Diamond ring located at San Diego dump in four minutes

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(UPI) A $30,000 ring that was accidentally thrown out at a San Diego family's home was located at a landfill in a matter of only four minutes.

The City of San Diego said in a Facebook post that the ring accidentally ended up in the trash while the owner and her family were cleaning their home.

The family realized the ring had been thrown out ...Read more

Rattlesnake spotted slithering under New Jersey woman's car

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(UPI) Volunteer snake handlers responded to a New Jersey woman's home to remove an unusual guest that slithered under her car -- a venomous rattlesnake.

The Popcorn Park Animal Refuge, which has staff members that volunteer for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's Venomous Snake Response Team, said in a Facebook post that the...Read more

Police find 260 pounds of pot hidden in truck load of lettuce

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(UPI) Authorities in Indiana said they arrested two men when a commercial vehicle inspection of a truck loaded with lettuce uncovered 260 pounds of marijuana.

Indiana State Police said an officer stopped a tractor-trailer on eastbound Interstate 70 in Putnam County at about 7:32 a.m. Wednesday for a routine commercial vehicle inspection.

The ...Read more

Chinese martial arts schools face off for front-flipping record

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(UPI) A pair of Chinese martial arts schools faced off on TV to compete for an unusual front-flipping Guinness World Record.

The Zhonghua Martial Arts School and Tagou Martial Arts School appeared on a Guinness World Records Special in Beijing to compete for the record, most people to forward flip off a trampoline onto a platform in one minute....Read more

Mountain lion visits California man's back yard, front door

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(UPI) A California resident's home security cameras alerted him to the presence of an unusual late-night visitor -- a mountain lion at the door.

Xiaochao Yang said he was asleep Wednesday morning at his Sam Mateo home when his motion-triggered security cameras sent an alert to his phone.

The culprit turned out to be a large mountain lion, ...Read more

Inventor shows off homemade 'flying scooter' aircraft

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(UPI) A Chinese inventor shared video of his homemade flying machine, which he dubbed the world's first "flying scooter."

Zhao Deli recorded a test flight in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, to show off the capabilities of his "flying scooter," which seats one person and resembles a giant quadcopter drone.

The inventor said his aircraft can ...Read more

Escaped camel runs loose through Chinese city

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(UPI) Surprised onlookers in a Chinese city captured video of an escaped camel running loose through the city's busy streets.

Witnesses in Langfang City, Hebei Province, captured video of a loose camel running loose through the streets and keeping pace with cars.

Footage shows police cars following the camel and warning pedestrians to keep out...Read more

Japanese couple dubbed world's oldest by Guinness

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(UPI) A Japanese couple with a combined age of 208 years are celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary and a Guinness record for oldest living couple.

Guinness World Records announced Masao Matsumoto, 108, and Miyako Sonoda, 100, have been awarded the record for oldest living married couple by aggregate age, after they were confirmed to have a...Read more

Bear opens car door, steals bag of food

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(UPI) Security cameras outside a California home recorded the moment a bear opened an unlocked car door and stole a bag of food.

The video shows the bear walk up to the car parked outside the Lake Tahoe property and use its paw and mouth to easily open the rear passenger side door of a parked car.

The bear climbs into the back seat of the car ...Read more

British firefighters capture video of firenado

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(UPI) Firefighters in Britain captured rare video of a firenado -- a whirlwind swirling flames high up into the sky.

The Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service Ashby Station posted a video to Facebook showing the firenado witnessed by firefighters battling a blaze in Albert Village, near Swadlincote.

The video shows the firenado creating a ...Read more

Numbers from a dream bring $1 million lottery jackpot

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(UPI) A pair of New York state couples who won a $1 million lottery jackpot together said the winning numbers came from a dream years ago.

Mary Wilson, along with her husband, Gary, and friends Gary and Pamela Tingley, visited New York Lottery headquarters to collect a $1 million Cash4Life second prize they won by matching the first five ...Read more

Mom's flyer seeking to borrow an orange cat goes viral

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(UPI) An Oklahoma woman's "wanted" ad went viral online due to its unusual request: An orange cat to attend her children's Garfield-themed dinner.

Clara Edwards posted an ad to Craigslist and Instagram before making a printed copy and posting it at the Oklahoma University Medical Center.

The ad seeks to "borrow an orange cat for 24-48 hours, ...Read more

Record-breaking Lego contraption moves balls in 40 minutes

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(UPI) A group of Dutch and Danish artists used Lego components to break the Guinness World Record for the largest great ball contraption.

Dutch artists Maico Arts and Ben Jonkman teamed with Danish builders Klaus Hansen, Lasse Deleuran, Brian Soholm Larsen and Elena Dimitrova to build the Rube Goldberg-esque contraption, which takes 40 minutes ...Read more

Herd of cows chases down fleeing suspect in Florida

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(UPI) A Florida sheriff's helicopter captured video of a fleeing suspect being chased and ultimately cornered by some unusual concerned citizens -- a herd of cows.

The Sanford Police Department said officers attempted to make a traffic stop on a Subaru SUV that was reported stolen in nearby Brevard County on Monday, but the driver sped off and ...Read more

Canine surfers gather for World Dog Surfing Championships

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(UPI) Talented canines gathered at a California beach to ride the waves at the World Dog Surfing Championships.

Markia Holmgren shared video of dogs shredding the waves at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica for the annual canine surfing contest.

The event also included competitions for Frisbee catching, ball fetching and dog fashion.

Proceeds from ...Read more

Sea lion stares down man through glass door

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(UPI) A sea lion paid a visit to a building on Australia's Kangaroo Island and approached the front door in an apparent attempt to be let inside.

Greg Harvie filmed a video Sunday showing the sea lion hanging out just outside a glass door at Seal Bay on Kangaroo Island.

The adolescent sea lion peers at Harvie through the door and waddles ...Read more

Mountain lions brawl in middle of Montana road

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(UPI) Travelers on a Montana road captured video of an unusual traffic hazard -- a pair of mountain lions brawling in the middle of the street.

The video, filmed on a road in the Yaak area, shows the two cougars wresting their way across the road.

The big cats eventually take their fight off the road and they continue to brawl on a hill next ...Read more

Police interrupt attempted mid-road 'Keke Challenge'

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(UPI) A California police department shared dash cam footage from the moment an officer interrupted an attempt at the viral "Keke Challenge."

The stunt, also known as the "In My Feelings" challenge, involves occupants of a moving vehicle getting out and dancing in the road to Drake's In My Feelings.

The Madera Police Department shared ...Read more

Missouri man gets rid of pocket change, wins $55,558

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(UPI) A Missouri man who sought to get rid of some pocket change bought a lottery ticket that won him considerably more pocket change -- $55,558.

Larry Taylor Jr. of East Prairie told Missouri Lottery officials he had some loose change in his pocket when he stopped July 25 at Casey's General Store.

"It wasn't my initial idea to get a lottery ...Read more