment a curious bear opened a car door to look for snacks inside.

Lourienne Long, who owns vacation cabins in Gatlinburg, said she is warning renters to keep their car doors locked after her security cameras recorded the clever bear opening an unlocked car door.

"They had some ...Read more

South Carolina kangaroo escapes twice in two days

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(UPI) A kangaroo was caught on video hopping around a South Carolina highway two days after a photo from its previous escape went viral.

A driver on Highway 28 in McCormick County captured video Thursday morning of the Australian animal hopping around to the surprise of witnesses.

The McCormick County Sheriff's Office said deputies responded ...Read more

Florida student's Twitter campaign wins free Crocs for graduates

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(UPI) A Florida graduate's Twitter campaign earned enough attention for Crocs to provide foam shoes to all of her female classmates for graduation.

Sarah Agee said she struck upon the idea while talking with her Seminole High School classmates about their concerns that high heels would be treacherous to wear on the artificial grass of Tropicana...Read more

Alligator stops to inspect construction on Florida home

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(UPI) A big alligator strolling through a Florida neighborhood stopped to check out a new home under construction and was caught on camera by a worker.

Bean Drywall, a company performing work on the new home in Port St. Lucie, posted a video to Facebook showing the large gator's unexpected visit right outside a bedroom video.

"The hazards of ...Read more

Slithering snake causes a stir with visit to Texas mall

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(UPI) A snake was ejected from a Texas mall after it apparently fell through the roof near the entrance to the facility.

Witnesses said the snake appeared to have fallen through a hole in the roof at Memorial City Mall, feet away from The Square, during the circus performance that takes place every Thursday at the mall.

Officials said the ...Read more

Nebraska wildlife officials rescue six squirrels with tails tangled together

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(UPI) Staff at a wildlife rehab center in Nebraska helped rescue a group of baby squirrels whose tails had become tangled together.

The Nebraska Humane Society shared photos of the six baby squirrels clinging to a tree and moving as a unit, with their tails tangled together.

Animal control officers arrived on the scene and brought the bundle ...Read more

Bear joins young hunter in tree stand

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(UPI) A 14-year-old Alberta hunter's encounter with a bear that climbed up to his tree stand was caught on camera by a fellow hunter.

Davin Grunow was hunting last week with family friend Mark White near Bonnyville, Alberta, when White captured video of a bear cub climbing the tree where Grunlow was sitting in his stand.

The video shows ...Read more