Snowboarder towed by Maserati breaks speed record

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(UPI) A British snowboarder broke a Guinness speed record by reaching an average top speed of 92.99 mph while being towed by a Maserati Levante.

Jamie Barrow posted video to Twitter showing him breaking his own Guinness World Record while being towed across a frozen lake in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

Barrow said he reached a top speed of 94.18 ...Read more

Tiger snake with head stuck in beer can rescued in Australia

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(UPI) A reptile handler in Australia shared video of an unusual rescue involving a snake with its head stuck inside a beer can.

A video posted to Facebook by Stewy the Snake Catcher shows the man and his partner working to carefully cut the snake out of the can without injuring it.

Stewy said he was contacted by members of the public who ...Read more

Man uses birthday numbers to win Powerball prize for his birthday

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(UPI) A Delaware man who won a $50,000 Powerball prize in time for his birthday said he actually used his birthday numbers to win the jackpot.

The Bear resident, who requested anonymity, told Delaware Lottery officials his birthday is coming up this weekend and he used the date of the occasion when he bought his ticket for the Feb. 10 Powerball...Read more

Clever dog narrowly escapes from hunting wolf pack

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(UPI) An Italian man captured video of a dog's lucky escape when a pack of wolves appeared and attempted to make it into a meal.

Paolo Forconi posted a video to Facebook showing the scene he witnessed in Aubruzzo, Italy, when a wolf pack showed up in the area and started chasing a small dog.

The video shows the wolves surround and chase the ...Read more

Dog rescued from quarry ledge after earthquake in Wales

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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Wales said a dog stranded on a 50-foot-high ledge at a quarry during an earthquake was rescued unharmed.

RSPCA Cymru said Basil, a small collie mix, became stranded on a ledge at Rosehill Quarry, near Townhill, Swansea, about 50 feet up from the ground and 65 feet from the top during a 4.4-magnitude earthquake on ...Read more

Lobster emoji being corrected to have right number of legs

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(UPI) The body responsible for approving emojis released a new set of proposed images -- including a corrected version of a much-maligned lobster emoji.

The Unicode Consortium released proposed images for 157 new emojis expected to be available later this year and one of the images, a lobster, quickly started gathering attention for an unusual ...Read more

United pilot hand-delivers woman's lost rings

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(UPI) A San Francisco woman who lost her wedding and engagement rings while traveling said the precious lost items were hand-delivered to her by a United pilot.

Brit Morin tweeted that she lost her wedding ring and her diamond engagement ring while traveling between New York and Jackson Hole, Wyo., last week.

The rings turned out to have been ...Read more

Mississippi police capture loose alligator wandering neighborhood

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(UPI) Police in Mississippi shared video of officers capturing a 4-foot alligator that was found running loose in a residential neighborhood.

The Moss Point Police Department said officers responded to a neighborhood in the Barnes Road area this week on a report of a small alligator wandering through yards.

A video shows officers using a catch...Read more

Bride gets trapped in elevator on way to reception

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(UPI) A Rhode Island bride missed cocktail hour after she became stuck in an elevator on the way to her wedding reception.

Melissa Rodger said she and two wedding planners were taking the elevator to cocktail hour at her wedding reception at the Providence Biltmore when the elevator abruptly stopped four feet over the landing.

"I was hoping ...Read more

Deputies searching home seize stuffed mountain lion carcass

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(UPI) Authorities in California said they executed a search warrant on a home and ended up seizing an illegally-possessed stuffed mountain lion.

The San Bernardino Sheriff's Department said deputies from the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Station and California Department of Fish and Wildlife officers executed the search warrant on Saturday on suspicion ...Read more

Elephant holds up traffic to steal sugar cane from trucks

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(UPI) An astonished traveler on a road in Thailand captured video of an elephant holding up traffic by stealing sugar cane from passing trucks.

The video, filmed Sunday on a road in Chachoengsao, shows the elephant wandering into the road and blocking traffic so it can snatch sugar cane from the backs of passing trucks.

Witnesses said the ...Read more

Mountain lion caught on camera looking through Wisconsin window

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(UPI) A Wisconsin resident's security camera captured the moment a wandering mountain lion walked up to their home and looked in through a window.

The video, recorded by a home security camera in Brookfield, shows the cougar walk up to the house and rest its front paws on the window ledge while peering into the home.

The Wisconsin Department ...Read more

Moose charges at man trying to pet it in Colorado

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(UPI) A man attempting to pet a moose on a Colorado road ended up getting only a scare when the large animal charged at him.

Amanda Danielson recorded video Thursday on a street in Frisco when a man claimed he pets moose all the time and attempted to demonstrate with a nearby animal.

The video shows the man creeping closer to the moose until ...Read more

Police release security video of unusual skeleton theft

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(UPI) Police in Australia have a bone to pick with a group of thieves caught on camera taking a fiberglass skeleton from a building.

South Australia Police posted a video to Facebook showing three men taking the skeleton from a building in Rundle Mall, located in Adelaide's Central Business District, and boarding a bus with their new bony buddy...Read more

Fish jumps out of tank and into grocery shopper's cart

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(UPI) A customer filming the fish tank at a Chinese grocery store captured the moment a fish jumped out of a tank and landed in a customer's cart.

The video, filmed at a supermarket in Xiamen, Fujian province, shows a man attempting to use a net to catch a fish from a tank on the floor of the store.

"I was in China on a business trip and ...Read more

Woman's $200 lottery prize overshadowed by $200,000 jackpot

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(UPI) A Missouri woman who scored a $200 lottery prize said she thought that would be the highlight of her day -- until she won $200,000.

Debra Powell of Elsberry told Missouri Lottery officials she was checking her tickets from the Show Me Cash and Lucky for Life drawings on Feb. 1 when she discovered she had won $200 from the Lucky for Life ...Read more

Politician trying to save 'hero cow' that escaped slaughter and swam to island

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(UPI) A Polish politician is attempting to save the life of a cow that escaped slaughter and swam to the safety of an island.

The cow made a mad dash for freedom three weeks ago when it escaped from the van taking it to a slaughterhouse in south Poland and a farm owner suffered broken and bruised ribs attempting to recapture the fleeing bovine....Read more

Family uses blindfolds to prepare house for blind dog

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(UPI) A British family who adopted a blind dog from animal rescuers revealed the secret to their preparations for the terrier's arrival -- testing their home with blindfolds.

The RSPCA said Tina the terrier lost her sight due to an eye infection while living in a home with dozens of other animals.

"The owner had around 40 dogs as well as ...Read more

Oklahoma dog dons pink tutu for her quinceanera

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(UPI) An Oklahoma dog's special day is going viral after her owner went all-out in throwing her a quinceanera.

Jackie Pizano of Oklahoma City said she threw a quinceanera to celebrate her German shepherd, Nova, turning 15 in dog years -- although she admits the party came some time after the pup marked the milestone birthday.

A video posted to...Read more


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